5 Things You Like Doing on Holiday

We asked our readers to list the five things they like doing most when they’re on holiday – and why.

Here’s what our Editor likes doing: 

1. Going to photographic exhibitions. I’m a keen photographer and I always feel I can learn something new.

2. Going to clubs or places where there’s live music. I find these very inspiring when the music’s good – whether it’s jazz, folk, klezmer or whatever.

3.  Chilling out in the sun with a cool drink. It’s one of the most relaxing things you can do.

4. Going on trips on my bike. There’s a sense of freedom that you don’t often get when you go by car.

5. Going snorkelling. It’s a wonderful way of discovering sea life.

So what five things do you like doing? Have your say here by posting a Comment – see below.



16 Comments Add yours

  1. Esmeralda says:

    Hi everybody,
    I’m in London now so I think that this is the perfect moment to talk to you about 5 things that I like doing on holiday.
    When I’m in a foreign city:
    -First, I like to eating typical food and drink of the country where I stay. Just today I had for lunch a fantastic pie with beef and ale at the Tate Modern’s restaurant which was delicious;
    -Another thing that I’m so much glad to do is walking around the streets to better understand the city and how local people live there, with their habits;
    -Third: I like to visiting museums, monuments, and going to see some characteristic shows such as musical at the theatre if I’m in London (tomorrow I’m going to see Billy Elliot!), flamenco’s shows if I’m in Spain and so on;
    -Also, buying some little gift for my friends and my family makes me happy. Since is Christmas time I think that I’ll buy them some Harrods’ Christmas presents;
    -Finally, I like to taking a lot of photos of my journey to recall me those wonderful days when I’ll came back at home.

    See you next Saturday,

  2. Carmen Di Oronzo says:

    Hi!Good evening to all my colleges and,first of all,to our teacher, Michael.
    Five things I like doing When I ‘m on holiday
    1)walking aroud the city doing shopping:clothes,basso,shoes .I love the fashion.
    2)visiting museums beacause I love the art:drowing,painting,sculpture…
    2) discovering tipical local food and drink.I love cooking and enjoing food.
    3)sleeping more and better than usually
    4)going to hear live jazz or rock music or visiting some exibitions that may be interesting.

    1. mikiroma says:

      Hello Carmen, many thanks for this nice piece!
      A few small corrections:

      “walking around the city shopping for clothes, basso or shoes.I love [the] fashion”
      “visiting museums because I love [the] art:drawing, painting, sculpture”
      “I love cooking and enjoying food”

      I hope these all help!
      The Editor.
      “discovering typical local food”

  3. Alessandra says:

    I love summer holidays since this is the only period of the year in which I really relax me.
    Our favourite destination is Corsica and these are the five things I like doing there:
    1) I like waking me up very early in the morning and watching the sunrise on the terrace of our flat. It’s amazing every time.
    2) I like reading thriller books by Camilla Lackberg or Michael Connelly. Their stories are always exciting and catch me.
    3) I like going for a swim, but above all staying afloat on my air bed. It’s so relaxing!
    4) I like discovering new places. Corsica’s beaches are very beatiful, above all, in the north of the island.
    5) I like having dinner on the terrace with my family. It’s a very enjoyable moment of the day.

    1. mikiroma says:

      Many thanks for this one, Alessandra!

      One small correction before I go to bed:
      “I love the summer holidays since this is the only time of year when I can really relax [me].”

      The [ ] square brackets round a word mean that it should not be there.
      I hope this helps. Good night and good luck!
      The Editor.

  4. Melania Perrone says:

    Hello everyone!
    The five things I like doing most when I’m on holiday are:
    1. Eating and tasting every kind of food; I like trying new food flowers and reproducing it at home.
    2. Take pictures with my Nikon camera, because only on holidays I find time to learn how to use it.
    3. Loosing myself in narrow streets, where there are only locals.
    4. Going museums, to know something more about history of the place.
    5. Going kayaking, it’s one of my favorite way of discovering wild nature.

  5. Good evening to all,
    the five things that I like to do on my holidays are:
    I like to visit new places, and go to a stroll to discover stunning view, quirky shops and local markets;
    to visit exhibitions that may be interested, especially contemporary art;
    to taste new dishes of local cuisine, because I’m very curious;
    Chilling out on the beach reading a book, this is my favourite time;
    go to listen live music and dancing.

    1. mikiroma says:

      Excellent, Clotilde! A couple of corrections:
      “to visit exhibitions that may be interesting
      “go to hear live music and dancing”

      I hope these help!

    2. mikiroma says:

      Hello Clotilde. Many thanks for this. I very much like the expression “quirky shops”.
      A few small corrections:
      “and go for a stroll”
      “to visit exhibitions that may be interesting
      “this is my favourite pastime

      I hope these help!

  6. mikiroma says:

    Many thanks to you all! A few general corrections:
    “discovering [the] cities” – no article.
    “visiting the museum” – >”visiting museums
    “spend time [at] sleeping more than usual”
    “to get to know the local culture”

  7. Luigi says:

    Hi to everyone,
    when i’m on holiday i like to do:
    1) walking on the beach;
    2) discovering the cities;
    3) visiting the museum;
    4) tasting the local food and beverage;
    5) spend time at sleeping more than usual.


    1. mikiroma says:

      Dear Luigi,
      Thanks very much for your Comment. I hope these corrections will help:

      “discovering [the] cities” ( [..] means the word should not be there.)
      “visiting [the] museums
      “tasting the local food and drink
      sleeping longer than usual”

      Good – keep writing!

  8. Andrea says:

    Good evening guys,
    The five things I like doing in holiday are:
    1) to visit the place
    2) to eat local specialities
    3) to know local culture
    4) using snowbord if there is any snow
    5) to buy some gadgets

  9. Michele Leonardon says:

    Good evening everybody,
    the five things I like doing on holiday are:
    1. I like going to museums – I think culture is very important on a trip;
    2. I like drinking beer and eating local food;
    3. I like relaxing – I like relaxing because in the evening i’m very tired;
    4. I like driving – In new countryes I like driving my car because I like exploring new places;
    5. I like walking – In mountain I like trekking but also in a big city I like walking or running.


  10. Carlo says:

    Good evening to all
    The five thnigs that I like to do on my holidays:
    1) I like to walk , into the city or village , aimlessly . I go to discover unusual and singular details and then I take pictures about it.
    2) I like discover and enjoy tipical local food. I like to cook and the culinary arts . I like enjoy food simply with my eyes.
    3) My holidays on the sea I spend it doing sports activities , like canoe , swimming or chilling out sunbething .
    4) In the mountin I like walking or riding with chartered bike.
    5) I like to try comforts of the hotels or try simply the unforeseen event of the holidays

    By by

    1. mikiroma says:

      Dear Carlo,
      Many thanks for your comment! Here are a few corrections which I hope you will foind useful. Let me know if there is anything you don’t understand:

      “I like walking around a city or village, aimlessly. I like to discover unusual and singular details and then [I] take pictures of them.”
      “enjoy typical local food”
      “I like cooking and the culinary arts”
      “I like to enjoy food”
      “I spend my holidays by the sea doing sports like canoeing, swimming or chilling out sunbathing”
      “In the mountains I like walking or riding a rented bike”
      “I like to enjoy the comforts of the hotels or simply experience unforeseen events of the holidays”

      Great – keep writing!

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