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Describe your house or apartment. How big is it? What rooms are there? Is there a garage? Is there an infinity pool? Are there great views of the ocean? Of the Colosseum? Tell us all about it.

Here is Giovanna’s description of her house:

Giulia writes:

My flat is in Pigneto, a very nice district of Rome, with a pedestrian island. My house is small: there is a living room with a kitchenette, a bedroom and a bathroom. The flat is on the ground floor and outside there is a small courtyard where I put aromatic plants.

I like my house and my district in particular but my flat is much too small for me, my boyfriend and my dog. Fortunately  my boyfriend’s parents have given us a bigger house. The new flat is near the old house and we are very happy about this.


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  1. Sergio says:

    My flat is in a quiet street in Albano Laziale. It’s on the third floor and has two bedrooms, one with two single beds and other with a double bed, one bathroom with a shower, a living room with sofa and a kitchen with fireplace. The kitchen ( 10 square metre ) has a table with four chairs so you can eat there. The bedrooms have a great view and you can see the public gardens and when the days are sunny you can see the sea. My flat has a little terrace and in the summer days we can eat out. The flat has a good exposure, the sun turn around from morning to the evening. It’s a 5/10 minutes from shops and railway station so you can arrive to Roma Termini after 54/50 minutes. The flat is a 5/10 minutes walk from the city centre.

    1. mikiroma says:

      Many thanks for this piece, Sergio! Nice.


  2. luana rinà says:

    I live in a nice flat near Rome center and at three minute to Caffarella park
    It is on the three floor, there are two bedroom with double bed, one livingroom with a big sofà. Here there are a small kitchen and diningroom too.
    there is a bathroom with one shower and toilette, one link with a big mirror, in the closet there are one washing machine and one shoe rak.
    It ‘s very brhight, all the windous overlook a large condominium garden.
    Every windows has a planter with seasonal flawars and a small trees.
    Near the place there are many bus to Rome center and another destination, but you can go with bicycle on the cycle path.

    1. mikiroma says:

      Nice one Luana! a few corrections:
      “I live in a nice flat near the center of Rome and three minutes from the Caffarella park”

      Note that it’s “centre” in British and “center” in American – but it’s not a mistake as far as I am concerned.

      “It is on the third floor”
      “there are two bedrooms with double beds
      “Here there is a small kitchen”

      I hope these help. More corrections later!
      (The Editor)

  3. My flat is in Poggiofranco a big district of Bari. It’s on the tenth floor. Is situated in the highest area of Bari and in a perfect position near to the center with many shops . The living room has a great view. My flat has four bedrooms, three bedrooms, a living room, a study and kitchen. There’s a sofa bed in the study, that we can use as an extra bedroom. The flat has an indipendent heating and air conditioning sistem. It’s a big terrace of about 70 square meters with many plants, which are taken care of by my wife, a true expert. I and my family are very happy about our home.

    1. mikiroma says:

      Many thanks for this franco! Here are a couple of small corrections:

      “My flat is in Poggiofranco a big neighbourhood in Bari”
      “It is [situated] in the most elevated area of Bari”

      That’s a bit clearer than “highest”. And you don’t need the word “situated”.
      “The flat has an independent heating and air conditioning system” – check the spelling!
      There is a big terrace of about 70 square meters”

      Many thanks for this nice piece.
      The Editor

  4. Valentina A. says:

    Hi Mike,
    my flat is in Monte Mario, a very nice district of Rome. It is a very green neighborough and quite. Sometimes, from my two terrace I hear the birds singing. The apartment is located in a 5-storey building, built about 30 years ago. My flat is on the 2nd floor and it’s small: there is a living room, a small kitchen with all white furniture, a bedroom and a bathroom. The thing I like most in my home is the library that there is in living room. Very nice for me are the terrace: I planted some beautiful begonias. I live with my boyfriend Matteo and we are very happy about our home.


    1. mikiroma says:

      Hi valentina! Many thanks for this. Just one correction for now:
      “neighborough ” should be “neighbourhood”.

      I hope this helps!
      the Editor.

  5. Tiberio says:

    Hi Mike,
    I live on the first floor of a small block of flats,in monte mario area ,precisely in cortina d’ampezzo avenue.It is located in a residential area althought quite near to city centre.unfortunately this area is not very well connected with public transportation;in fact i have to take the car if I am in hurry.It is a very green neighborough and I like very much but if I need to buy something it takes more then a km to reach a shopping area!My flat has a beautiful balcony from which I can see almost the whole northern part of the city.
    I live by myself so my place is not very big; it is a very quiet one bedroom flat and overlooks a beautiful garden. I can park my car in a private parking lot, and considered that in Rome it is very difficult to park the car, I find it very comfortable!

    1. mikiroma says:

      Many thanks Tiberio! Some small corrections:
      “It is [located] in a residential area although it is quite near the city centre.”
      “It is a very green neighborhood
      I hope these he3lp!

  6. Artur says:

    I live in a flat in the beautiful district of Rome – Aventine. The apartment is located in a 5-storey building, built about 20 years ago. My flat is on the 3rd floor. It is large and spacious. There are: three bedrooms, three bathrooms, two studies and a large living room. Of course, there is also a kitchen with a dining room. My flat occupies the entire floor and has a terrace around the flat with a view of the park. I have a garage in the same building. The flat is equipped with central heating and air conditioning. I like my flat because it is spacious and bright. It is very well located, close to tram, bus, subway and train stations. For me it is very important also that my flat is very near to my work – just 10 minutes walk. I am happy to live in Rome.

  7. Debora says:

    I live in a a flat situated in the neighbourood Aurelio near the centre of ROme and a five minutes walk from baldo degli ubaldi station. It is a lovely 50 metre flat on the 1th floor of a new building With a garden. It has three rooms: a living room With a kitchen, a bathroom and a bedroom With a large bunk bad. The flat has not balconies but is modern and accessoried, ideal for a single or a young couple. Is situated in a perfect position near to the center with lots of shops..Services bus stop.

    1. mikiroma says:

      Thanks Deborah! I can give you one small correction for now:

      “The flat does not have any balconies”

      I hope this helps! See you Saturday?
      – Editor

  8. Giuseppe Costa says:

    My flat is situated in the heart of Rome, in the vicinity of Piazza Buenos Aires and Villa Borghese. It is in the ground floor of an elegant building.

    It has a spacious bedroom with a specific room dedicated to the wardrobe, a louminous living room, a functional bathroom and a modern kitchen. The main rooms have air conditioning. Unfortunaley there isn’t a fireplace, but fortunately the winter in Rome is no frigid.
    All the rooms have high ceilings and windows.

    The neiborhood is safe and very close to some of the main attractions of the city, like Villa Borghese, Via Veneto, Quartiere Coppede and Porta Pia.

    The house is ideal for a couple who would have the comfort to live in the center of the city, without give up to the tranquillity.

    Giuseppe Costa

  9. Alessandra says:

    I live with my family in a large flat in a southeastern suburb of Rome. It is exactly situated in the Appio Claudio neighbourhood between Via Tuscolana and Parco degli Acquedotti.
    It’s a cosy 150 square-metre flat on the third floor of a small building with a lift. It is very bright since it has a south-east exposure. It has a large hall communicating with a double living-room with a balcony. In this room there is a big glass table, a comfy sofa, a large TV and a high bookcase with a small ladder. The kitchen is big, modern and well-equipped; near the kitchen, there is a closet. The flat has two bathrooms: the small one is in the living area while the big one is in the sleeping area. Three spacious bedrooms have the access on a very long balcony. With the exception of kitchen and bathrooms that have floors and walls made of stone, the other rooms have wooden floors.
    The Appio Claudio district is a lively and populous neighbourhood with plenty of shops, restaurants, gyms and other facilities. It is also near many malls. The flat is walking distance from Parco degli Acquedotti, two subway stations and Cinecittà Studio.
    This flat is perfect for a family. In the basement of the building, there are the cellars and the garage area where you can directly take the lift that is very useful when you come back home after the shopping.

  10. Esmeralda says:


    The flat is situated in the south-east suburb of Rome.
    It’s a comfortable 85-square-metre flat on the 4th floor, built in the 1960s. It has a spacious living room at the entrace, two large bedrooms, a well-equipped kitchen, a bathroom with bath tub and an utility room. The flat has two balcony and wi-fi internet. The living room has been equipped with a large couch and with a big table that can be lengthened, wich is perfect for having a meal with friends.

    The neighbourhood is quiet during the night and crowded with people who goes around for shopping during the day. It is strategically situated at 230m from the “Numidio Quadrato” tube station so it is extremely easy reach the city centre in a few minutes.

    The house is ideal for families or for two couples. It’s a no-smoking house and no pets are allowed.

  11. Melania Perrone says:


    The house is perfectly situated in the heart of Salento, the far south of Apulia. Exactly it’s on the coastal street SP91, which has a spectacular view of the Ionic Sea.

    It’s a cosy 80-square-metre house on the ground floor, 1.5 meter above the street level. It has a spacious living room with a kitchen area, one bathroom and two matrimonial bedrooms, one small but comfortable and one bigger, which has also a single bed. All the rooms have high ceilings and big windows, so they are very bright. In the garden there are a BBQ to cook outside and a big table; there is also an outdoor shower, where guests can wash themselves using water warmed up with solar energy.
    There is a garage in the basement with rooms for two cars.

    The house is in the pretty neighborhood of Marina di Felloniche, well stocked of restaurants and cafes. A short drive from Leuca, the real heel of the Italian boot.
    The nearest beach is only 5-minute walk, and there you can go swimming in a crystalline sea.
    For the rest, guests need a car, because of the absence of public transport.

    The house is ideal for a family who needs open space for the children and, at the same time, silence to rest, far away from city noises and stress.

    Melania Perrone

  12. Giacomo Santanna says:

    My house is situated on the outskirts of Piazza Armerina, surrounded by woods, in Sicily.
    It is an Italian villa with four floors, one garden and one garage.
    On the ground floor there are a spacious kitchen, a big fireplace, one bathroom and a large garden with plants and flowers.
    On the first floor there are a large living room with ancient wooden furniture, a big terrace above the garden and a office for my parents.
    On the second floor there are two bathrooms, one balcony and three bedrooms which one for my parents, one for my sisters and one for me.
    On the last floor there is a furnished attic with a bed, table and a television.
    The house is situated in a very quiet street, bit noise and it isn’t far from the centre of the town, about fifteen minutes by walk or five minutes by car.
    Town is small, so there are very few buses to connect the centre with the rest of the town.

  13. Alvise says:

    My house is perfectly situated in new Monteverde area,really close to Colli Portuensi Avenue.An half an hour walk from Gianicolo,in the old Monteverde area.My house is on the ground floor and outside there are two gardens.One off this is rich of plants and flowers and there is also a lovely wooden cottage,full of old things.Inside my house has three bedrooms,two bathrooms,one living room,the kitchen and one veranda,that offers the views of the two gardens.All the rooms aren’t too big,especially the kitchen but they are very cozy.My house has also a garage,where we are able to park one car and two motorbikes.It doesn’t have a swimming pool,but I like it as it is,because its point of strength is that it’s situated in a very quiet street,without any noise.Moreover it is also well connected by buses.

  14. Andrea says:

    Hi everyone!
    My flat is in a side street of Appia Street in San Giovanni district, in southeast Rome. It’s on the first floor of a historic building of the twentieth century.
    It isn’t big but It has a hall, two bedrooms, a bathroom and a kitchen.
    In the hall there aren’t any windows but it’s really bright thanks to the neon lamps. In this room there are a lot of pictures, because in my free time I love painting.
    The kitchen is a quite big and there’s a table with chairs. There’s also a small sofa with a TV so I can relax.
    In the bathroom there’s a beautiful shower; it’s small but it’s really comfortable.
    My bedroom is really big; there is a bed, two wardrobes and a armchair. There is also a desk with a bookcase so I can study.
    On the walls there are some pictures and mirrors.
    In the second bedroom there is a bed, two wardrobes and a desk.
    The flat doesn’t have a garden or a balcony, but there is a condominium terrace.
    Also, there are some big parks near by the Saint Giovanni Park, the Acquedotti Park and the Caffarrella Park.
    It’s really near the shopping streets and it’s a few minutes walk from Metro A.
    There are some busses near my home, so I can move around freely.

    Thanks, see you soon!

    1. mikiroma says:

      Many thanks for this nice piece, Andrea!
      Keep calm – and Carry On Writing!

  15. Margaret says:

    I live in a flat near the centre of the Rome in the Garbatella district. I live in a building built in the fifties and my flats is on the first floor.
    It has seven rooms: two bedrooms, a living room, a bathroom, a study, a small kitchen, a corridor and there is a large terrace, too.
    When you go in, you can find a corridor, on the right there is a kitchen, next to the kitchen there is a study and even a bedroom.
    Opposite the entrance door on the left there is my bedroom and a bathroom and next there is a room which is both living and dining room.
    This is my favorite room because there is a big window where you can find a terrace that I have some plants and there is a small glass table and two chairs, this place is very pleasant in the spring when begin the first day of sun.
    I love my flat because it is very comfortable, it is in a nice and characteristic neighborhood and also is very near from the city centre and finally the underground is about a five minutes walk from my flat.

    1. mikiroma says:

      Hi Margaret! Nice description. A few small mistakes which I can correct here:
      1. “in a fifties building and my flat is on the first floor.”
      2. “and then there is a room which is both …”
      3. “there is a big window with a terrace where I grow some plants ”
      4. “this place is very pleasant in the spring when the sun starts shining again

      I hope these help!
      The Editor

  16. Topazia says:

    Hi Mike!
    My flat is very quiet. It’s on the fifth floor. It has a hall, a living room, a kitchen, two bedroom and two bathroom. The kitchen is too small! There is a terrace and a great view of the big front garden. It’s 10 minutes’ walk from the Labaro Station and about 20 minutes by train from Piazza del Popolo in the centre of Rome.
    I like my flat because it’s very sweet! 🙂

    1. mikiroma says:

      Many thanks, Topazia! A few corrections:
      “two bedrooms and two bathrooms

      Nice one!

  17. Ciro says:

    My flat is in a busy street, but my flat is a quiet because it overlooking in the inner part of the building. it’s on the third floor, it is in Trieste district, north-east Rome.
    In my flat there are two bedrooms, a bathroom, small study and the kitchen is a openspace with the living room. There are four windows and a balcony. The balcony it is in my bedroom. In the studi there are a desk and sofa-bed for the guest. the kitchen is white and there are a table, sofa and TV.
    The flat doesn’t have a garden, bat it’s very near Villa Ada, Villa Chigi and Villa Torlonia, beautiful parks. 
    In the street where is my flat, there are a many shops, underground and bus stations.

    1. mikiroma says:

      Hi Ciro! A very nice piece. Some small corrections:
      “my flat is [a] quiet because it overlooks in the inner part of the building”
      “In the study there is a desk and sofa-bed for guests”
      “it’s very near Villa Ada, Villa Chigi and Villa Torlonia which are beautiful parks.”
      “In the street where my flat is, there are a lot of shops, ”

      I hope these help.

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