March 2018 Update


Hello everyone. Welcome to “English, Actually”, your online magazine. This is where you can express yourselves.  Write about any of our topics, which you will see listed in the menu bar across the top of this window.

Some of the topics, such as “People”, have sub-topics. Right now, many of us are writing about “Who We Are”, and “Someone We know”. You are most welcome to add your own piece.

It’s very easy to do this. On any page, go right down to the bottom and find the “Now You Write” section. Write your text, follow the instructions, and click “Post Comment”. No problem.

Coming up soon: “Our Favourite Photo”. Look at the “Photos” section for some examples.

And now for the Hero of 2018. This is Nicolo’ in class B1. Returning from his Christmas holiday in Chile, where he had been surfing, he took a fifteen-hour flight from Santiago to Rome. On arrival, he walked straight into his evening class, 6 to 9 p.m., at the British Council. He told us he had not slept for thirty-five hours

That’s  a true hero.


Now You Write:

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