Happiness Is…

It’s World Happiness Week this week. So what makes you happy? Is it anything musical, artistic or literary, or is it something more physical, like the weather? Write to us, completing the sentence, “Happiness is…”

… everything that makes you feel good. Cesare

Being with friends and having fun with them Michela

Swimming in the sea when there are not many people and waiting for the sunset Marta

Doing work that I enjoy: reading poems and novels with my students and seeing their smiles! Barbara

Happiness is real only when shared. Gabriele

Being with my family.
A sunny day and strolling by the sea.
Waking up without the alarm sounding.
Being around smiling people.
Reading a book, listening to music and watching movies……Salvatore

… cooking dinner for my friends. I love cooking pasta and eating it with them. Adriana

I love being with my family: my wife and my son. I like working and going to the cinema. I like relaxing at the weekend. Emanuele

… to turn our passion into our job. It’s essential to feel satisfaction and happiness in our lives. Sebina


60 Comments Add yours

  1. marina d. says:

    Happiness is…..
    1. swimming in the sea at sunrise when the beach is deserted, because It gives me positive energy;

    2. cooking a new meal and making a good impression in a lunch with thirty guests, because it is very tiring;

    3. cultivating my kitchen garden picking vegetables for my cooking, because seeing the result of one’s own work is a very satisfying;

    4. being able to tidy my studio and keeping it in order for several days, because I am a very messy person;

    5. taking time out for a good read on my old armchair because it is a real moment of relaxation;

    6. walking in the city with my granddaughters and my husband discovering the traces of the story through architectural beauty, because I think it’s very important to know one’s own city and to be proud of it

    1. mikiroma says:

      Many thanks for this Marina!
      A couple of corrections:
      “making a good impression at a lunch”
      “picking vegetables for my kitchen
      “being able to tidy my studio and keep it in order” [infinitive after “being able to”]

      I hope these help!

  2. Marina Colombo says:

    My idea of happiness is…
    -looking my family and my friends being happy and accomplishing their dreams..
    -dreaming and making it come true..
    -travelling around the world and discovering all the beauties that it offers..
    -running at the green park and smelling the nature..
    -singing in the choir and more better with my friends singers..
    – walking on the Rome’s streets and surprising of the new architectures and views..
    -reading the books or magazines about Design and Art..
    -practicing yoga.
    -listening to the good music.
    -sleeping during the rain.
    -looking the sunsets and sunrises.
    -smelling the nature.
    Happiness for me is…all the little things that you doing with pleasure all the day.

    Thank you for your time, Michael and best regards.


    1. mikiroma says:

      Many thanks for this Marina. Some small corrections:
      “-looking my family and my friends being happy and accomplishing their dreams..”
      => “-seeing my family and my friends being happy and making their dreams come true..”
      “running at the green park and smelling the nature”
      => “running in a green park and savouring nature”

      I hope these help!

  3. Donato says:

    There are things that make me happy ..
    The first happiness is certainly to travel on the world for to visit new countries, meet local people, know their history and culture. I’d like to visit historical places, eating in typical restaurant

    For my happiness it is necessary to meet often my dear friends and talk with them abaut our life but also the things that happen in the world and politic events, drinking a good red wine on the sofa ..

    I’m very happy when I can play sports for my well-being, training in the gym, running in the park, smimming in the pool ..

    Finally .. to be happy sometimes I need to stay alone at home, reading a good book and listening music, in these moment my mind is free..

    1. mikiroma says:

      Many thanks Donato! Very nice. Here are a few corrections:
      “The first happiness” => “The happiest thing is to.. ”
      “for to visit new countries” => “to visit new countries” [no “for]
      “meet local people and get to know their history”
      “it is necessary to meet often my dear friends and talk with them abaut our life” => “I need to meet my friends often so that we can talk about our lives
      “drinking a glass of good red wine on the sofa”

      I hope these help!
      Michael (Editor)

  4. Gianluca Patriarca says:

    Happiness for me is… I don’t know how to explain… I think that’s when you can become independent and you’re free to do what you want to do. Happines and freedom go together. When you’re stable and sure of yourself. When you know yourself and you win against yourself, overcoming your deepest fears, you’re freedom and so you’re happy.

  5. claudia says:

    think about next Christmas, dinners and lunches with the whole family and with the closest friends.
    imagine the chats and laughter, the toast and the curiosity of the boys waiting to open the presents.
    I already have in mind some new dish to experiment

    1. claudia says:

      I forgot…. Happiness is

    2. mikiroma says:

      Okay Claudia! A few small corrections:
      “thinking about next Christmas”
      “imagining the talk and laughter”
      “I already have in mind some new dishes to try out

      Many thanks for this!
      Michael (Editor)

  6. Cinzia Pennesi says:

    Happyness is…
    when the people to respect me as person as woman gratifying for work and achieved results
    seeing my son who is happy
    teaching new elements to my young gymnasts and helping them to win them fears
    drawing my pension at the first time. This is still a big dream, at the moment.

    1. mikiroma says:

      Hi Cinzia many thanks for your comment. some small corrections:

      “Happiness is…”
      “when people respect me as a person and as a woman who is fulfilled at work”
      “teaching my young gymnasts new techniques
      “helping them to overcome their fears”
      “drawing my pension for the first time”

      Michael (editor)

  7. Michela Marinelli says:

    What makes me happy are the simplest thinghs, because I think the true happiness is hard to reach.
    So, for me is important being with friends and having fun with them;
    travelling around the world, when I have time and money;
    looking for love and when I find it enjoy it in every moment, because nothing lasts forever.

    1. mikiroma says:

      Hello Michela!
      many thanks for your article. Some small corrections for now:
      “What makes me happy are the simplest things
      “for me it is important to be with friends and have fun with them”

      I hope these help!

  8. Marta says:

    Happines is:
    – travelling around the world, meeting different people and trying new food;
    – swimming in the sea when there are not many people and waiting for the sunset;
    – listening to music in the car during a trip;
    – reaching a goal with your own merits;
    – sharing time with the person you love

  9. Cesare says:

    HAPPINESS is everything that a makes you feel good.
    It could be a friend, a travel, a job, a love, a personal satisfaction…
    So, I think that a happiness is something very personal and each of us lives it in a personal way.
    Happiness, is lived and perceived based on the mood if you have at that time.

    By the way, It is very difficult to define happiness because it is something abstract and personal.
    Each of us find and feel happiness in its own way.

    1. mikiroma says:

      Hello Cesare! Many thanks for this. Just one correction:
      “HAPPINESS is everything that makes you feel good.”

      No “a”.

      I hope this helps!

  10. alessandro says:

    Happiness is sharing free time or a set of sensations, for example having dinner with a friend who has not seen you for a long time. I love also enjoying my little nephew and imaging life with eyes of a child.
    Happiness is coming back in summer in Sardinia, and breathing sea’s scent. Happiness is seeing person’s smile you helped, forgetting work’s stress, discovering new places through Italy during my hobby of arbitral observer on Sunday.
    Happiness is freedom. I like crossing Rome at night with my scooter, when lights over monuments making atmosphere feel magical.
    Happiness is not feeling good all the time. More simply happiness is when you think to stop your running and discover that nobody was following you to kill you: life is less scary than we think.

  11. Cristina meschini says:

    For me happiness is:
    …helping people who need;
    …travelling around the world;
    …Being with my family;
    …going to the sea in a sunny day;
    …going out with my friends;
    …doing in freedom everything I want;
    …reading a book and watching a film in a cold day.


    1. mikiroma says:

      Nice one, Cristina! A small correction for right now:
      “Helping people in need”

  12. enricoen says:

    I like thinking about happiness, but it’s difficult to say what it is.

    So, happiness can be defined as an extremely positive mood. There isn’t pain, but it’s different from peaceful condition or sublime emotion for istance. When we’re happy, we can be surprised and excited. Our heart can beat a little faster and our eyes be alive and shine.

    Well, we can be happy for example when a promise becomes real or when we get an unespected news. Maybe an ex, who we still love, comes back and says to us: “I’ve never stopped loving you”. Or a friend, who betrayed us, says sorry.

    I think we can’t talk about happiness easily. It can’t be explained by words or rationality. And however, happiness lasts a moment.

    1. mikiroma says:

      Many thanks for this piece, Enrico!Here are some small corrections:
      “There is no pain”
      “it’s not the same as a peaceful condition”
      “when we get some unexpected news”
      “I don’t think we can easily talk about happiness.”

      I hope these corrections help!

  13. Mich says:

    Happinss is a subjective feeling, and second to me…

    Happiness is playing videogames with my friends.

    Customizing my car is an other thing that makes me happy.

    When I go in swimmingpool or gym to train I’m very happy.

    Whatching a tv series in the evening make me happy.

    Happiness for me is when i am with the girlfriend….but i haven’t…sad.

    1. mikiroma says:

      Hello Michele and thank your very much for this article. Some corrections:
      1) “Happiness is a subjective feeling in my opinion.”
      2) “When I go to the swimming pool or the gym to train, then I’m very happy”
      3) “Watching a TV series in the evening makes me happy.”
      4) “Happiness for me is when i am with my girlfriend….but i haven’t got one, sadly.

      Very nice!
      The Editor.

  14. Nicolò says:

    Happiness is…
    After a day of hard work finding the energy to smile, perhaps on a beach, planning a trip with my friends or family
    Happiness is cooking with them a telling funny stories
    Happiness is sharing everythings with the person who I love.
    Freedom is happiness

  15. Gabriele says:

    I think the feeling of happiness is hard to explain. Very often I’m happy but I don’t realize it. I’m just feeling good at such a moment.
    I get happier when I seize the day than when I just sit at home doing nothing. I love go out, to do sports, to go shopping, to visit friends and lots of other small things. Also a delicious meal for example can make me happy. When I’m with my friends we often laugh until tears are running down our faces. I’m not a person who can’t be happy alone. Money doesn’t make you happy but it makes life easier.
    I don’t really think that there is a single word which exactly means happiness for me. Words which I think with this special feeling are friends, family, freedom, youth, love and also money.
    Happiness is real only when shared

    1. mikiroma says:

      Many thanks Gabriele! This is on the right page. Corrections:

      – “I love going out, doing sports, going shopping, visiting friends ”
      – “A delicious meal, for example, can make me happy. ”

      I hope these help!
      The Editor.

  16. Barbara S. says:

    Happiness is, for me:
    – being with the people I love: my family and my friends;
    – buying a present and surprising those who I love;
    – doing work that I enjoy: reading poems and novells with my students and seeing their smiles!

    1. mikiroma says:

      A very nice piece! Thank you.

      The Editor.

  17. Margaret says:

    Happiness is…
    Spending happy time with people you love
    Travelling and exploring new places
    Help someone who is in a trouble
    And also in these times fell satisfied in a jobs and have a good salary is very important to be happy.

  18. chiara says:

    Happiness is…
    …knowing to be loved and loving a person who want to share with you exiting experiences but also ordinary life.
    …travelling around all over the world to discover other cultures, other people, other architecture.
    …seeing the realization of a own project after so much hard work.


    1. mikiroma says:

      Very nice Chiara! A couple of corrections:
      “knowing you are loved and loving a person who wants to share exciting experiences with you

      That’s all I have time for right now but I will be back!
      The Editor

  19. VALENTINA L says:

    For me, happiness is to go home and spend time with his family and with the people I love. Happiness is to be at peace with themselves and know how to enjoy the little things. I’m happy when I help someone who needs it and when I think how lucky I am.

    Valentna L.

    1. mikiroma says:

      Many thanks, Valentina! Just a couple of corrections:
      “happiness is going home and spending time with one’s family”
      “Happiness is to being at peace with oneself”

      The meaning of “one” and “one’s”: “one” is the impersonal pronoun. It replaces “me”, “I”, “him”, “her” when we’re making a general statement that could apply to anyone. Informally, people sometimes say or write, “you”, “your” etc.

      I hope this helps,
      The Editor

  20. Salvatore says:

    Happiness is…..

    Being with my family.
    A sunny day and strolling by the sea.
    Waking up without the alarm sound.
    Being around smiling people.
    Reading a book, listening music and watching movies………

    1. mikiroma says:

      Fantastic, Salvatore! A nice peice.
      A small correction:
      “Waking up without the alarm sounding
      And another:
      “Reading a book, listening to music and watching movies

      Many thanks for this!
      The Editor

  21. giovanna says:

    Happiness is… ..spending time with family… …when is sunny day… …when see people smiling… …travelling…and know other cultures… ..happiness is in the little things..

    1. mikiroma says:

      Hello Giovanna! Thanks very much for this. Here are some corrections:
      “when it is a sunny day”
      “when I see people smiling”
      “travelling…and getting to know other cultures…”

      I hope these help!

  22. Fabio says:

    Happiness is:

    Staying in relax with my friends, but also going out with them to have fun.

    Reading books, watching movies, listening music that I love.

    Traveling and discovering new things, meeting new persons, seeing new city or place.

    Sleeping well!

    1. mikiroma says:

      Good comment fabio! A few small corrections:
      Relaxing with my friends”
      “listening to music that I love”
      “meeting new people, seeing new cities or places.”

      I hope these help!

  23. Tandis says:

    Happiness is

    …Spending times with my family and people who make me happy.
    … Travelling. It gives experience other cultures, to get to know places we have only seen on TV. We get to try new food and new people. Travelling always changes my perspective.
    …Doing a better job and at picking activities.

    1. mikiroma says:

      A nice piece, Tandis! Here are some corrections:

      Spending time with my family
      It allows you to experience other cultures
      We get to try new food and meet new people

      I hope these help!
      MIke (Editor)

  24. Serena says:

    It’s more easier to write anything about the weather is, then what’s meaning happiness for me and Italian people too.
    When I write “Italy” i think to our fantastic cooking product.
    The first, the inimitable ” Fettuccine with meat sauce”.
    For each other, the Italian People isn’t happy because they have lost their faith to the Government. We have House Representative and Senato of Italian Republic which playing with the Laws like a football games. So, we have the same problems of thirty and more years ago. In recent years, from Craxi Government until Mattarella, we have added school decadence, job’s contract that has increased unemployment instead to increase the jobs’ world. Finally, the National Sanitary Service’s collapse has distroyed every kind of certain helps (S.S.N.), closing much more hospital and increase the ticket of medicine. More tax and low salaries had being our Country more poor than other.
    The Italian Happiness is a dream far thirty years ago.
    Happyness is enjoy of children laughs, giving love and helping other people when they are on difficult.
    Happyness is inside ourselves: we must live day by day, as it was the last.

  25. Elisa says:

    There are three many things which make me feel happy:
    – Spending time with my family: my parents live a bit far away from Rome, so I can’t see them when I want.
    – Helping somebody to do something: I like to make things easy on people, doing people favour.
    – Reading a book. I love reading;I think reading move me to other dimensions, away from daily problems and stress.

  26. Cinzia P. says:

    I think that there are many small things thart make feel good.

    Happiness is:
    -when in a sunny days I running alone and listening to music,
    -when my nephew coming back to school ring my bell to see if I am to home and tell me his day,
    -when I meet my friends for a walk,
    -travelling in news place, making of the new experience a personal growth.

  27. Silvia says:

    Happiness is…
    When you love your job…and your boss gives you a positive feedback.
    When you pass an exam at university and it’s your final exam!
    When you are travelling in new places and eat different food.
    When you do a sport, in particular running in a sunny day.

    1. mikiroma says:

      Thanks so much, Silvia! A small correction:
      ” … and your boss gives you [a] positive feedback.” – “a” should be omitted.
      (The Editor)

      1. Silvia says:

        Thanks Michael!

  28. Simone says:

    Happiness is:

    1 Play with my dog and take him for a walk,
    I like to cuddle and make him feel good,
    I think my dog is a great friend of mine.

    2 Play the guitar and write songs, I think it’s nice
    use my creativity in music,
    Music is an important hobby for me and makes me happy.

    3 Have a stable job and stay well with colleagues,
    It is important in life to have a job and a salary,
    It makes me feel accomplished.

    4 Travel and see new places,
    it’s nice to discover the beauty of other places and visit the great cities of the world it’s great to try new cultures.

    5 Go to the beach in summer and swim at night,
    swim in the clear water, sleep on a deserted beach,
    and make a campfire.

    1. mikiroma says:

      Thanks so much for this, Simone! Corrections…
      “Happiness is:
      1 Playing with my dog ”
      Also: “Playing the guitar…”; “Having a stable job…” etc. don’t forget the gerunds!

      “I think it’s nice to use my creativity in music,”
      (The Editor)

  29. Marco says:

    The Happiness is the laugh of my nephews when we play soccer or we color pictures
    The Happiness is when I do a journey to know other cultures and traditions, to see new landascapes.
    The happiness is when arrives the Christmas’time and we become again children.
    The happines is when I have done the trip of my life, when I went to the “artic cirlce”- 38 degrees below zero- for visiting the northern lights.

    1. mikiroma says:

      Hello Marco! Thanks very much for this. A nice piece. A few small corrections:
      “[The] Happiness is my nephews laughing when we play soccer”
      No “the” before “happiness”, because “happiness” is a concept. So no article.
      More soon – I hope this helps.

  30. Carola says:

    I love watching videos about other cultures, so I can dream about next trips.
    Walking in mountain with other people. I love the smells and colours of the wood and the light through the trees.
    I love sunbathing. I like very much feeling the heat of the sun and after swimming in the sea.

    1. Carola says:

      I’m happy moreover when I am with my friends and family.

  31. Baljit kaur says:

    There are many things that give us joy😀.I’m very happy when I meet my friends.i feel very good when I back to my home in India to meet my parents.it’s very enjoyable moment for me.
    I am very happy when I get surprise 😁.

  32. Satnam says:

    Satnam Singh
    Happiness is very important in our life.
    I am feeling happy……
    When I have archive some important goals of my life.
    When I am going to a new places with my family.
    When I am going with my friends for enjoying.
    When I am with those people who loves with me.

    1. mikiroma says:

      Many thanks for this Satnam! Two small corrections:
      “Happiness is very important in our lives.”
      “When I have achieved some important goals in my life.”

      I hope these help.

  33. Gioacchino says:

    Happiness is…come home and find the love of your family a dinner with old friends…a holiday with your girlfriend watch together new places and have a drink at sunset… Play with your dog that unlike the other wants you unconditionally well 😊

  34. anna says:

    I feel good…
    …when I can realize an important project that brings the success
    …when the people around me loves me and I’m fine with them.
    …when i can manifest a gesture of love to a person who nedds me.
    …when I can find a good solution to face a problematic situation

  35. anna peron says:

    I feel good…
    …when I can realize an important project that brings the success
    …when the people around me love me and I’m fine with them.
    …when i can manifest a gesture of love to a person who needs me.
    …when I can find a good solution to face a problematic situation!

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