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Share your books with us on these pages. Tell us about the book you’re reading right now- you don’t have to have finished.

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Do mention the title and author.
Do say what kind of book it is: where and when the story is set.
Do say why you like, or don’t like, the book.
Do tell us how it is helping you to learn English.
Do say whether you would recommend your book to others.

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Marco has read “Missing in Sydney”.

Topazia is reading “JFK” by Anne Collins.

Alessandra has been reading “Dead Man’s Island”.

Melania has been reading “Jane Eyre”.

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  1. secasav says:

    I share my book with you: “The Robots of Dawn”.
    Written by Isaac Asimov, is a science fiction novel, a “whodunit” (“Who did it?”, it is a complex, plot-driven kind of the detective story). First published in 1983 (written in 1982, when I was born, so I choose this). It is the third novel in Asimov’s Robot series. It was nominated for Hugo and Locus Awards in 1984.
    The novel takes place on the spacer world Aurora. Aurora is the first world colonised from Earth, the most developed and the most powerful. New York City detective Elijah Baley was called to the Spacer World to solve a case of roboticide. He teamed up with humanoid robot R. Daneel Olivaw to prove that the prime suspect, a renowned roboticist, was innocent of the crime. The great problem was that he (the accused) freely admitted that he was the only one with the know-how to kill the robot.
    I like this book because it remember me when I began to read Asimov’s book as teenager, when I was at the scientific high school. At that time, I was very able to do new physic and chemistry law, I dreamed to work for NASA, in Cape Canaveral. So, my physic Professor told me to read some Asimov’s books…Are more then 470! I love these kind of books, because you don’t know if it’s a science fiction or someone is really traveling in the “Space-Time Continuum”. There are mysterious authors that comunicate me this idea, as: Nostradamus, Isaac Asimov, Nikola Tesla, etc. Their point of view is very different from the other of their time.
    This novel helped me to learn english for two reasons: it is written in a simple way and it speaks about the new scientific world, so I can learn new words about robotics.
    I recommend these Asimov’s or Tesla’s books, because they recount about present and future, they speak about us and our hopes.

    1. secasav says:

      I’m Romina

    2. mikiroma says:

      Hello Romina! This is a very nice review. A few corrections:
      “Written by Isaac Asimov, it is a science fiction novel”
      “I like this book because it reminds me of when I began to read Asimov’s books as a teenage”
      “The novel is set on the spacer world Aurora”

      Here’s a question:
      Spacer world” or “Space world”?

      Carry On Writing!
      The Editor

  2. enricoen says:

    Hi Mike, hi everyone!

    Today I’m going to raccomend you a nice book called Dead Man’s Island, written by John Escott (Oxford Bookworms – Level 2).

    The book tells Carol’s story.
    Unfortunately, Carol’s father died in a terrible plane crash, when Carol was teenager. After that, Carol and her mother, who were living in Hong Kong, decided to move. They nedeed to forget the pain of their terrible loss and begin a new life. Carol’s mother found a job in an island in Scotland, but she couldn’t know there was a dead man there. So, they left Hong Kong and went to the dead man’s island.

    They stayed in a big palace, where the Carol’s mother’s boss lived. There were a lot of rooms in that palace, but just one of them was locked. Neither Carol or her mother could go near that room. It was dangerous, there was a secret in it. A secret about a dead man.
    Finally, Carol opens the door of the room and discovers the mystery about that man. Who was he or who is he? Is he dead or alive?

    Carol’s father died, but she will find a new unexpected friend for her life. A friend about whom she knows an important secret, which she won’t ever tell anybody.
    And then, at the end, fortunately things became to get better for Carol and her mother.

    Good reading!
    🙂 Enrico

  3. Valentina Luchetti says:

    I’ve read the book ” A Message from a Ghost ” by Andrea M. Hutchinson.
    The story is about three girls who are going on a school trip in York, England.
    Strange things will start happening there and they will discover a terrible secret with the help of the Ghost.
    The book I like very much because I love Ghost stories and I learned new words.
    I would recommend the book if you like Ghost stories.

  4. Hi, I’d like to let you know about a very nice book called “The Bridge”.

    “The Bridge” is a short book, in which there are three love stories written by Christine Lindop. One of them called with the same title of the book: “The Bridge”.
    I consider “The Bridge” the most beautiful story in the book, maybe this is why the book is titled so. I’ll tell you about that short absorbing story, which I reccomend you the reading of.

    “The Bridge” isn’t only a moving love story, it is also a political story about the struggles and the distances between humans. Struggles in the name of the power, of the conquest of the territory, when humans want to make money as much as they can. When I read the story, I asked myself: can humans be and do differently? The money and the power can make us feel so well and happy? The Author of the book give us a suggestion about it, when she write: “Love is more important than war”.

    The story is set in Salzburg, in Austria. That city was divided in two side for political reasons. People who lived on the one side of Salzburg weren’t considered as people who lived on the other side of the same city: different ways of life, different worship, different social status. That can be a problem if two innocent people, who were living each one on own side, fall in love. An impossible love.
    The river of the city divided the two sides and people. Only one thing crossed the river and connected the two sides of the city. It was a bridge… So, what is going to happen to the two lovers, are they going to live their love story? The bridge will help to meet them and to be together, for ever?

    Maybe humans are both in war and in love, but love is more important than war. Love and hope.

    Have a good reading!

    1. mikiroma says:

      Many thanks for this, Enrico! A nice piece.

      Here’s a correction:
      “One of them has the same title as the book:”
      And another:
      “which I reccomend you the reading of” => “which I recommend you read.

  5. Roberta says:

    Hi Michael,
    I have read the book “The Phantom of the Opera” by Gaston Leroux.
    It’s a short book, from Oxford Bookworms, for learning English. It’s possible to downloading the file audio for listen the correct pronunciation. it’s very useful.
    the story of Phantom of the Opera in very famous but I had read never.
    I raccomanded this book in those who love stories, drammatic and misterious.
    it’s fast and enjoyable to read.
    i hope to have you sure ro read.


  6. Sara says:

    Hi Mike,
    I have read the book “New York”, by Johm Scott.
    It is a short book, from Oxford Bookworms, for learning English. It’s possible to downloading the file audio for listen the correct pronunciation.
    It isn’t a story, but simple description of New York: the five boroughs, in particular about Manhattan, the museums and galleries, the great buildings. There is also one chapter about the shopping and eating with useful addresses.
    I like this book because helped me know the life of wonderful city.
    I recommend it to others because you can feel New York, a city noisy ad exciting.

  7. Enrico de Sanctis says:

    Hi! I’ve just red “The piano man”, written by Tim Vicary.

    I’d want to reccomend this short book (Oxford Bookwarms – Stage 1) if you like dramatic and exciting stories. A man is found by the sea, in the South of England. He is there with his wet clothes, lain down and unable to move. Who is that man and why is he on the sea? What happened? And will anyone help him?

    The narration is involving because the Author gives some clues to clarify the enigma about that man, and the Reader stays suspended until the end. Remember, the piano and the music will be the key…! And an important book message is: the life can change, suddenly! Do you think so too?
    Have a good reading!

    🙂 Enrico

    1. mikiroma says:

      Hi Enrico! Thanks very much for this. But I’d like to correct t6his mistake:
      “Hi! I’ve just red “The piano man””
      Should be, “Hi! I’ve just read “The piano man”,”

      I hope this helps.
      The Editor

  8. Artur says:

    I would like to recommend to you a book about a man who exercised power very briefly, less than two years, but has managed to play a huge role in history – for equality the rights of black Americans with the rights of white Americans and fight with the Soviet bloc. This is a book about thirty-fifth President of the United States – John F. Kennedy by Anne Collins (book series: “Factfiles”, Oxford Bookworms, stage 2).

    John F. Kennedy was a grandson of a poor immigrant from Ireland, but when he was born his family was already rich thanks to the hard work of his grandparents and parents. He had everything when he defeated Richard Nixon in 1961 in the presidential election. He had a beautiful young wife and two lovely children. He was a war hero, with an award for courage. He was charming and intelligent. When he gave speeches people listened and believed in what he said. One of the sentences he expressed during the inauguration of his presidency went down in history: “Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country.”

    When on 22nd November 1963, he was shot while a drive in an open car through Dallas, all the world was in shock. However up to this day the world has not known the truth about his death – who was behind his murder.

    This book is about interesting but complicated life of one of the most important figures of the 20th century. I recommend it with conviction.

  9. monica dugo says:

    Persuasion is a Jane Austen’ s novel, it was written in the 1815 and it’s set at the same age.
    Anne Elliott, is a young woman with many virtues, that doesn’t t follow her real feelings and doesn’t get marry the boy she loves, but she’ s influenced by friends and family, that hope a richer boy as husband for her. When the man comes back , although many years were passed, he has never forgotten Anne, and is now rich too.
    Will their love be safe?
    As in many Jane Austen’ s books, there is a central question, and in Persuasion is: is it a bad or good thing to be influenced by others?
    I think that is a good thing listening, consulting family and friends before important decisions, but I prefer follow my instinct and my feelings.
    Many things are changed from 1815, but some has not changed, the power of love and unfortunately, the power of busyness.
    The book is lovely, but I suggest to read the complete version.

    1. mikiroma says:

      Many thanks for your book review Monica!
      This is a nice article. I’ll indicate a few corrections here:

      “Persuasion is a Jane Austen’ s novel” => “Persuasion is a Jane Austen novel” – no possessive. Or, “a novel by Jane Austen”

      ” it’s set at the same age.” => ” it’s set in the same period

      “friends and family, that hope a richer boy as husband for her” => “friends and family, who hope for a rich boy as her husband”

      “Many things are changed from 1815” => “Many things have changed since 1815″

      “busyness” => “business”

      “I suggest to read the complete version” => “I suggest you read the complete version”

      I hope these help!
      – Editor

  10. Valentina says:

    Review about the “Pit and Pendulum” written by E.A.Poe
    A very surreal and dreamlike set.I have been breathless from the beginning to the end of the story. At first the protagonist was surrounded by blankets of darkness and then little by little thee light returned and with it the certainty that he was in hell. ..
    In The light he saw,in the middle of his prison a never ending pit in which he would tumbled if he hadn’t seen it just few seconds before.
    Over his head there was a great pendulum which was swinging near him.
    His food was eaten by thousands of mice.
    They weren’t worried about him but it would have been better to be friends with them…as I’ll write you later.
    So he didn’t know from what he would have died.
    He couldn’t tell how many days he stayed so there.
    Suddenly he decided that he didn’t want to die and thought how to get rid of the strings.
    The strings would have to be eaten by the mice,so beyond all expectations they released him from the strings with their teeth. Then he was free just in time! Before the pendulum hit him.

    A very amazing story. It was a pleasure to read it .
    I recommend you.

    Now I’m reading a book always written by Poe entitled “The Tell-tale Heart”
    I’ll write you as soon as possible when I will finish.
    Yours sincerely.

    1. mikiroma says:

      Many thanks Valentina! A couple of corrections:
      “A very surreal and dreamlike set. I was in suspense from the beginning to the end of the story.”
      “At first the main character was surrounded by …”

      More later!

  11. Serena says:

    Many thanks, Michael.

  12. Serena says:

    Hello everyone!
    I’ve read a beautiful book from Cambridge University. Its title is ” The Fruitcake Special ” and the Others, written by Frank Brennan.
    Its most useful because was thinked up to help learning English.
    Infact, its suitable for various Englishes’ level. Also, it’s possible to downloading the file audio for correct pronunciation.
    The story is very simple and very nice!Anna is a chemistry who works for a parfum factory. By accident, she invents a new potent fragrance which attracted mens on every strange ways!
    Really funny!

    1. mikiroma says:

      Hello Serena! Many thanks for your comment. Here are some small corrections:

      It’s most useful because it was thought out [conceived] to help learning English.”
      Indeed, it’s suitable for various levels of English.”
      It’s also possible to download the audio file to hear correct pronunciation”

      I hope these help!
      The Editor

  13. giovanna says:

    Hi Mike! I have read the book about the biography of W.Shakespeare wrote by J.Bassett. W.S. born 1564at Stratford and died 1616, is been the famous playwright,actor,poet of England, he wrote many plays and all have had great success..Shakespeare’s poetry has many meanings, the life and die,love,history,philosophy,fantstic.. This book helped me know the life of W.S and improve my english.Now I’ll buy next book.. Thanks Mike

    1. mikiroma says:

      Hi Giovanna. Many thanks for your book review. Here are a few small corrections which I hope will help.
      1. ” I have read the biography of W.Shakespeare [written] by J.Bassett.” You can omit “written”.
      2. “W.S. born in 1564 at Stratford, died in 1616, was the famous playwright, actor and poet that England has produced
      3. “he wrote many plays and all of them enjoyed great success” (Use Past Simple for concluded events, as Shakespeare has been dead for many years. For a living playwright you can say, “all of them have enjoyed great success”, or better,” all of them have been very successful.”
      4. “[the] life and death, love,history,philosophy and fantasy..”
      5. “This book helped me discover the life of W.S and improve my English. Now I’ll buy the next book.. “

  14. Valentina says:

    Set in 1915 “Xingu “is a fun story of a restricted club of bored-aristocratic ladies.
    Lunch Club is the name of this group because they used to meet at lunch.
    During their meetings they speak about some contemporaneous writers,they mostly meet to give themselves an appearance of erudition but in fact they do not read anything and to tell the truth they cheat each other repeating the same phrases learned previously.
    At a certain point Mrs Roby appears in their country and is invited at the Lunch Club for a meeting with an important writer named Osric Dane.
    When they start chatting with Mrs Roby,the new recruit of the club, they immediately become aware of how strange and singular she is compared to them.
    Mrs Roby was a traveller and was able to read a book from beginning to the end!
    As Mrs Dane arrived they immediately understood what was to happen-It would have been difficult to cheat any longer.
    While the writer start to speak with her manners of superior erudition Mrs Roby asks jauntly :
    – Do you know Xingu?
    – What about it?
    The Lunch club is immediately left speechless and the ladies start scanning each other waiting for an answer. ..
    The end of the story is rich in hypothesis,misunderstanding, allegories on how it had change their measure of feelings and how “Xingu” is deep…but
    it was simply a river in fact!

    Very fun book, to be honest!
    I recommend that you read it-you will not regret it.

    Now I’m reading “Journey to the Centre of the Earth ” by Jules Verne – I’ll write you about it next week. Bye bye
    Valentina POLITO

    1. mikiroma says:

      Thanks very much for this, Valentina! I’ll add corrections as soon as I can.

      The Editor.

  15. Valentina says:

    Hi guys! I’m going to tell you about “Territory” written by David Leavitt.
    D.L. has been very honest on his writing,speaking about declared homosexuality of protagonist.
    I think that he has been able to write so passioned cause he is homosexual too,there are many biographical points indeed.
    Conflicts between mother and son ,behind the story,fill the reader’s about shame and inappropriate feelings.
    At first of the story he is thirteen years old. He has returned at parent’s home for few days waiting his companion.
    Staying at home he discovered every fears about his childhood, felling naked as he was being washed by his mother when was child.
    Strange picture of his mother is drawing like a women that makes everything for accepting homosexuality in the society but doesn’t really accepting her self.
    When his companion arrived at home he feels contended between fear and ostentation towards his mother.
    His boy-friend,much more mature of him, takes David on good manners balancing his abnormal behavior.
    It was a nice book for me!
    I was been captured from beginning until the end.
    Now I’m reading “Xingu” written by Edithmead Wharton.
    I will write you about it as soon as possible!
    See you.
    Valentina POLITO

  16. Valentina says:

    Good evening to everybody!
    Last week I read this book by E. Hemingway, it wasn’t nice because I found it boring.
    Anyway the story tells about F.Macomber and his wife during an hunting trip with their guide in Africa.
    At the first sight of the lion Macomber became insicure and afraid and was coward during the other huntings.
    While he was searching to redime his courage and pride his wife didn’t miss any opportunities to denigrate him. She became to get pleasure with professional hunting.
    Eventually he found courage and started killing animals and overcame his fear. The shotgun in his hands became a scepter that helps him overcome fears and rise.
    The guide looks at them as a spectator of the strange-wrong dinamics of the couple .
    During the last hunting, Mrs Macomber kills her husband because of missed shot and puts an end at his life and his delusions of grandeur. ..

    1. mikiroma says:

      Many thanks for this Valentina. I have already given you some corrections but I will post a few here, too.
      – Mike

  17. Elisa says:

    I’m going to tell you about the book “Tristan and Isolde”.
    This sad romantic story takes place in the “Celtic World” during the Middle Age and the most famous version are by the German writer Gottfried von Strassburg.

    The main characters of the story are: Tristan, a brave, kind and loyal knight of Cornwall and Isolde, the King Gurman’s daughter, the most beautiful girl of Ireland.

    During the story, by way of a magic potion, Tristan and Isolde fall in love with each other but they can’t live peacefully together because there is a war between Cornwall and Ireland.

    Could love dissolve hate? I recommend you to read this book to find the answer..


  18. Hi Mike,
    I read a short story by Mark Twain ” The £ 1.000.000 Bank-note”.
    The protagonist is Henry Adams, a minning-broker’s clerk in San Francisco.
    He has the hobby of sailing.
    One day he’s ventured to far on a little sail-boat, and was carried out to sea.
    Just at nightfall he was picked up by a small brig wich was bound for London.
    When is stepped ashore in London, his clothes were ragged and shabby, and he had only one dollar in his pocket.
    You should know that the Bank of England once issued two notes of a million pounds for each.
    For some reason or other only one of these had been used and cancelled.
    The other still lay in the vault of the Bank.
    By the way , two rich brothers decided by a bet: if a perfectly honest and intelligent stranger who should be in London, without a friend, without no money but the million-pounds note, and no way to account for his being in possession of it.
    Brother A said he would be arrested immediately;
    Brother B bet twenty thousand pounds that the man would live thirty days with that million, and keep out of jail.
    Therefore brother B went to the Bank and bought that famous note.
    Henry Adams is the ideal man for the bet, isn’t he?
    Wich of the two brothers will win the bet?
    Read the funny story and you will know.

  19. Gioacchino says:

    I read Sherlock Holmes and the Red Circle…
    Sherlock Holmes is approached by Mrs Hudson to assist a friend of hers.The lady also lets furnished rooms and is now worried about what one of her boarders may be up to.The man had come to her 10 days before and paid and exorbitant amount to ensure complete privacy during his stay.His meal are left outside his door and no one enter the room.Based in the available information,it’s apparent to Holmes that the lodger is an Italian gentleman who had recently arrived from New York.Knowing of recent crime there,Holmes soon know the man identity and that he is running away from the head of a sinister group know as The Red Circle

  20. Valentina says:

    His guys!
    I’m going to tell you about a book I read last week :
    The story is set during world war II and tells about Jewish recruits and their higher,serg.Marx a Jew too.
    One of these recruits,the craftiest and falsest, tries in any way to put his faith as the reasons of his feeling bad and depressed to serg.Marx. At the beginning he believes him and rediscovers his religious affiliation as Jew too.
    While the recruit is getting more and more involved in inventing excuses to obtain special permits for him and his companions,serg.Marx discovered his lies and his real intentions and gives the recruit a far destination from his house and from his family.
    It was very difficult to read this book for me for two reasons : first for the vocabolary used (military and technical terms) secondly for the boring story,very very boring. be honest !

    Now I’m reading E.Hemingway (the short life of Francis Macomber).
    I’ll write you about it next week!

  21. mikiroma says:

    Valentina Writes:
    Good evening!
    Last week I have read “Gost of Canterville” written by O.Wilde; At The first,sincerally,I thought that Will been boring reading It. ..instead I disco verde that was Very funny!
    Now,in a Short time I’ll Tell You The story:
    At The Last of 19° Century a prime minister’s family were relocating in a Old House called Canterville how all The people that were been there, were died or become crazy cause a Gost that infested The House.
    But The great pragmatics And cheek of this family Will have absolved The Gost And The House with plaisure of everyone. ..
    I recommend You To Read It …you’ll Not regreat It!
    By Mike !
    By bye To everybody…And have a Nice 2017!!!

    1. mikiroma says:

      Hello Valentina! Thanks very much for your article. Here are a few corrections:
      “Last week I [have] read “The Canterville Ghost[written] by O.Wilde; ”
      “At [The] first, sincerely,I thought it would be to boring to read It”
      “instead I discovered that it was very funny!”
      “At the end of the 19° Century a prime minister’s family were relocating to an old House called Canterville”

      I hope these help!
      Michael (Editor)

  22. Cinzia P. says:

    Hi everyone,
    I read “Missing in Sidney”.

    This book tells the story about three best friends of London
    that wanted to travel around Australia before to start University.

    For two years have planned this holiday and Sydney was the place where they wanted be to celebrate a New Year.

    The day after of Christmas party Lisa goes missing.

    Lisa’s friends walked everywhere around Sydney ad asked information to all about Lisa, but nobody knew where was she.

    When the girls arrived at the police station they discovered that a man had kidnapped their friend.

    The girls were really worried about Lisa so began their private investigation and as the Charlie’s Angel, of a famous fiction, they found Lisa before the police.

    It’s New Yaer Eve and at midnight Lisa was making another toast with her friends and together shouted “Happy New Year”.

    1. mikiroma says:

      Many thanks for this, Cinzia!
      Now for a few corrections:
      “Missing in Sydney”
      “This book tells the story of three best friends from London”
      “… who wanted to travel around Australia before starting University.”
      “The day after a Christmas party Lisa goes missing.”
      “Lisa’s friends walked everywhere around Sydney ad asked eveywhere for information about Lisa, but nobody knew where she was .”

      I hope these help!

  23. Carola says:

    “Marco Polo and the Silk Road” is a very beautiful book: a journey of your mind between a lot of places in the world.
    This book tells about Polo family – Niccolò, Maffeo and Marco (a rich family of merchants in the city of Venice) – and their journeys to China.
    It speaks about trades, goods, cultural exchanges, the important Silk Road – 6,500 kilometre-longe route between Chine and Europe – and the huge Mongol Empire and his great Mongol leader Kublai Khan.
    These stories are possible thanks Marco Polo’s book, “The Description of the World” (thirteenth century!).

  24. Esmeralda says:

    “The catcher in the rye” is the book that I’ve just finished to read. It was written by J.D.Salinger in the 1951.
    It’s a typical buildungsroman of twentieth century and concerns three days in the life of Holden Caulfield, a sixteen-year-old who has been expelled from three schools, with frequent flashbacks. The main themes in the novel are loneliness (Holden is described like an outsider), cynicism, hypocrisy and the difficulty to face the world.
    If you aren’t in love with novels characterised by unusual structures without a traditional “beginning, middle and end” like me, this book is not for you!
    Finally, I have to say that the narrative style is outstanding: the novel is written entirely from Holden’s point of view and while you are reading, through several writing devices, you forget that it is written by an adult and not by a teenager.
    See you soon,

  25. giorgio says:

    Roobin Hood is a book that tells the story of a man that live in the Sherwood forest with the his followers and fight against the Notthingam’s sheriff for regain their freedom.
    The book start with the retourn to Notthingam of Robin Hood from the Crusades but he finds the country completly changed, the Notthingam’s sheriff commands on the country and the people of Notthingam without freedom, money and food.
    Robin Hood dicided to alliance with some people that live in the Sherwood forest for fight the bad sheriff and bring peace in the country.
    After many battles and fight Robin Hood and his man succeed to regain theis country and start angain a normal life.

    See you saturday.


  26. Marco says:

    “Cry freedom” talks about the history of 2 friends who belong to two different social class: one white and rich, the other one black and poor.
    The book complaints the apartheid in South Africa and the discrimination and violence of police towards the black people.
    Woods (the white man) after a raid of police in one of Townships, he starts to write some articles about situation in the city, but the violence against the black people doesn’t stop.
    During the story Biko (the black man and leader of complaint), is killed by the police in the jail. The process doesn’t do light on the case and nobody will be arrested.
    After the process Wood dicide write a biography on Biko and South Africa’s situation, and publish it in London. The government decide to banned him when came back in South Africa, and prohibiting him to write and leave outside the nation. Woods decide to escape to London with a false documents and a private flight from Lesoto.
    When the South Africa government understand the plan, the journalist is on flight toward the freedom.

    1. mikiroma says:

      Thanks very much for this piece, Marco! Just a few corrections:
      ““Cry freedom” tells the story of 2 friends”
      “who belong to two different social classes
      “Woods (the white man) after a raid of police in one of Townships, [he] starts to write some articles”
      “The trial doesn’t shed light on the case and nobody is arrested.”
      By the time the South Africa government realises what his plan is

      I hope these help!

  27. giovanna says:

    Thanks Mike! See you soon

  28. Hi Miki,
    I read the short story by Ernest Hemingway “The short happy life of Francis Macomber”.
    This story opens the collection “The forty-nine stories”.
    The center of the story is the triangle between Francis Macomber, a rich thirty-five man, his wife Margot, and Robert Wilson, a professional hunter who accompaines them on the safari in Africa.
    I really like Hemingway and I was useful to read his tale in the original language.
    See you soon

    1. mikiroma says:

      Hi Clotilde, many thanks for this piece. Some small corrections:
      1. “Francis Macomber, a rich thirty-five-year-old man, ”
      2. “a professional hunter who accompanies them on a safari in Africa.”
      3. “and I found it rewarding to read his tale in the original language”

      I hope this helps. Carry on writing!
      Mike (Editor)

  29. Marco says:

    I read the book “Around the world in eighty days”.
    The story talks about a “metodic Englishman” with few friends, who every day went to the club where he was member.
    One day in the Fogg’s house arrives Passepartout, a French man, who will be the manservant and company of journey around the word.
    The journey starts after a bet about the wanting of a thief who had made a rubbery in the Bank of England.

    The voyage starts in Mongolia, but Fogg and Passepartout aren’t alone: one detective is on their trail for catch Fogg, because the policeman is sure the thief is him. During the journey Mr Fogg and Passepartout save a woman (the name is Aouda), and she starts the journey with them.

    During the journey the three people surpass many obstacles like a fight in San Francisco, the indians attack and some lost ships.
    Late of the program table, when they arrive in London the police arrest mr Fog while the time was finishing.
    When he exits of prison, he is sure the time is finished, but he doesn’t realize the time isn’t finished because he travels in the opposite side of world and he didn’t correct the time of clock.
    When he arrives to the club he wins the bet, he earns much money and he marries Aouda.

    1. mikiroma says:

      OK Marco! This is much better – keep articles short! Thanks very much.

  30. Marco says:

    Mike, can you delete?


  31. giovanna says:

    Hi Mike! I’m reading Tales from The Thousand and One Nights,this is a collection of stories from Persia,Arabia,India and Egypt,probably from the 9th century or before. The name came out from Arabic translation of a Persian book of the stories and in years it was transleted and changed. The number 1001 meant “a lot” not literally 1001. One of the form of writing used is a frame story who is the most important story in a collection,it continues through the book and brings all the other stories together. Other similar famous book with a frame story in Italy are The Decameron by writer G.Boccaccio.The origianl version of Thousand and One Nights is now lost, it had 11 stories including the frame story “Shahrayar and Sharazad,his vizier’s daughter” and “The young King of the Black Islands”. In the years there were many other versions and many changed to the text,also added stories for example ” Ali Baba and The Forty thieves” and “Aladdin” are not included in the original 11 stories. A Frenchman was the first person to translate the stories from Arabic into European language in 1704, the first English translation come out between 1706 and 1708, it was very successful. This book for me is very interesting and help me not only improve my english, but also know the story and oriental culture that is my passion. I’m very happy, see you soon Mike

    1. giovanna says:

      Hi Mike! I’m reading Tales from The Thousand and One Nights,this is a collection of stories from Persia,Arabia,India and Egypt,probably from the 9th century or before.
      The name came out from Arabic translation of a Persian book of the stories and in years it was transleted and changed, the number 1001 meant “a lot” not literally 1001.
      One of the form of writing used is a frame story who is the most important story in a collection, it continues through the book and brings all the other stories together.
      Other similar famous book with a frame story in Italy are The Decameron by writer G. Boccaccio.
      The original version of Thousand and One Nights is now lost, it had 11 stories including the frame story “Shahrayar and Sharazad, his vizier’s daughter” and “The young King of the Black Islands”.
      In the years there were many other versions and many changed to the text, also added stories for example ” Ali Baba and The Forty thieves” and “Aladdin” are not included in the original 11 stories.
      A Frenchman was the first person to translate the stories from Arabic into European language in 1704, the first English translation come out between 1706 and 1708, it was very successful.
      This book for me is very interesting and help me not only improve my english, but also know the story and oriental culture that is my passion.
      I’m very happy, see you soon Mike.

      1. mikiroma says:

        Hi Giovanna, thanks very much for this good, clear piece. I can report a couple of small errors:
        “One of the forms of writing used ”
        “a frame story which is the most important story in a collection, ”
        “Other similar famous books with a frame story in Italy ”
        Over the years there have been many other versions ”
        “and many changes to the text”
        “improve my English, ”
        “but also get to know about history and oriental culture that is my passion.”
        I hope these corrections help.
        Happy New Year,

  32. mikiroma says:

    Marco, on November 25, 2016 at 23:10 said:
    I have read 1 book. The title is “Missing in Sydney”. The story isn’t exceptional but for starting, i think it is good. The level isn’t difficult and it isn’t long (doesn’t have many pages).
    Right now I’m reading “Around the word in Eighty Days”. This book is better than the first, but I haven’t finished. I’m half way through..

  33. Ciro says:

    Hello Mike, I’m reading a book written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle “Sherlock Holmes and the Duke’s Son”. It is a beautiful book, fast and enjoyable to read. I’m reading this book because I like books where there is the suspense. The books with Sherlock Holmes starring are always intriguing. I like the setting and the plot of this book and the character of Dr. Watson is very nice . I like the part where Sherlock find the clues. I’m satisfied of this book.

    1. mikiroma says:

      Great news, Ciro! I’ve time for one small correction:
      “I like books with suspense

      Keep calm, and carry on reading!

  34. Maria Cuccia says:

    Hi Mike,
    I have read “The Wizard of Oz”.
    It’s a very interesting science fiction story. This book has been trasleded in many languages.
    The Wizard of Oz tells the story of a child named Dorothy. She lives in Kansas, in the USA, but one day a cyclone blows her and her house to a strange country callead Oz. There, Dorothy become friend with the Scarecrow, the Tin Man and the Cowardly Lion. But she wants to go home to Kansas. ONly one person can help her and that is the country’s famous Wizard. So Dorothy and her friends take the yellow brick road to the Emerald City, to find the Wizard of Oz and she meets the porcelain princess. In The palace of Glinda, Dorothy discovers that she has always possessed the tools to go home: the Silver Slipper, in fact, can take her anywhere. After a heartfelt greeting, Dorothy takes Toto, beats three times against each other heels of the Silver Shoes, and finally returns home, where she embraces her uncles.
    This book is easy to uderstand it as starting point to improve my English.

    See you later,
    Maria C.

    1. mikiroma says:

      Faaaaantastic, Maria! Many thanks for this.
      I have time for one small correction:
      “This book has been translated into many languages.”
      More soon!
      Mike (Editor)

  35. angelo orsillo says:

    Hi Mike..I’reed Sherlock Holmes and the Red Circle.
    It’s an interisting story regarding a mysterius lodger.
    Mr Warren and he husband rent the house to a strange man with a long beard, speaks english well, smoking short cigarettes and every day Mr. Warren must the Dayle Gazzette him.
    Mr. Warren tell Mr. Holmes that never leaves of your flat except onece and he back late at home. Mr Warren was worried about the man living in her hause for his behavior .
    The bring food everyday but see never him. If he wants anything he writes in capital letter on a piece of the paper and leaves it on the chairs.
    Holm determines that there is something strange as the cigarettes are short and they would have a burnt the man’s beard.
    Holm say that in hause leave two people and not one.
    Well Holmes and Watson decidec to visit Mr Warren for see who leaves in this hause. Following Mr Warren when she brought in the aftenoon the meal, and discoveres that the second person inside in the room was a woman (Wife’s lodger).
    Understand that this person is hiding from someone.
    The lodger was receiving messages through the Dayle gazzette that Mr. Warren brought him every day. From messages they realized they were in danger and that someone was looking for them to hurt him.
    When they decided to intervene and to enter the house along with Mr Greson of police to Newyork who was there to arrest a famous killer Italian Giuseppe Gorgiano.
    But when enter inside the flat find an orrible scene one man tall lying on the ground couvered in blood.
    Mr Gregson said “it’s Gorgiano”.
    Turning see the yang woman and ask she to tell everything.
    She is Mrs Lucca Wife, and she said to Mr Gregson that it was her husband killed Gorgiano becouse Mr Gennaro Lucca was part of the Red Circle, dangers have an association that also Mr Gorgiano was a member.
    Mr Gorgiano wanted to kill Mr Gennaro Lucca becouse he had not carried out an order of the Red Circle, and then had escape to London to avoid being found.
    Gennaro’s killed Gorgiano in self-defense.

    By Angelo

    1. mikiroma says:

      Hi Angelo, many thanks for your book review. I would say this: it’s best not to tell the entire story. It robs the next reader of a sense of suspense and anticipation.
      Here are a few corrections:
      “I’ve read Sherlock Holmes and the Red Circle”
      “Mr Warren and he husband” ? I don’t understand this.
      “every day Mr. Warren must the Dayle Gazzette him” – I don’t understand this either.
      “Mr. Warren tells Mr. Holmes that he never left his flat except once and he came back home late .”

      There are lots of inaccuracies and sentences that are not clear. I’ll print this out and we can look at it together.

  36. Topazia says:

    Hi Mike! I had read the second book: “JFK” by Anne Collins. I really enjoyed reading it! This book is about the life of John F. Kennedy, the thirty-fifth President of the United States. It’s the story of the Kennedy’s family. The John’s grandfather left Ireland and traveled to the US in the 1840 and found work in Boston. JFK was not always a good student but he was intelligent and he loved sports. He was a war hero during the World War Two. He was more young President of the US, he had forty-three old. He hoped a great future for his country… This book I enjoyed more of the other book, it tells the fact and doesn’t takes position political.
    Already I have bought the third book… 

    1. mikiroma says:

      Hello Topazia, many thanks for your review. Some small corrections:

      “I have read my second book”
      John’s grandfather left Ireland” – not “the John’s..”
      “He was the youngest President of the US, he was forty-three old”
      “it tells the facts and doesn’t take a political position

      I hope this helps!

      1. Topazia says:


  37. Alessandra says:

    Hi teacher, here I am for my review on the audiobook I’m listening to.
    The book is entlited “Dead Man’s Island” and it is by John Escott.
    It is a modern fiction. The story is set in a small private island in Scotland where a young girl and her mother decide to go to for work reasons. But, there, the protagonist is intrigued by the rich owner and by the secrets that he conceals.
    I like this book because the story is involving and has aroused my interest in an increasing way.
    This audiobook is a product from Oxford Bookworms Library that I downloaded on my iPad. It is helping me to learn English in two ways: you can listen the storyteller and, at the same time, you can follow the text. So, you can improve pronunciation and listening, that are the two most difficult skills to improve for me. This book is easy to understand and has 2 as difficulty level.
    I reccomend it as starting point to get your own English better.
    See you next Saturday for a new lesson

  38. Melania Perrone says:

    Hi Mike!
    In the last few days I’m reading a book that talks about a very unlucky girl; her name is Jane. She doesn’t have an easy life since she was a child, because her parents died when she was very young. Her uncle came to take her to stay with his family in their house, but her cousins were very bad and cruel to her. They were always trying to make her cry.
    One day her aunt decided that she should go away to a boarding school, because she didn’t want to see Jane again.
    When she became an adult she started teaching at the same school. So day by day her life began to be better.
    The book is Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte.
    See you tomorrow,

  39. mikiroma says:

    Hi Moreno,
    Many thanks for this! I have time for one correction:
    “The beginning of the book tells us about the design and construction stages”
    More later! Many thanks,

  40. mikiroma says:

    Many thanks for this, Giovanna! A few corrections:
    “I’ve finished reading the book about Alice’s adventures in wonderland,”
    “it’s a novel by Lewis Carrol. ”
    “it‘s about a girl called Alice falling through a rabbit hole”

    OK I’ll add more corrections later!

  41. mikiroma says:

    Hello Topazia. Many thanks for this. OK, here are a few corrections:
    1. “This book is the biography of Mary Stuart”, OR, “This book is about the life of Mary Stuart…”
    2. “cousin of Elisabeth I and a very important historical figure.”
    3. “And reading it has helped me to learn more words”
    4. “I recommend it to anyone who loves history books.”
    5. “I believe I will continue to read other books to improve my English.”
    6. “Thanks Mike for correcting my short text. I hope not to have made too many mistakes”

    OK Topazia, as we can see, there were a few mistakes. But this must not discourage you from writing! Keep up the good work!

    1. Topazia says:

      Thanks 🙂

  42. mikiroma says:

    Many thanks Maurizia! I will add corrections as soon as I can.

  43. mikiroma says:

    Hi Giulia, many thanks for this. A few simple corrections, in bold text:
    1. “the book … tells the story of Sara Crewe. ”
    2. “{She] comes to London ”
    2(a) “… because her father is going back to India…”
    3. “One day Sara receives some terrible news”
    4. “The book is simple to read and is very interesting.”
    6. “I like the message it sends.” – also: “the message it sends out.”

    I hope these corrections help. Carry on reading!

  44. mikiroma says:

    Hi Elisa, many thanks for this. For some reason you replied to Maria Elena instead of posting a separate comment. So I have moved your book review to the top of the page, as being the most recent.
    I hope this is OK.
    – Michael (Editor)

    1. Elisa says:

      Thank you!
      I don’t know why it happened, perhaps because I wrote from my smartphone…

  45. Carlotta says:

    I bought it following your own advice. Thanks! Carlotta

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