Our Happiest Memories

Andrea went on a retreat with his water-polo team.
Brunetta went sailing in a boat she and her friends had built.
Alessandra went quad-biking in the Egyptian desert.

What are your happiest memories?

Share them with us here! Don’t worry about making mistakes. I will help you with corrections.

– The Editor


7 Comments Add yours

  1. Andrea says:

    Champions of the World !

    In summer 2006 I went on a retreat with my water polo team for a week and there was a day I will never forget : 9 July 2006 .
    In that week we played many sports as basketball , cycling , football and obviously water polo, and in that particular day we played basketball in the afternoon , but the most exciting activity was in the morning when we rode our bike under the majestic and surroundings slopes of “Fara San Martino” .
    It was absolutely incredible because I think that breathing mountain air cycling makes you free and light as a feather .
    Despite the tiredness, if you were into football , that night in Italy you couldn’t go to bed early because of the final of world football championship .
    In our hotel the match was projected in an overcrowded room with more than 40 people and although Zidane’ s penalty goal , after 120 minutes and the penalties , Italy became Champion of the World !
    Then I and my friends swam in the pool with the clothes at midnight and then , as crazy people , I , my coach and other 8 friends got in coach’s car to go to celebrate in other town or village nearby .
    The following day I was half-asleep and with the sore throat but the 9 July 2006 was surely one of the most incredible days of my life .

    1. mikiroma says:

      Hi Andrea! Many thanks for this comment. I wish more people would write in.
      Now for a few corrections:
      “In that week we played many sports such as basketball”
      “and on that particular day”
      “I think that breathing mountain air while cycling ”
      “because of the world football championship finals
      “and despite Zidane’ s penalty goal , after 120 minutes and the penalties”
      “Then I and my friends swam in the pool fully-clothed at midnight”
      “8 friends got in the coach’s car to go to celebrate in other towns or villages nearby”

      I hope these corrections help!
      The Editor (Mike)

  2. mikiroma says:

    Brunetta writes; Hello to everyone,
    herewith you can read one of the my happy memories.

    Many of my most exciting memories are connected to the nature.
    Many years ago I were on Holiday with my husband and my son and a family of our friend in their motorsailer.
    This was a very special boat 17 mt long, with two masts.
    The shell of the ship had been purchased in th East and built in the large garden of our friend’s house at Anzio.
    We spent our free time in this project for two years, together with other friends.
    In different ways we all participated in this construction until the time of the launch at sea.
    During the first overnight sail my husband was at the helm and I had btewed coffee, while I was going up I saw a magnificient sight: we were alone in the open sea and the boat looked like a small nutshell, one side of the sea and the sky was dark while a slight light was painting of indigo the opposite side.
    I woke my son and I took him to see that exciting moment. In silece hugged each other to waiting for the sun rise, while the engine noise was doing the backgraound to the flow of water and the song of the wind in the rigging.

  3. Alessandra says:

    Hi Mike!
    I’d like to share with you and with other students one of my happiest memories. Seven years ago I went in Egypt with my best friend and her family for a one-week trip. One of several tour that we did in those days consisted in a fun quad run in the desert: this experience was really fantastic for me. We met with other people of our holiday camp at 3:00 am and, after, all together run away with our quad and with a guide who showed us the route that we must did. During the path, a lot of people living in the desert stopped us for sale little gadgets: native childs were so beautiful and so kind! Furthermore, after one hour from our departure, we stopped off and drank a cup of tea with almonds: what a specialty! But the moment that I remember as one of my happiest memory was sunrise: in the desert is a fantastic sight! I heartily recommend this experience because for me was fantastic and I’m sure that a lot of people agree with me!


  4. Ilaria says:

    After the return to Rome my boyfriend contacted the shop because there were the number and other details on a ticket (we were buying a souvenir when I left my hat on a table of shop), but he didn’t tell me anything because he wasn’t sure to get it back (after the surprise he told me that there was a lengthy procedure to follow for a lost property because the shop was in franchising so he must contact the headquarters and send a photo of the object and then the headquarters empowered the shop to send away my hat, and the communications were only in English) and he wanted to surprise me. So there are two special person indeed, my boyfriend and the owner of the small shop that sent away the hat without wanting money.
    Ps.I hope that now the story is clearer.

  5. mikiroma says:

    Amazing! How did the people in the shop know where to send your hat?

  6. Ilaria says:

    One of my happiest memories is when I “found” the hat that I lost on a trip in Scotland. It was and is an important object for me because it’s a present of my best friends and I carry it on with me in all trips that I do. However, during an excursion, I left it in a shop, on a table and I was very sorry. Then, after the return to Rome, with the degree’s gifts, I received a strange blue pack, with some words in English above and.. there was my hat inside, that a special person has sent away for me by the owners of the shop. I didn’t believe to my eyes! It was a beautiful surprise and I can’t forget it.

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