Holiday time

… at last. It’s time for some well-earned rest. There are plenty of standard expressions for this: relaxation, winding down, recharging your batteries, chilling out, enjoying quality time and many more. For many of us, it’s all too short.

The Editor will be off to the UK to see family and friends, likewise in France, hopefully, later in August.

For you, our readers, it’s all too easy during the summer to lose contact with English. But it’s also true that it’s never been easier to keep in touch with the language.

Wherever you go, you are certain to make new friends and oftentimes your common language will be English. So take the opportunity to speak, speak and once again speak. Make friends with your new mates on Facebook, WhatsApp and similar, and keep on speaking and writing.

But don’t stop there. Use our mag, English, Actually”, to record your experiences. The best place for you to write them up is on out “Trips” page and the best place there is the page, “This Summer 2017“.

We look forward to reading about your travels! Just go down the page to “Now You Write” and follow the instructions.

Tell you what – I’ll write something myself. Watch this space – and have a very good vacation.

The Editor


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