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This is your page to give us advice or instructions. Tell us how to do things better and make our lives more satisfying. Here’s what some readers have been writing:

And here’s Marco on how to survive the Christmas period

The Christmas period is the best time for most people, but they don’t realise the risks lying in wait.

1) At Christmas time you must eat and drink such a lot… In two weeks you wipe out many months of diet. Think about it!!!
2) At  Christmas time you must see all your relatives, even those you haven’t met for many years. Very interesting.
3) At Christmas time you have to play cards as if in a gambling house, where for winning you may find yourself all money off your 5-year-old nephew.
4) At Christmas time you have to pray the way you never did during the years. Do you remember the prayers?

Even if Christmas seems a long way off, “Merry Christmas to you all.”


14 Responses

  1. How to… spend little to travel
    the first rule is not to travel in high season, but sometimes is not possible with the holiday period of work.
    the second is to book the flight as soon as possible because otherwise the price is more expensive before departure.
    Check the house sharing possibility, this year I rent my apartment fron 27 dic to 3 gen , so I use the money for travel in Chile in the same period.
    If you know a employee of airline you can have a big discount or a free ticket.
    Another rule is do not buy travel packages, but it is better organize your travel or trip on the spot.
    But the most important rule is to change the plane where you’ll go and have a partner who you love very much.
    Now I’m going to Chile for ten days and I decided only 5 days ago.
    We don’t have book anythings, so when we come back we will tell the trip and how much money we have spent.
    Happy new year

  2. How to make a good impression at a job interview

    1. It’s very important not to be late at a job interview.
    Being punctual shows your respect for others and builds your self-confidence. You should remember that time is money. Check the company address and arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled meeting time.

    2. The first impression you make on a potential employer is the most important one.
    Make sure you dress to make the right impression! Begin by smiling and be sure to make eye contact. Wash and dry your hands because you probably won’t be able to avoid handshake. Manners matter during a job interview.

    3. You should carefully analyze the job offer before the interview.
    Research the industry and company. Focus on your key skills. Point out the interests, experiences, and personal qualities which will enable you to meet or exceed the requirements.

    4. Be ready to introduce yourself and prepare for common interview questions.
    Keep your introduction short and concise. Be prepared for follow up questions. Speak in short sentences. Think positive and don’t panic.

    • Nice one Artur! There are very few mistakes.. just one correction: “you probably won’t be able to avoid handshake.” should be “you probably won’t be able to avoid shaking hands.”

      I look forward to seeing you in next week’s class!


    Today, more than ever, it’s important for parents to help their children to enjoy reading as a normal activity in the family and the immense privilege of becoming regular readers. So I present the following tips:

    1. GIVE EXAMPLE: The adults are a model for children. So it is important that the parents read in front of the children and they can also take advantage of any situation of daily life to awaken their curiosity for all types of written text. It is convenient to show and comment with them what each text is, what it is for and how to read it.

    2. LISTENING: It is important to pay attention to children’s questions about writing, even before they begin to read and write and answer their questions, because with our explanations, they will learn a lot about our language and about the writings we use regularly.

    3. SHARING: When we are with the chidren and we read aloud, we are inviting them to discover the wonderful worlds created by literature. So It is important to share with them and to provide them a pleasant and relaxed climate for reading.

    4. BE CONSTANT: The only way to encourage the habit of reading is putting it into practice. Let’s reserve a reading time every day. Let us look for the appropriate moments, in which the tiredness does not prevent the children from being clear, curious, before the book. Do not take up all your free time with other activities. Give them time for reading.

    5. ASK FOR ADVICE: Encouraging them to frequent bookstores and libraries in the afternoons, holidays, etc can be an interesting activity to enrich their capacity of learning. With our example and with the help of specialists, children will learn from an early age to enjoy the reading.

    6. STIMULATE, ENCOURAGE: Any family event or experience of children can serve to bring them closer to reading. It is important we can look for appropriate moments to give them the books and update us about the books they like or about the latest interesting publications that have been made.

  4. How to survive….. to the traffic in Rome!

    First of all forget your car. I suggest to buy a scooter or a bike if you won’t be late on dates!

    2) You shouldn’t have to take the Lungotevere , it’s too busy.

    3)Don’t mess up the time to get out, you might find yourself in a jungle of cars .

    4)Stay away from Taxy or NCC, they are very dangerous ! 🙂

    5) Be ready to reply to swear word. NOT TO BE UNPREPARED.

    Keep all this advice and you’ll survive enough

    • Many thanks for this, Carlo! A few corrections:
      “First of all, leave your car at home. I suggest buying a scooter if you don’t want to be late for dates!”
      “You shouldn’t ride along the Lungotevere. It’s too congested.”
      “Don’t go out at the wrong time”
      “Stay away from taxis
      Follow all this advice..”

  5. Hello to all,
    below, the points that in my experience I have had to follow in order to survive a job interview:
    1) not to appear insecure, use a formal language and maintain eye contact with the other party, remain relaxed.
    2) Examine carefully the job description and all the skills required for the job position.
    3) Find more information about the company to be taken by me, finding information on the Internet on the company’s history and what it covers.
    4) Treat clothing, dress formally with jacket and shirt, wearing elegant trousers and shoes.
    5) Be on time, do not arrive too early or too late, but accurately keep your appointment.

    • Nice one again, Simone! Corrections:
      “use [a] formal language”
      “Find out more about the company…”
      “information about the company that might take me on
      “Treat clothing, dress formally ” => “Dress formally, in a jacket and shirt…”
      “but be careful to keep your appointment.”

      I hope these help!
      The Editor.

  6. How to …survive at a polling station day’s (when you are returning officer)

    Be rested. You need to go to sleep early the night before, you’ll coordinate the activities on Sunday late.

    Respect the rules and the roles . It’s very important that each one do their work without cause the conflict.

    Respect the pauses. Everybody has to come back in time after their break.

    Be cooperative. This is a teamwork and your help is very important if you want to achieve the goal.

    Choose a comfortable clothes. It’ll be a long day, you’ll work at least 18 hours.

    • Nice one, Silvia! A few corrections:
      “Be well rested. You need to go to bed early the night before, as you’ll be coordinating [the] activities till late on Sunday.”
      Observe both the rules and the roles”
      “It’s very important for everyone to do their jobs without causing conflict.”
      “Respect the pauses~” => “Observe break times.”
      “Everybody has to come back on time”
      “This is [a] teamwork”
      “Choose [a] comfortable clothes”
      “you’ll be working at least 18 hours”

      Watch out for the correct use of articles “a” and “the”.
      I hope these corrections help you.

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