What are our favourite dishes? Where can you eat well – in Rome or anywhere else you know? Share your ideas and experiences with us. And here’s a question to think about: is British Food number One in Europe, or in the world?

Our readers have written to share their favourite food with us:

Artur often has soup for breakfast.

Andrea never drinks coffee – he prefers tea.

Antonella likes a large breakfast but just a pizza for lunch.

Valentina never misses breakfast.

Alessandro likes to eat lightly so he often has fish for dinner.

Serena believes that that food is a large part of our daily happiness. Her favourite dish is ‘gnocchi’ with a tomato and meat sauce.

Salvatore says that fish dishes and orange salad are his favourites because they remind him of his region, Sicily.

Claudio recommends a fish restaurant, thr “Fish Market” in central Tome, in the “Isola Tiberina”.

Read on and discover our ideas about food!


24 Responses

  1. I usually get up around 6:00 a.m. The first thing I do when I get up is to drink a glass of mineral water. After then I take a shower and prepare breakfast.
    Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so I prepare nourishing soup with oat flakes, millet groats, nuts and raisins. I add to it also some curcuma, ginger, lemon and honey. This soup gives me the strength to start the day.
    About 11:00 a.m. I eat a small snack – usually some fruit (such as a banana or apple). I often drink coffee with milk then. In the early afternoon, during lunch break, I eat lunch consisting of soup and second course. My favourite soups are: tomato soup, mushroom soup and of course chicken soup. The main dish in Polish tradition usually consists of a piece of meat with added potatoes and salads. I especially like chicken dishes.
    After work I eat dessert – some chocolate, chocolate cake or – if it is summer – ice cream and I drink coffee.
    In the evening around 6:00–7:00 p.m. I have dinner. It is rather a small meal – two or three slices of bread with ham or cheese and vegetables (tomato, radish, chives or cucumber). During the day, I often drink water in summer, while in colder seasons (autumn, winter and spring) I drink also Rooibos tea with raspberry juice.

    • Many thanks for this, Arthur!
      Here are a few corrections:
      1) “After that I take a shower”
      Afterwards I have a shower”
      2) “At about 11:00 a.m. I have a small snack”
      3) “The main dish in the Polish tradition”
      4) “during the lunch break”

      I hope these corrections help!
      The Editor

  2. Hi!
    Yesterday morning I had a fruit yogurt for breakfast. Usually I don’t have this meals because I don’t drink coffee. I like the tea, but in morning I don’t have time to prepare it. During the summer sometimes I drink a cold fruit juice (orange, apple or pineapple).
    For lunch I had a rice dish with cold vegetable: there were peppers, olives, artichokes, sweetcorn and cucumbers. It’s very nice meals in summer because it isn’t hot!
    I was ends with a fruit salad. Inside there were apples, bananas, melons, peaches and an orange.
    During the afternoon I had a little snack. Yesterday I ate some biscuits but sometimes I have a fruit or an yogurt.
    Dinner is my favourite meal of the day. I had an hamburger with an egg and a lot of salad. After I ate some watermelon and for desert I had a ice cream.
    During the day I drink mineral water, but sometimes at dinner I drink some glasses of wine.

    • Many thanks Andrea. Small corrections:
      “Usually I don’t have this meal because I don’t drink coffee”
      “It’s very nice meal
      “I ended it with a fruit salad.”

      – The Editor

  3. Hello!
    Usually, I have an abundant breakfast but yesterday morning, I had some biscuits and a banana. I had an orange juice and a cup of coffee.
    Nearly every day, at lunch, I have a sandwich o a piece of pizza because I’m at work but yesterday, I was in my house and I cooked an abundant pasta dish with wild asparagus and gorgonzola cheese.
    Before dinner, I had a drink with my friend. I had a glass of white wine and small pizzas, chips and toasted bread with tomato on top. Then, I had a “chiken at the hunter” with some basmati rice and spinach.

    • very nice, Antonella! A few corrections:
      “I have a large breakfast”
      “yesterday, I was at home so I cooked a big dish of pasta
      “Then, I had a “hunter-style chicken

      – The Editor

  4. Hello!
    When I wake up in the morning I never miss breakfast.
    For breakfast I have a coffee and cornetto or biscuits and usually after an hour I have another coffee.
    I never know where and when I have lunch in fact often I have for lunch a sandwich or pizza.
    For dinner I have vegetables with meet or fish because I don’t have this for lunch.

    bye bye


    • Nice one Valentina! A small correction:
      “I never know where or when I am going to have lunch”

      I hope this helps.

  5. Breakfast: Yesterday I drank a milk and coffe; after I ate some biscuits .
    Lunch: I was at my work, i ate some rice with tuna, and i drank only mineral water.
    Dinner: I had dinner at home,I ate fish and salad because I like to eat light, I drank mineral water.

    • Thanks very much Alessandro! Some corrections:
      “Yesterday I had some milk and coffee; then I had some biscuits”
      – Editor

  6. Hello everyone!
    when I wrote (three weeks ago) my comment on “Happiness is…”, I’ve forgot to explain that food is a great part of our daily happiness.
    Around a table, a lot of various meetings has done!
    I love cooking, eating and drinking with an old or new friends, around a table, around the world.
    My favourite dish is Gnocchi with tomatos’ meat sauce and quite a lot parmigiano cheese up, too.
    See you soon.

  7. I love to cook, then I like to eat everything and any culture and tradition. My prefer food are fish and salad of oranges. Swordfish (Pesce spada) and tuna are my favorite fish dishes. Salad of oranges can be prepared in differnts ways:
    – Onions and tuna, olive oil and salt;
    – Black olives and fennel, olive oil and salt.
    Fish dishes and salad of oranges are my favorite food because reminds me my cauntry, Sicily.


    • Many thanks Salvatore! Just one correction:

      “I love cooking, and I like to eat everything from any culture and tradition.”

      Kind regards,
      The Editor

  8. Hi everyone!
    Personally, this is a difficult question to answer, because I don’t have a favorite dish but I like a different kind of dishes of a different cultures. I like to cook and try different food.
    That said, about my favorite dishes there are: lasagna, homemade pasta such as cavatelli, fusilli, ravioli with tomato sauce, pizza, chicken and potatoes and also I like very much sushi and sushimi.
    Also, I’m very greedy and so I love the dessert particularly all chocolate cakes, tiramisù and ice cream, too.

  9. Hello to everyone,
    If you like sushi I suggest to prove Daruma Sushi in Parlamento’s Square. It’s cheap and sushi is very good.

    Bye bye

  10. Hello to everybody.
    I like very much every kind of food.
    In particular, I love red meat and fish.
    I want to say to you that in the last two mouths I went two times to a very cue restaurant calls “Fish Market”.
    It is on Trastevere, in front of Tiberina Island.
    I suggest you because it is a place where you can eat good fish in a lot of ways, in a good price.
    The place is very fine and very characteristic and inusual.
    There is a menu where you can find the tipical dishes and every day there are some daily dishes.
    After that you have decided the dishes (that you mark with a pencil inside a paper menu that they give to you), you can go to pay the check to the counter and than the dishes will arrive as soon as possible to your table.
    I hope to come back there soon.
    I hope you like it.
    See you soon.


  11. Hi everyone,
    about food, I prefer eat fish and vegetables. For example salade and every kind of vegetables, that I know, are my favorite.
    But there is one of them, that I never eat, it is “Cucumber”, when I eat cucumbers I have some problems with my stomich.
    My prefer dinner is “tartar” of gallinella or branzino, ( peraphs: bass and mullet??) with salad and artichoke. Sometimes I drink a good wine!
    Have a god dinner
    Yours Catia

  12. The last month I knew a very nice American girl. She is a friend of a my friend and she is very good in kitchen. So she decided to make a tipical American chocolate cake: the Brownies. The name is plural because when the cake is cold it is divided in many little squares. I really enjoyed this cake because I love chocolate and I’m sure I want to try to make it myself.

  13. God Morning,
    in the last year I have a craving for sushi and sashimi!!!!
    I would eat them every day …but Japanese food is very expensive 😦

  14. Hi everyone! I’d like to make a few corrections to this page. Corrections follow this format:

    Original uncorrected expression > Corrected expression

    Here are some examples:

    always in Italy the people speaks about food > In Italy people always talk about food

    I am napolitain, so I can say that my plate prefer is The pizza. > I am Neapolitan, so I can say that my favourite dish plate prefer is Pizza.

    My mother teached me to do disch of mediterranean cousine. > My mother taught me how to cook Mediterranean dishes.

    In the last times i’m working like a pizza chef > Recently I’ve been working as a pizza chef

    Two general comments: don’t forget the third person singular in the present simple tense -> “She workS” ..

    .. and…

    Don’t forget CAPITALISATION of proper nouns: “England” not “england”.

    Many thanks to you all for your writing.
    The Editor.

  15. In the last times i’m working like a pizza chef in a napolitan pizzeria near my house.I love to make a pizza because is very simply (only water,salt and two types of flour and a bit of extra virgin oil) but for a good pizza you never stop learning new tricks and ideas!
    Generally i love to make Parmigiana di melenzane in sicilian style and Gricia that is Amatriciana without tomatoes!During the easter holidays i took a lot of lemons in sicily to make a limoncello or limoneddu in sicilian dialect!!
    As dessert i love to make Chocolate bread and butter pudding,a recipe
    that i learned in england and that is to simply and very good!!If there is somebody that wants some information i will be happy to help him!!

  16. Saturday I went in a Italian restaurant with my friends. The reataurant’s name is “Grappolo d’oro” and it is in the centre of Rome.
    The food is fresh and very good, isn’t only for the tourists but it’s open also to the local people. The food as so good and the prize isn’t so exspancive.

  17. I love to cook! My mother teached me to do disch of mediterranean cousine. When I invite my friends to dinner, I get always the “parmigiana” which is my strong point.


  18. Sorry, “DOLCE” restaurant.

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