pexels-photo-414012.jpegThis section is for you to write something on a topic that isn’t covered elsewhere.  For example: how I spend my weekends, what hobbies I have, what colours I like… and what about the things we don’t like. 

Here’s Alessandra on a wide range of topics:



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  1. Tommaso says:

    Hi, I’m Tommaso.
    The great thing that makes me fell good is snowboarding!
    I’d like to go snowboarding every day because it’s very relaxing and the same time it transmits a lot of adrenalin!

    The great experience is going snowboarding on free ride when there is a lot of fresh snow and nobody near to you!

    1. mikiroma says:

      Hi Tommaso! A quick correction: “The great thing that makes me fell good is snowboarding!” should be:
      “The thing that really makes me feel good is snowboarding!”

      I hope this helps. – Mike

  2. mikiroma says:

    Hello readers. I have moved people’s replies to the question “What makes you feel good?” to the sub-page of the same name. Just hover your mouse over the ‘Lifestyles’ tab and you will see the link to it. Please do add your own ideas on what makes you feel good.
    Mike (Editor)

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