Where have you been? What have been your best, and your worst, journeys and holidays? Share them with us. Here are some of our experiences:

Michela went on holiday to France, where it was a dream to see the Eiffel Tower.

Carola went to the Maldives with her boyfriend to celebrate getting her degree.

Marco has been to Finnish Lapland and South Africa.

Margarita went on honeymoon to Dubai.

Angelica had a wonderful experience in the Galapagos Islands. The name in Spanish means the “turtle islands”.

Maria Alejandra has been to South Africa. Here is her story, in its corrected form:

My favourite holiday was in South Africa.
Last February I went to Cape Town for two weeks with my friends, Rosana and Tanolie. we rented an apartment and a car.
Cape Town was wonderful and the weather was perfect – sunny. Indeed, we went swimming with the penguins in Simon’s Town.
We went on safari where we saw a lot of animals such as lions, giraffes etcetera. During the day we often went sightseeing or to the beach, or shopping.
In the evenings we always went to dinner in typical local restaurants, where they eat a lot of lamb and fish.
I’d love to go back to South Africa.

Esmeralda has been to Cabbia di Montereale.

Melania has been to Northern India, including Varanasi.

Clotilde has been to Kenya.

Have you any photos of your trips? Send them to us at “English, Actually”. Ask the Editor how to do this – unfortunately you cannot attach then to a comment.


33 Responses

  1. Last March I went on holiday to France. It was dream to see the Tower Eiffel. I went to Paris for three days with my boyfriend. He gave me this trip for my birthday. We booked a basic hotel near Notre Dame. The first day the weather is perfect, there was sunny, but the next days was cold and it rained. During the first day we went sightseeing, so we visited Notre Dame, the artist’s neighborhood and we saw the Tower Eiffel, it is great! We went up on the Tower Eiffel, where there was a wonderul view, so we saw a lot of monuments and the Louvre Museum. The last day it rained, so we visited the Louvre Museum, where there was a long row in front of Leonardo’s painting, La Gioconda, famous for her smile. In the night we went in restaurants for eat, but during the day ate a “baguette” with ham and cheese. We had a good time and we walked a lot. I took many photos, because it was all beautiful. I’d like to go back to Paris.

    • Hello Michela, very many thanks for this. Here are a few small corrections:
      “The first day the weather was perfect, it was sunny”
      “but the next few days were cold and it rained.”
      “there was a long queue in front of Leonardo’s painting, La Gioconda,”

      I hope these help!
      The Editor

    • Hello Michela. Thanks very much for thisnice story. A small correction:
      “to see the Eiffel Tower
      it was sunny”
      “the Louvre Museum, where there was a long queue in front of Leonardo’s painting”

      I hope these help!

  2. Eleven years ago I went to Maldive with my “ancient” boyfriend. A very wonderful gift for my degree!
    There I discovered a huge world under the dea for the first time.
    Evert day we went snorkeling and then we decide to start scuba diving. A very incredibile world!
    We saw a lot of fishes and mammals, like squarks, pagliaccio fish, amantas, dea turtles, huge tunes etc.
    The fishes travelled in group generally, so they seemed like many populations.
    Under the sea the colours were wonderful. I felt to be in a cartoon: the corals, the marine vegetation and the colours of fishes sere so bright as to seem unreal.
    The houses was built on the dea with the wood and at every meal we could eat a very fresh fish.
    After those beautiful images, it was very difficult for me to eat fish!

  3. Hi,
    in this years I am been very lucky to do some beautiful journeys. I think the best journeys I did do are: Finnish Lapland and Africa.
    In the first I have seen the best artic landscape and the best show the nature who can offer: Northern Light.
    On the lake frozen, with 30 degrees below zero, i rode a sled with Husky and in during the night i saw, for 2 time, the northern light show. It is the hypnotic show.

    In Africa (South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe) I saw the best sunset of my life. On the boat on the zambesi river. The black continent is also the best place wher you can see the best animals on the word…. You can see it very closer.
    The color, the sound and landescape (like Victoria Falls) are the strong points of this country.

  4. The holiday that I will never forget was my honeymoon.
    I got married on a Saturday and the very next morning we left for Dubai where we stayed three days. Then we continued our honeymoon in the Saychelles. We travelled with Emirates the Arabic airline. The plane was very comfortable, there was a screen for any travelers where you could choose a lot movies. The hostesses were beautiful and their uniforms were very elegant.
    When we landed at Dubai it was the hour of prayer so everyone was praying. Muslims are very religious.
    Dubai is very rich city and there are many tall and spectacular buildings. It is a very modern city!
    The Seychelles Islands are a paradise. The nature is wonderful and the people are very happy. The food is good and there are many delicious fruits. I ate so much and I liked everything…I also ate a bat!!

    • Many thanks for this nice story Margaret! A few small corrections:
      “Seychelles” with an ‘e'”
      “there was a screen for each traveller where you could choose from a large selection of movies. ”
      “there is a lot of delicious fruit.”

      I didn’t know they ate bats in the Seychelles! Amazing.
      Mike (Editor)

  5. This is a story my trip to Galapagos Islands. They are a group of volcanic islands, located on the equator, in South American. These islands are among the world’s most active volcanic areas today.
    This trip was a fantastic experince: I saw many animals such as iguanas, giants tartles and sea lions. I swam with some sharks and mantas in cristal clear water!!! Furthermore, I could see many species of birds.
    Every moment was a natural history lesson.
    The Galapagos Islands will always remain in my heart.

  6. This happened 3 years ago when I and my exboyfriend went in Croazia for a romantic summer holiday on August. When we arrived in this sea place called Makarska was night and there was a terrible storm. It wasn’t possible to find a taxi available because the streets were flooded so we had to walk under the rain with our lugguages finding the right street for our hotel. Finally we found it and we could sleep in a dry place. The next days fourtunatly were sunny so we went to the beach and we visited many beautiful island across the Coast.

    • Hello Debora! Many thanks for this. A few corrections:
      “I and my ex-boyfriend went to Croazia”
      “When we arrived at the seaside town of Makarska it was dark
      “we had to walk in the rain with our luggage
      looking for our hotel”
      “Finally we found it and we were able to sleep somewhere dry.”
      “we went to various beautiful islands along the Coast”

      I hope these help!

  7. Hello everybody!
    I’m going to tell you about my moon honey.
    We married fourteen years ago.
    My husband and I went to Mexico and Guatemala.
    At first we visited Guatemala, it was very exciting to know their habits and adventure in the forest…as a jumping in the past!
    The people we saw were all short and the woman had long black hair; just arrived they made us hairstyles with beautiful flowers and then they come with us visiting theirs village.
    It was really “a timeless place” with never ending and uncontaminated nature and great forest were we saw pyramids rising up suddenly between trees!
    We were there two days, eating simple food like corn (it’s the first means of sustentation for habits) and beans.
    It was beautiful visiting Guatemala!
    It was my favourite place of my moon honey.
    Then,when we arrived in Mexico, we visited all the archaeological sites…we spent the last days of our trip in Playa del Carmen,a beautiful place with large-white beaches and finally we relaxed lying on the beach!

    • Hi Valentina! Thank you for this nice piece. Just a few corrections:
      “I’m going to tell you about my honeymoon.”
      “We got married fourteen years ago.”
      “it was very exciting to learn about their habits and go on an adventure in the forest… it was like jumping back into the past!”
      “The people we saw were all short and the women had long black hair”
      as soon as we arrived they gave us hairstyles with beautiful flowers”
      “It was the best place I went to during my honeymoon.”

      I hope these help!
      (The Editor)

  8. I want to tell about my trip to Santiago De Compostela (Spain). I went there in the summer of 2015. I decided to make this trip on foot because I wanted to do an important experience for my spiritual life . I left from O Cebreiro and I walked for eigth days. I did a piece of road (150 km), instead the people who decide to make the whole journey, have to walk for 700 km!
    I decided to walk for 20 km for a day. Every night I wrote my diary for true reflection about the experiences of the day. When I was tired, I felt that my backpack seemed to become very heavy and the road seemed to be endless! Some parts of my trip were very hard, instead some others were easier, but my spirit was very strong, always. It was very interesting to meet a long the way a lot of people who came from different nations with different motivations to make this pilgrimage. I arrived there in Santiago though on a rainy day, but my heart was full of happiness.
    I suggest to everyone to make this experience!

    • Hello Anna, many thanks for this. A few corrections:

      “I wanted to undergo an important experience for my spiritual life .”
      ” I walked for eight days. ”
      ” I did part of the route (150 km), whereas people who decide to do the whole journey, have to walk for 700 km!”
      “Some parts of my trip were very hard, while others were easier,”
      “It was very interesting to meet along the way a lot of people who came from different nations with different reasons for making this pilgrimage.”
      Although I arrived in Santiago on a rainy day, my heart was full of happiness.”

      A nice account. You could revise two things (1) the difference between “do” and “make”; and (2) linking words such as “while”, “whereas”, “although” and similar expressions.

      I have been to Santiago twice, once by bicycle and train, and another time by car. So I can’t call myself a pilgrim. My mother and I stayed at a very nice pilgrims’ hostel, but it was open to anyone.

      Many thanks,
      Mike (Editor)

  9. Two year ago I went ti Spain with my family.We went by plane from Catania to Barcellona and we stayed in hotel in the city centre.The flight was short, only 2 hours.The first evening we went out to dinner in a typical Spanish restaurant where we had tortillas,gazpacho and jamon serrano wich is a very good type of ham.Next day we visited many monument as theSacred Family Cathedral,Gaudi’s house and others.One day we went to Port Aventure.It is a theme park with many attraction and we enjoyed a lot.The next day we went to a beach resort where we swimmed and sunbathed.We stayed in Barcellona for 5 days and it was a perfect holiday

    • Thanks very much for this, Gioacchino! Afew corrections:
      “Two years ago I went to Spain with my family.”
      “we stayed in a hotel in the city centre”
      “jamon serrano which is a very good type of ham.”
      “Next day we visited a lot of monuments such as the Sacred Family”
      “It is a theme park with a lot of attractions and we enjoyed ourselves a lot”
      “we went to a beach resort where we swam and sunbathed.”

      I hope these help!

  10. This is a story about my trip to Salento.
    The last summer I and my boyfriend Matteo went in Puglia, before near Fasano and after to Lecce, for our holidays.
    It was a fantastic experience because I saw a lot of new locations and I ate typical foods.
    In particular, we used to wake up late and we used to eat a lot than usual. After, we turned by car to find some beautiful place where got some sunshine. At the evening we went back in our hotel to take a shower and then we went to dinner in some romantic restaurant. Those days were wonderful.

  11. A few years ago, my boyfriend and I were in Varanasi, a very noisy and chaotic city in northern India. We were there on our own, and everyday we were able to decide what to see and what to do.

    But one day, we decided to follow the suggestion of an Italian friend. He told us to look for a group of sadhus, religious ascetics that he met long time ago. So in the morning we stopped a cycle-rishow, and asked to the driver to take us to the Udasi’s ashram. He told us that he knew where to go .. so it seemed very easy at the beginning. But when we understood that the driver had lied, it turned out to be a real adventure.
    After maybe two or three hours, we had done so much road, that we didn’t know where we were. Many times the driver had to turn round and go back In the opposite direction, because nobody knew where was the ashram that we were looking for. Our friend tried to help us with some suggestions on Skype, but nothing of what he wrote was helpful to us.
    Fortunately, after a while, we decided to stop some Sadhus walking on the road and asked them if they knew something about Udasi.. only a Sadhu can help you to find another Sadhu!
    After five hours we arrived to the ashram.. the place wasn’t so special in the end, but at least we had great fun looking for it!

  12. This is a story about my trip to France, exactly Les Saises. This happened last year on my holiday in the last days of August.
    My sister, my cousin an I had been on holiday in a resort in french alps. One day we decided to go to supermarket, but it was situated about 15 km from us, in Villard sur Dodon village.
    We were using our satnav, but my cousin said that she knew another way more quickly to reach the village.
    Although it was her second holiday in those place, so we had trust in my cousin.
    The first part of journey was fine but moving forward, the road became more and more narrow. We couldn’t locate our position, we were worry because were going through narrow roads with many bands and turns, also the view was steep.
    Furthermore, it was a dangerous route in the mountains with trees instead of people. We couldn’t go back in the opposite direction because there wasn’t enough maneuvering space, so we continued moving forward slowly.
    We finally reached our village but when we returned at resort, we took another road that recommended the satnav.
    We lost a lot of time with this experience which we will never forget.

  13. This happened some years ago, maybe ten but I don’t remember exactly when.
    Every year my family and I go in a little town, called Cabbia di Montereale, near L’Aquila (Abruzzo). We spend our summer holidays there because we have a big house between mountains.
    That year we arranged as follows: my sister Morgana and I would be picking up Arianna (the older sister) at the airport and then we would have proceeded together to Cabbia.
    For better understanding the story is important tell you that Arianna had come back from an entertainer’s season in a resort which is a funny job but also very backbreaking.
    At first, travel on the motorway was good but at a certain point she missed the right exit aided by the fact that was dark outside and the view wasn’t very clear. We didn’t know where we were going; the only thing that we knew was that the way we were running was the wrong way.
    So Arianna thought well to come off at the following exit, do a U-turn and come back. She was too tired to make wise decisions (as I already said, be an entertainer for months is exhausting!). Morgana and I were scared; it’s dangerous do those!
    When we arrived at the right exit but in the opposite travel direction, the tollbooth operator was angry and he started to scream that he had to get a penalty to us.
    Finally, the journey ended well: we arrived safe and sound and we also avoided the penalty.
    From that day, we had learned to don’t let her drive the car when she comes back from exhausting travels.

    • Hello Esmeralda! A nice piece. Here are a few corrections:
      “Every year my family and I go to a little town”
      “we have a big house in mountains”
      “at a certain point she missed the [right] exit partly because it was dark outside and visibility wasn’t very good.”
      “the only thing that we knew was that we were going the wrong way”
      “he started yelling that he was going to give use a fine.”

      OK I have run out of time! I hope these help.
      Mike (Editor)

  14. Disastrous journeys!

    My disastrous journey happened in September 1995.

    My husband was in Maratea, a little town in Lucania, for the annual lawyers meeting. So I decided to join him together with Carlo and Rosanna, two friends of mine.

    We rented a car to go to the beach of Praia a mare, a beautiful village in Calabria and near Maratea.

    In the night we agreed to have a dinner with my husband and other lawyers.

    After a nice day of swimming and sunbathing, we were ready to return in hotel to have a shower and get dressed for the dinner.

    Surprisingly, we got the wrong direction, so we asked to a local man some directions.

    He said to us the best way to come back in Maratea with a certain confidence.

    Unfortunately, his directions were wrong and thus we end up to the opposite direction to our destination.

    When we started seeing Aspromonte mountain, we realized that we didn’t know where we were.

    There wasn’t a soul, only one calf at the roadside, which stared us with wide eyes.

    In the meantime it got dark, we realized that we were late to our appointment, and we couldn’t advice anyone because we didn’t have mobile phones in 1995.

    Finally, we found the right road and we arrived at the restaurant two hours late, dressed with the swimsuit covered by a sarong.

    What an embarrassing situation!

    Although I have never been so ashamed, the dinner was very nice for the food and funny for the tale of our disaster.

    What do you want more from the life? A Lucano…

    • Hi Clotilde! A nice story, but I have to give you a few corrections. Here is a selection:
      “dinner with my husband and the other lawyers”
      “were ready to return to the hotel ”
      “we asked [to] a local man for directions.”
      “He told us the best way to get back to Maratea with a certain confidence”
      “and thus we ended up going in the opposite direction to our destination.”
      “we realized that we were late for our appointment, and we couldn’t warn anyone ”
      “dressed in swimsuits covered in a sarong”
      “What do you want more from [the] life?”

      NB: Square brackets [..] mean that the word must be omitted.

      Don’t worry about the mistakes; this is a nice story! But check: conistency with past tenses, and correct use of prepositions.
      Thanks very much, and Happy New Year!

  15. Hi Mike!

    I would like to tell you a story. This story is about an amazing trip that I did in 2012 at discovering of Northern India. It was my first trip outside Europe and I remember it as a dream, because the tastes, the noises, the flavors of India are so unusual and different from the ones I was used to.

    I went there with my boyfriend for 3 weeks. We arrived at New Delhi’s airport and moved to Agra with a typical Indian train. In Agra we visited the Taj Mahal, a fantastic example of Mogul Art, that a sultan has built as mausoleum for one of his beloved wives.

    After Agra, by trains and by planes, we were able to move among soma spectacular cities. One of these was Varanasi, one of the most sacred cities for Hindu people. Here flows the Ganges, the sacred river of India; if an Hindu dies in Varanasi and is cremated on the ghat of the river, he will not incarnate in another life and will interrupt the circle of born and death.

    Then we moved to Kolkata, where the Gange flows in Bay of Bengal, and finally to Rishikesh, close to the mouth of the river.

    This trip has changed our way of traveling. We loved it so much that in 2015 we went back to India to visit the south of the Country.

    • Thanks very much indeed Melania! This is a very interesting story and there are hardly any mistakes. Here are three small corrections:
      “We arrived at New Delhi’s airport and travelled to Agra on a typical Indian train.”
      “After Agra, by train and plane, we were able to go to some spectacular cities.”
      ” … interrupt the cycle of birth and death”

      I hope these help. Thanks once again for a very nice article.
      The Editor.

  16. Sikness Africa
    Sickness Africa exists and has infected me.
    I have been in Kenya for the first time in ’93, and I visited the parks Tsavo, Serengeti, Amboseli and Masai Mara.
    Even now, I seem to be affected by the sounds of the bush and see the colours.
    I love animals very much, so you can see lions, giraffes, elephants in their habitat has been an unforgettable experience.
    Five years later I came back and I spent two days in Nairobi.
    As an incurable romantic, I visited the home of Karen Blixen, where it was filmed “Out of Africa”.
    An interesting and equally memorable discovery, was the lunch at the Carnivore Restaurant: they served meat of zebra, crocodile, wildbeest, ostrich and giraffa.
    This last one is truly exceptional, a very tender white flesh and tasty.
    I said to me, that I don’t love the meat , is an event.

    • Hello Clotilde, many thanks for this. I think we would say “a yearning for Africa”, but I will look up the right expression.
      I’d also say, “Even now I can hear the sounds of the bush and see the colours.”
      More corrections soon! See you tomorrow – today in fact.

    • Hello Clotilde! I must add this correction: “I *went* to Kenya for the first time in 1993…”

  17. Hello Giulia! Many thanks for your article. Here are a few corrections:

    1. “I went in London” => “I went to London”
    2. “We stayed in a nice hotel” => “We stayed at a nice hotel”
    3. “The weather was cloudy but It wasn’t raining.” => “The weather was cloudy but It didn’t rain.”
    4. “We seen a monuments, parks and markets” => “We saw some monuments, parks and markets”
    5. “my favourite places in London are a clothing stores.” => “my favourite places in London are clothing stores.”
    6. “London is a very acractive on the night” => “London is very attractive at night”
    7. “there are a lot reastaurant, pub and disco.” => “there are a lot of restaurants, pubs and discos.”

    American and British spelling: “center” “centre”; “favorite” “favourite”

    I hope these all help!

  18. Thank you very much, Gioacchino. Now I’ll make three corrections:
    0. “Dear friends” (not “Dears“)”)
    1. “Lampedusa a small island southwestern of Sicily.”
    => “Lampedusa a small island south-west of Sicily.”
    2. “instead on the evening we went to restaurant”
    => “while in the evening we went to a restaurant”
    3. “One morning we did a sightseen boat”
    => “One morning we did a sightseeing tour by boat”
    I hope these corrections are useful.

  19. Hi Manola! Here are a few corrections. They follow this format
    [Original] – “Corrected”. You will easily see the differences.
    [This happened on April 2006.] “This happened in April 2006.”
    [My collegues] “My colleagues”
    [After the breakfast we was going to Herculanem at the meeting of the Fillea CGIL] “After breakfast we were to go to Herculanaeum for the Fillea CGIL meeting”
    [We looked the map and we started] “We looked at the map and started”
    [After a few kilometres we realized that we were gone in the wrong direction,] “After a few kilometres we realized that we were going in the wrong direction,”
    [For at least one hour we crossed the highway in both directions because we didn’t find the right exit.] “For at least one hour we went up and down the highway in both directions because we couldn’t find the right exit.”
    [Finally we arrived to Herculanem!] “Finally we got to Herculanaeum!”
    I will post some more corrections soon.

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