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Hello! You are reading about us. Here, we tell you about ourselves.

Many thanks to all those students who have told us about themselves this week.

Here we are:

Matteo would like to become a valued manager in a big company..
Costanza would like to be a food and beverages manager in an hotel.
Salvatore works for an old family-run printing company. He also runs a coffee company.
Monica is an actress and a dancer. She’s from Sicily.
Artur is the Permanent Representative of the Republic of Poland to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.
Angela is from Colombia and teaches Religion.
Lina is a lawyer from Palermo, on temporary secondment to Rome. She works for the Sicilian Parliament.
Carlo Luigi finished studying Law at Rome 3 two months ago.
Andrea is an architect from Avezzano, in Abruzzo.
Kahinur Khan is from Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh.
Margaret was born in Polla, inland from Salerno and near the famous Pertosa caves. She has lived in Rome since 2003.
Serena lives in Tivoli, near Rome.

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The Editor, “English, Actually.”


30 Responses

  1. I had a beautiful childhood. I’m a youngest child and I grew up with an older sister, she’s 33, five years older me and when we were young there was rivalry but not for me: she was jealous of my parents attentions to me. We have often fought in the past, now when we have a problem we talk!
    We are very different people, I’m more independent then her and she’s more responsible than me. She left home three years ago and sometimes I’m sad about this, but our relationship has improved, we talk two or three times a week and when we meet we are happy!

    My father and my mother have been liberal parents, there has been always a good relation ship between us. I know that I can talk to them about everything and I know that we can to have fun together.
    I love them, but now I hope to find a job so that I can go and live with my boyfriend.

  2. Hello,my name is Matteo.
    I’m twenty-six years old and I come from Nettuno a little town near
    Rome.I graduated in Economics at Luiss University five months ago
    and now I am attending an intensive course of English at British Council to improve my level of English.My aspirations in working environment are to become a valued manager in a big company.
    I’m a nice person and I like reading books and playing football, in fact I have been playing this sport for over fifteen years.My favourite team is Juventus Football Club.
    Physically I am not very tall and I have got brown eyes and brown hair.The best words to describe my person are shyness,goodness and perseverance.
    My family consists of three people:me,my father and my mother.
    My father is sixty-five years old and he is a pensioner,in fact he finished working three years ago after a longer career in a public company.My mother is sixty-two years old and she is a bank employee.

    See you soon!


  3. My name is Costanza and I’m 28 years old. I live in Rome with family that consist of my mother Marzia, my father Vincenzo and my sister Sara. With us lives Leon, a beautiful black cat!
    I have a degree in literature and up to three years ago I wrote for an online newspaper about theatre, cinema and art exibitions. At the same time I used to work in a winebar as a bartender, at Ponte Milvio.
    One years ago I decided that changed my life following my passion for food and restaurants. Now, in fact, I’m attending a master’s in the food and wine business and I hope to work in a hotel’s restaurant as a food and beverages manager.
    I have had a boyfirend for five years and we hope to go abroad soon.

    Thanks to everyone,


  4. Dear, Michael,

    I hope you are well.

    I’m nearly 44 and I’ve got a degree in Business and Administration and a Master II Level/Ph.D. in Economics and Finance Market.

    At present I work at an old Family Printing Company. I run also a Coffee Company.

    In the future I’d like to speak English fluently.

    Kind regards,


    • Nice one, Salvatore! Many thanks for this.

      A small correction:

      ” I run also a Coffee Company.” => “I also run a Coffee Company.”

      I hope this helps!

  5. I’ m Monica, I’m an actress with a past as a ballerina.
    I’ m sicilian, but I have lived in Rome since I was 20 years old.
    I lived in Sicily, I studied dance. An important choreographer did an audition there, we were 200 girls and he chose me. Since that moment my life has changed, and I worked for 10 years in all the tv shows of the nineties.
    I have continued to study economics, but I don’ t know why.
    My dream was acting, but since the elementary school, they told me that my voice was bad, like a duck. So, I lost a lot of courage but not all my enthusiasm.
    I started to act with a substitution at theatre in a musical, Guys and Dolls. My role was Adelaide, and she can have the voice of a duck. It was a success and the year after the principale role was mine.
    A couple of years ago, I wrote, directed, and acted to my first short movie, “Domani Smetto”, where I tell with irony, pleasure and pain of my job, and to my great surprise I wan a lot of prices .
    In my free time, but with 2 children I do not free time, I love reading, writing, and in this moment I’ m writing a long movie.
    I’m driven by all the things behind a result, a score, not victory or winning. I love sport, I love skiing,
    I learnt to ski as an adult, I wasn’t t even allowed to try when I was young, because it was too risky for my ballet carrier and now I try to improve my skiing year after year, not only enjoying the silence of the mountain peaks, but even more for the physical effort.
    I’ m passionate about learning something that involves pushing myself to my limits. I succed whit sport or work, but not with english.
    At this moment I’ m reading “Barbarian days, a surfing life” that defines surfing like a life metaphor, and I’ m feeling as a part of it, in the swell, and I must admit I want to try it.
    If my husband was scared of me going on tour or to the Alps, I now give him something else to worry about: the perfect wave is in Australia, at Byron Bay!

    • Many thanks Monica! Here are a few corrections:
      “I’ m sicilian” -> “I’ m Sicilian”
      “I started to act with a substitution at theatre ” => “I started to act as a stand-in at a theatre ”
      “but with 2 children I do not free time” => “but with 2 children I do not have free time”
      “I succed whit sport” => “I succeed with sport”

      More corrections later! Thank you for this very nice piece.

  6. My name is Artur. I am from Cracow in Poland. I have lived in Rome since August last year.
    I am an economist by training, and now I work as Permanent Representative of the Republic of Poland to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).
    I am married and I have two daughters. My older daughter is called Julia and she is 13; my younger daughter is called Sara and she is 5.
    Before we moved to Rome my family lived in Cracow where we were all born. I worked there for twenty years as a professor at the University of Economics in Cracow.
    In my free time I like reading books and going to the cinema. I am interested in art and sacred music. I speak German, Italian and Russian.
    Now I am studying English, because it is one of the six official languages of the United Nations and the main language of communication in the modern world. In the coming year I want to prepare a book about the organization and activity of the FAO, then about the fight against hunger in the world and the role of the World Food Program. In Poland there are no comprehensive publications in Polish. English will be very helpful in my work on these books.
    I think my stay in Rome, thanks to my work, is a great opportunity for my family too – my daughters can study in a foreign country, learn languages – Italian, English and Spanish. Thanks to this experience they will be more open to the problems of the modern world and cultural differences.

  7. Hello everybody my name is Alessandro, i’m twenty eight years old and i’ve studied literatura at Roma Tre University where i graduated at last 11th july. My interests are religious literature, especially christian literature in XVIIth century, contemporary poetry and the relationship between technology and humanism. In my free time i like to read, doing boxing, go to the theatre or museums and i like listening to some concerts or festivals at the Auditorium Parco della Musica. In the future i hope to become a university resercher in literature or religious studies, but anyway i’d like to work in the artistic and cultural fields.

  8. Hello, my name is Sandro. I was born in Rome many years ago. I lived, studied and worked in Rome to the age of 26. Then I went to Belgium and there I chose to be priest. I work now in three parishes in a small town in Flanders.
    I have two brothers, but no sisters; well a lot of cousins. I like folk music and philosophy.
    I speak four languages: Italian, French, Spanish and Dutch. I am learning also English. I am staying in Rome until the end of July.

  9. Angela writes:

    Hello, My name is Angela!

    I was born in La Ceja, a town near Medellin, in Colombia. I’m 32 years old and I am a happy nun: I’m a Salesian Sister of Don Bosco (Daughter of Mary Ausiliatrice of Christians).

    My family live in La Ceja. My parents are called Angela and Alfredo. I have seven wonderful sisters and one brother. I am the oldest daughter.

    I have been living in Rome since 2016, in an intercultural and international community.

    Before that, I taught in elementary school, but now I’m not working because I am studying at the Pontifical Faculty of educational sciences Auxilium, Bachelor’s Degree in Religious Education.

    In my free time I like reading books, praying and listening to classical, sacred and pop music.

    I don’t like sports, but sometimes I play basketball and volleyball.

    I don’t speak good English but I am trying to learn it.


  10. Lina writes:

    Dear Professor,
    I’m happy to follow the English course with you.

    My name is Lina and I am a lawyer. I live in Palermo but since March I am in Rome for work reasons until July. I am attending the course because I like to relate to people and because I am going on holiday to Los Angeles in summer. I hope to be a good pupil.

    Thank you very much.

    Yours sincerely,

  11. Carlo Luigi, on July 6, 2017 at 20:43 said:
    Hi. My name is Carlo Luigi. I was born in Rome and I’m 26.
    I finished studying two months ago.
    I have studied Law at University of Rome 3 and I would like to work for the civil service.
    My favourite sports are: football (I support Lazio 😉), basketball and boxing.
    I played basketball for 11 years as well as wushu sanda ( a martial art) but now I only go to the gym.
    In my free time I like reading books and going out with my friends.
    With this course I would like to improve my English especially my speaking.

  12. Hello everyone, I’m Andrea!
    I’m 26 years old and I was born in Avezzano, near L’Aquila, in Abruzzo.
    I living in Rome since 2011, when I came for my studies.
    My home is in San Giovanni, a great Roma district!
    I’m a young Architect, but now I working as Interior Designer and, occasionally, as Wedding Planner.
    I’m an Art lover, indeed in my free time I love painting with oil colors.
    I like music, in particular Classical and Pop. I like going to the Opera very often.
    I love traveling in the other States and see different culture and place. During my travels I attract by architectural monuments, in particular ancient monuments.
    I don’t like sports, but sometimes i go running.

    See you soon.

    • Many thanks for this Andrea! Some corrections:

      “I have been living in Rome since 2011″
      “in my free time I love painting in oils
      “I like going to the Opera as often as i can
      “I love travelling to other countries and getting to know different cultures and places.”
      “During my travels I am attracted to architectural monuments, especially ancient monuments.”

      I hope these help!
      The Editor

  13. Hello everyone, this is Kahinur Khan. I’m 24 years old. I’m from Dhaka, a capital of Bangladesh. But I live in Rome since 2012.
    I’m a working with “Big Bus Rome”.
    I love travel, i likes play to football, spending time with my friends and watching movies! That’s about all for now!
    Nice to meet everyone and thank you to all.

    • Very many thanks for your post, Kahinur! As soon as I am able, I will post some corrections.
      Keep calm … and Carry On Writing!

      Mike (Editor)

  14. Hello everyone!
    My names is Margaret, I was born to Polla, a little village near to Salerno but I live to Rome since 2003.
    I moved to Rome to study law at the university.
    During these years, I have worked for living and I attended school of make-up to follow my passion.
    I became a make-up artist three years ago, this job I really like because it give me a chance to express my creative side and above all to enter in the wonderful world of fashion.
    In the meantime I concluded the study at the university and even though the make-up is my passion I’m studyng for a exame to became the judge’s assisitant because I need a job that give me more economic security.

    • Many thanks Margaret! When I have a moment I will add a few corrections. It is good to see plenty of people writing for “English, Actually”!

      Michael (Editor)

    • Hi Margaret!

      I have got time for one correction, as the break is over!
      “My name is Margaret and I was born in Polla, a little village near Salerno

      Mike (Editor)

    • A nice introduction, Margaret, but I’d like to make a few corrections:
      1. “My name is Margaret”
      2. “I was born in Polla”
      3. “a little village near to Salerno”

      I hope these help!
      The Editor.

  15. Hello to everyone,
    I’m Serena and I live in Tivoli, near Rome. Exactly, I’m from Tivoli Terme, where the famous “Travertino Romano” being extract. Also, we have sulphurous thermal water. Infact, Tivoli Terme is named Rome’s therm, because it was loved by a lot of Roman Emperors until Rome’s people of today.
    For example, the Glorious Emperor Adriano built his thermal pool here. And it ruins are near my home!
    My family is composed by five members:
    me, my husband Massimiliano, Eva, Zoe and Niccolò. Infact, i’ve three child, a boy and two girls.
    I’m an housewife with a lot of interests, such as running in the park, swimming, cooking and much more…
    My favourite musician and singer is Fabrizio De André.
    His tests are poetry and his music is wonderful!
    Thanks to everyone for the patience and have a good evening.

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