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Hello! You are reading about us. Here, we tell you about ourselves.

Many thanks to all those students who have told us about themselves this week.

Here we are:

Angela is from Colombia and teaches Religion.
Lina is a lawyer from Palermo, on temporary secondment to Rome. She works for the Sicilian Parliament.
Carlo Luigi finished studying Law at Rome 3 two months ago.
Andrea is an architect from Avezzano, in Abruzzo.
Kahinur Khan is from Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh.
Margaret was born in Polla, inland from Salerno and near the famous Pertosa caves. She has lived in Rome since 2003.
Serena lives in Tivoli, near Rome.
Simone is a network engineer.
Angelica is a PhD student in Geochemistry.
Esmeralda has two sisters; one is a coroner, the other is a theatre dirctor and actress.
Viviana and Xiomara are originally from Colombia, but now they are Roman.
Domenico is studying economics.
Luigi is from Caserta.
Carlo is from Thessaloniki, Greece
Giovanna comes from a small town in Abruzzo.
Anna comes from a very big family in Padua.
was born in Caserta and watches every Roma team game.
Artur is the Permanent Representative of the Republic of Poland to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

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The Editor, “English, Actually.”

61 Responses

  1. Hello, my name is Sandro. I was born in Rome many years ago. I lived, studied and worked in Rome to the age of 26. Then I went to Belgium and there I chose to be priest. I work now in three parishes in a small town in Flanders.
    I have two brothers, but no sisters; well a lot of cousins. I like folk music and philosophy.
    I speak four languages: Italian, French, Spanish and Dutch. I am learning also English. I am staying in Rome until the end of July.

  2. Angela writes:

    Hello, My name is Angela!

    I was born in La Ceja, a town near Medellin, in Colombia. I’m 32 years old and I am a happy nun: I’m a Salesian Sister of Don Bosco (Daughter of Mary Ausiliatrice of Christians).

    My family live in La Ceja. My parents are called Angela and Alfredo. I have seven wonderful sisters and one brother. I am the oldest daughter.

    I have been living in Rome since 2016, in an intercultural and international community.

    Before that, I taught in elementary school, but now I’m not working because I am studying at the Pontifical Faculty of educational sciences Auxilium, Bachelor’s Degree in Religious Education.

    In my free time I like reading books, praying and listening to classical, sacred and pop music.

    I don’t like sports, but sometimes I play basketball and volleyball.

    I don’t speak good English but I am trying to learn it.


  3. Lina writes:

    Dear Professor,
    I’m happy to follow the English course with you.

    My name is Lina and I am a lawyer. I live in Palermo but since March I am in Rome for work reasons until July. I am attending the course because I like to relate to people and because I am going on holiday to Los Angeles in summer. I hope to be a good pupil.

    Thank you very much.

    Yours sincerely,

  4. Carlo Luigi, on July 6, 2017 at 20:43 said:
    Hi. My name is Carlo Luigi. I was born in Rome and I’m 26.
    I finished studying two months ago.
    I have studied Law at University of Rome 3 and I would like to work for the civil service.
    My favourite sports are: football (I support Lazio 😉), basketball and boxing.
    I played basketball for 11 years as well as wushu sanda ( a martial art) but now I only go to the gym.
    In my free time I like reading books and going out with my friends.
    With this course I would like to improve my English especially my speaking.

  5. Hello everyone, I’m Andrea!
    I’m 26 years old and I was born in Avezzano, near L’Aquila, in Abruzzo.
    I living in Rome since 2011, when I came for my studies.
    My home is in San Giovanni, a great Roma district!
    I’m a young Architect, but now I working as Interior Designer and, occasionally, as Wedding Planner.
    I’m an Art lover, indeed in my free time I love painting with oil colors.
    I like music, in particular Classical and Pop. I like going to the Opera very often.
    I love traveling in the other States and see different culture and place. During my travels I attract by architectural monuments, in particular ancient monuments.
    I don’t like sports, but sometimes i go running.

    See you soon.

    • Many thanks for this Andrea! Some corrections:

      “I have been living in Rome since 2011″
      “in my free time I love painting in oils
      “I like going to the Opera as often as i can
      “I love travelling to other countries and getting to know different cultures and places.”
      “During my travels I am attracted to architectural monuments, especially ancient monuments.”

      I hope these help!
      The Editor

  6. Hello everyone, this is Kahinur Khan. I’m 24 years old. I’m from Dhaka, a capital of Bangladesh. But I live in Rome since 2012.
    I’m a working with “Big Bus Rome”.
    I love travel, i likes play to football, spending time with my friends and watching movies! That’s about all for now!
    Nice to meet everyone and thank you to all.

    • Very many thanks for your post, Kahinur! As soon as I am able, I will post some corrections.
      Keep calm … and Carry On Writing!

      Mike (Editor)

  7. Hello everyone!
    My names is Margaret, I was born to Polla, a little village near to Salerno but I live to Rome since 2003.
    I moved to Rome to study law at the university.
    During these years, I have worked for living and I attended school of make-up to follow my passion.
    I became a make-up artist three years ago, this job I really like because it give me a chance to express my creative side and above all to enter in the wonderful world of fashion.
    In the meantime I concluded the study at the university and even though the make-up is my passion I’m studyng for a exame to became the judge’s assisitant because I need a job that give me more economic security.

    • Many thanks Margaret! When I have a moment I will add a few corrections. It is good to see plenty of people writing for “English, Actually”!

      Michael (Editor)

    • Hi Margaret!

      I have got time for one correction, as the break is over!
      “My name is Margaret and I was born in Polla, a little village near Salerno

      Mike (Editor)

    • A nice introduction, Margaret, but I’d like to make a few corrections:
      1. “My name is Margaret”
      2. “I was born in Polla”
      3. “a little village near to Salerno”

      I hope these help!
      The Editor.

  8. Hello to everyone,
    I’m Serena and I live in Tivoli, near Rome. Exactly, I’m from Tivoli Terme, where the famous “Travertino Romano” being extract. Also, we have sulphurous thermal water. Infact, Tivoli Terme is named Rome’s therm, because it was loved by a lot of Roman Emperors until Rome’s people of today.
    For example, the Glorious Emperor Adriano built his thermal pool here. And it ruins are near my home!
    My family is composed by five members:
    me, my husband Massimiliano, Eva, Zoe and Niccolò. Infact, i’ve three child, a boy and two girls.
    I’m an housewife with a lot of interests, such as running in the park, swimming, cooking and much more…
    My favourite musician and singer is Fabrizio De André.
    His tests are poetry and his music is wonderful!
    Thanks to everyone for the patience and have a good evening.

  9. Hello everyone! I am going to move some of your comments to the ‘Lifestyles’ section – especially your comments about your favourite things and how you spend your time. So keep coming back to visit us!

  10. 2) The most amazing scenery I’ve ever seen is the Halong Bay in Northern Vietnam. I was able to see a mysterious bay, with maybe two or three thousand rocks that grew out of the sea. “Ha Long” means “where dragon gets down from sea”. The legend says that long time ago a family of dragons has came to help the local people to fight the chinese invaders.
    8) Generally I don’t feel very tired in the morning. In fact, during the morning, I am a very active person, and I can do a lot of things very quickly. In the afternoon it is exactly the opposite. I feel exhausted, and I would like only go to bed.

  11. Hi, teacher. I’ve just finished answering questions of exercise 4b page 36.
    Please, give me your feedback.
    Have a nice WE

    1) What do you think is the most exciting sport to watch?
    I think is athletics, especially 100 and 200 meter sprints, hurdle race, high jump and long jump.
    2) What’s the most amazing scenery you’ve ever seen?
    The coral barrier reef of the Silhouette Island, a very small island of the Seychelles archipelago in the Indian Ocean.
    3) What music do you listen to if you feel depressed?
    Disco music of the 1970s-80s
    4) Have you ever been disappointed by a birthday present?
    Yes, but more than disappointed, I was very amused. It was when my husband give me a pair of earrings, the same ones he had bought me the previous year.
    5) Which do you find more tiring, speaking English or listening to English?
    Both are burning issues. Perhaps , for me, it is more tiring listening.
    6) What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you?
    It was when I vomited in the lecture hall just before my math oral examination. Then, when the professor called me, my breath was…..lethal.
    7) Are you frightened of heights?
    Just a little
    8) Do you feel very tired in the morning?
    No, if I slept well in the night.
    9) Who’s the most boring person you know?
    My uncle. When you meet him, he can collar you for hours.
    10) Do you ever get frustrated by technology?
    No, since I work with advanced instrumentation. I get frustrated when instruments break down and I haven’t got funding enough to repair them.

    Mr. Ivy
    Hi Alessandra, thanks very much indeed for these answeras. Here’s some feedback.
    “4) Have you ever been disappointed by a birthday present?
    Yes, but *amused rather than* disappointed, ”
    “8) Do you feel very tired in the morning?
    Not *if I have slept well during* the night.”
    “9) Who’s the most boring person you know?
    My uncle. When you meet him, he can *keep* you for hours.”
    “Collar” is used to mean “seize” or even “arrest” – informal language.
    “when instruments break down and I haven’t got *enough funding* to repair them.”

    These are nice answers. Why don’t you post them on “English, Actually”, with the corrections included?

    • Faaaantastic Alessandra! I have copied this to another page, “Lifestyles”, for which your piece is a bit more appropriate. Keep writing – this is great!

  12. Hi everybody,
    my name’s Angelica and I ‘m 29 years old. I’m a PhD student in Geochemistry at the Sapienza University, in Rome. I was born in Rome but I live in Nepi, near Viterbo. I like travelling, reading and listening to music. I ‘m at the first English course and I hope to learn English language.
    See you

  13. Hello,
    my name is Giorgio, i’m 31 years old and i’m born, live and work in Rome.
    About this last point, i would like to say that i work in a costruction company that work in many states in the world.
    I have started a english course almost two mounths ago and i have a very good classroom.
    I hope to being satisfactory with this expalin.

    See yuo tomorrow for the next lesson.



  14. Hi!

    My name is Simone and i’m 28 year old. I was born and live in Rome province. I’m a network engineer.
    I worked in different company and i’lived six months in Milan where i worked in network help-desk. At the moment i’m doing an english course at the British Council school and i want to improve my english because i think that it will serve me a lot for my job. I’am a sociable and a very determined person and i know myself goals that i like to achieve. I like folk guitar and i play my guitar for to write my songs. So, i like listen all music and that is my favorite hobby. My favorite sport is the bike and i like run on the montain-bike in the green country roads.

  15. OK Angelo, I am now going to move this text to a new page, “Someone We Know”. Stand by!

  16. Hello Angelo. Many thanks for this writing. However I will have to move them to another section, such as “Someone We Know”. I’ll do this as soon as I can.

    • OK, Angelo, I have moved your piece on Mr Berlusconi to “Someone We Know”. Soon, I will do the same with Giuseppe Garibaldi.

  17. Hi,
    my name is Andrea, I’m 26 and I study Psychology in European University of Rome. I’m an AS Roma fan and my hobbies are Karate, Paddle, Football and Snowboard. I love traveling abroad and I’d like to learn English.

    • Hello Andrea. Many thanks for this. Just two small corrections:
      “my name is Andrea and I’m 26″
      ” I study Psychology at the European University of Rome.”

  18. Hi,
    I’m Esmeralda. I was born in Rome in 1991. I’m 25. I always lived in Rome with my family. I have two wonderful sisters that I love like nobody else. They are both older than me. The oldest is a coroner, while the other is an actress and a theatre director.
    About me, I graduated in Biology at “La Sapienza” university in Rome and then in “Human Nutrition Science” at “Tor Vergata” university with highest honours in May 2016. In July, I passed the state exam for biologists that allows me to practice profession. I hope to start working soon!
    My only hobby is dance since I was a child so I’ve learned many different styles like classical ballet, modern, hip-hop and also salsa. This year I’m taking Swing lessons with my boyfriend. It’s so much fun!
    During my free time, I love cooking, especially sweets such as cakes and biscuits. Food is my passion!
    I love also pass the time with my boyfriend: we spend time together each time we can.

    See you soon.


    • Hello Esmeralda! Very many thanks for this. Here is a quick correction:
      “I also love spending time with my boyfriend: we spend as much time together as we can.”

      See you tomorrow, Sat 5 November!

  19. Hi ! My name is Viviana and I’m 19 years old.
    I was born in Colombia but I have lived in Rome since 2008. I need to learn English because in January I’ll start college.
    I play to Futsal (five a side) and the last year I played in firs category. I love painting in particular portraits.


  20. Hi, my name is Xiomara and i’m 19.
    I was born in Colombia in Mah,1997,but i live in Rome because i was adopted.
    My friends say I’m a nice, fruendo giro,but I’m also shy when i meet new people.
    I love to listen to music because it helps me to relax and my favorite Singer is Ed Sheeran,he loves the cat like me.
    In my free time i read or draw.

    I’m sorry for the delay!! Bye !

    • Hello Xiomara! Many thanks for this. A few corrections:
      1. Don’t forget the first person personal pronoun is a capital letter “I”.
      So for example: “but I live in Rome because I was adopted”
      2. “My friends say I’m a nice, fruendo giro” – I am not sure what this means!
      3. “I love listening to music”
      4. “my favorite Singer is Ed Sheeran, because like me he loves cats

      I hope these help!

  21. Hi,
    my name’s Domenico. I’m 30 years. I’m a PhD student in Economics at the University La Sapienza, in Rome. I studied Political Science at the University of Perugia. My family consists of 4 people: myself, my father Antonio, my mather Giovanna and my brother Alessio. I was born in Avellino, but I have lived for 2 years in Rome. I live in Rome with my friends Leonardo, in the distrect Tiburtina. I’m studying english with Mike because I need it for my future job. In my free time I usually go out with my friends or I read a book. Moreover I like listening to music, especially rock music.
    See you soon

  22. Hi, I am Luigi, I am 34 years old, I was born in Caserta in 1982 but I have lived in Rome since 2007.
    I have a sister, she’s 32 years old and live in Barcelona where she works.
    After studing I found work in a Bank.
    I have some hobbies like: tasting wine, taking photo and play the guitar.
    I like to do sports, in particular cycling, kite surfing, snowboarding and crossfit.
    My favourite music is rock, grunge, country and opera. I love art, especially sculpture and painting. I also love go to cinema and reading books.

    • Hi Luigi! Many thanks for this. Some corrections:
      “I have a sister who’s 32 years old”
      “After studying I found work in a Bank”
      “I also love going to the cinema”
      I hope these help.

  23. Dear Mike,
    My name is Carlo and I’m 54 years old. I was born in Thessaloniki (Greece). I grew up in Thessaliniki and I studied there until 1982. After that I moved to Rome to study at “La Sapienza” University.
    I’m married and we have two children.
    At the moment, I am working at the post office in Rome.
    I like English and I would like to speak it more fhuently.

  24. Giovanna Writes:
    Hi! I’m Giovanna, i’m twentyseven years, i was born in a little town in abruzzo region, i have lived in rome for five years. I study eastern culture at the university of rome “la sapienza”, i would to learn english well to study, work and relate with people. I like watching movies,listening to music,travelling,reading,cooking and eating.

    • Many thanks for this, Giovanna! Just a couple of small errors:
      1. “I’m twenty-seven” (no “old”) or, “I’m twenty-seven years old”
      2. “I would like to learn English well enough to study…”

      I hope these corrections help. See you soon!

    • Another small correction: “I was born in a little town in the Abruzzo region…”

  25. Hello everybody!
    Have you passed well the last week end?
    I have been with my family in Padova for the wedding anniversary of my parents.
    They celebreted 58 years of marriage. I have a big family and very united. We are in 7 brothers and sisters (3 brothers and 4 sisters with me) and I have 10 nephews and nieces. We there were to party all. Saturday night we had Mass at 7 p.m. and the 8 p.m. we want for special dinner in a restaurant where we can have a special plate of fish. Towards the end of the dinner, my older brother picked up his guitar and started palying. Immediately we began to sing. To all my family loves to sing and we sang a lot of beautiful sangs ours past memories of many years ago. The party was full of happines. Of course my parents were really moved. The other peoples who were in the restaurant were amazed but maybe some of them were disturbed! It was for us a beautiful evening.

  26. My name is Ciro, I am twenty-three. I wos born in Caserta but I live in a little town near Caserta. Now, I have lived in Rome for four years. I study economics at the university. In Rome, I live in the Trieste district, it is very nice, in fact there is everything, in this district there are many student.
    My favourite football team is the Roma, I wotch every mach of the Rome and when the match is in the Olimpic stadium of Rome, I go to it.

    • Hi Ciro, Mike here. Many thanks for your presentation. Here are a few corrections:
      1. “I was born in Caserta..”
      2. “I live in the Trieste district which is very nice…”
      3. “I watch every match…”

  27. Hello, my name is Artur. I’m from Cracow in Poland. I have lived in Rome for two months. I’m an economist by training, and now I work as Permanent Representative of the Republic of Poland to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. I’m married and I have two daughters. The first name is Julia and is 12 years old, and the second name is Sara and 4 years old. Prior to our arrival to Rome, my family lived in Cracow, where we are all born. I worked there for twenty years as a professor at the University of Economics in Cracow. In free time willing to read books and go to the cinema. Interested in art and sacred music.

    • Very nice, Artur! Some small corrections:
      “My older daughter is called Julia and she is 12; my younger daughter is called Sara and she’s 4.”
      ” Prior to our arrival to Rome…” => “Before we moved to Rome…”
      “In my free time I like reading books”
      I hope these help.

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