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There’s a large section in “English, Actually” devoted to our personal lives. Go to “People” to find out more.

Alessandra has given some fascinating personal insights. Here are some examples:

1) What do you think is the most exciting sport to watch?
I think is athletics, especially 100 and 200 meter sprints, hurdle race, high jump and long jump.
2) What’s the most amazing scenery you’ve ever seen?
The coral barrier reef of the Silhouette Island, a very small island of the Seychelles archipelago in the Indian Ocean.
3) What music do you listen to if you feel depressed?
Disco music of the 1970s-80s... Read more, and answer the questions yourself!


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  1. Exercise page 38 Modern manners: You and your phone
    My phone is an I Phone, and I’ve it since two years.
    No, I wouldn’t a new one, because my phone works fine.
    I’ve Silk as ringtone.
    I use my phone to exchange messages and photos, to send and receive e-mail, and to wake-up.
    Normally I turn it off at the theater, cinema, gym, during the classes and in every social situations.
    When I’m working I prefer put it on silent mode.
    Fortunately it never happened any of this.

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