This section is about those aspects of our lives that don’t easily fit into a category.  These could be, for example: how I spend my weekends, what hobbies I have, what colours I like… and it could be about the things we don’t like. 

Here’s Alessandra on a wide range of topics:

1) What do you think is the most exciting sport to watch?
I think is athletics, especially 100 and 200 metre sprints, hurdles, high jump and long jump.
2) What’s the most amazing scenery you’ve ever seen?
The coral barrier reef of the Silhouette Island, a very small island in the Seychelles archipelago in the Indian Ocean.
3) What music do you listen to if you feel depressed?
Disco music of the 1970s-80s
4) Have you ever been disappointed by a birthday present?
Yes, but more than disappointed, I was very amused. It was when my husband give me a pair of earrings, the same ones he had bought me the previous year.
5) Which do you find more tiring, speaking English or listening to English?
Both are burning issues. Perhaps , for me, it is more tiring listening.
6) What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you?
It was when I vomited in the lecture hall just before my math oral examination. Then, when the professor called me, my breath was…..lethal.
7) Are you frightened of heights?
Just a little
8) Do you feel very tired in the morning?
Not if I have slept well during the night.
9) Who’s the most boring person you know?
My uncle. When you meet him, he can tie you up for hours.
10) Do you ever get frustrated by technology?
No, since I work with advanced instrumentation. I get frustrated when instruments break down and I haven’t got enough funding to repair them.



3 Responses

  1. Hi, I’m Tommaso.
    The great thing that makes me fell good is snowboarding!
    I’d like to go snowboarding every day because it’s very relaxing and the same time it transmits a lot of adrenalin!

    The great experience is going snowboarding on free ride when there is a lot of fresh snow and nobody near to you!

    • Hi Tommaso! A quick correction: “The great thing that makes me fell good is snowboarding!” should be:
      “The thing that really makes me feel good is snowboarding!”

      I hope this helps. – Mike

  2. Hello readers. I have moved people’s replies to the question “What makes you feel good?” to the sub-page of the same name. Just hover your mouse over the ‘Lifestyles’ tab and you will see the link to it. Please do add your own ideas on what makes you feel good.
    Mike (Editor)

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