A very Happy New Year to all our readers.

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If you went anywhere exciting, unusual, or simply home, for Christmas and/or New Year, tell us about it.

Write your story on on the Travel page, Holiday Travel. It’s “easy-peasy, lemon squeezy”, as people sometimes say.

Simply follow the instructions next to the “Now You Write” window. We look forward to your story!”

(The Editor)

(The Editor)


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  1. mikiroma says:

    Hello Valentina! I am going to move your article to the Travel page. Have a look!

  2. Valentina says:

    We were at home for Christmas Holiday this year,
    because for my Forty’s birthday I chose like a gift,
    to go to Disneyland Paris.
    We booked it in March, because Christmas time
    is very cold in Paris.
    We used to guest ours parents in our own home at Christmas.
    We spent Christmas Holiday all together between lunches and dinners,
    while we were chatting, eating and playing in front the fireplace.
    We travelled last year for Christmas Holiday.
    We departed the day after the boxing day.
    We went to New York.
    We have had a good time there until New Year’s day.
    I loved that travel and that city.
    I wish very much go back to New Year very soon.
    We will travel in March this year,
    and I am looking forward to it.

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