What music do you like, play or listen to? This is one of the most fundamental links between us all. Here is what some of you are saying about your music:

Manola likes Italian music. Who is her favourite performer?

Saverio loves R&B and Italian music, for example Renato Zero.

Federico loves rock music, especially Radiohead.

Raffaele loves The Beatles.

Filomena loves Italian music.

Daniela loves “Coldplay”.

Suzy’s favourite singer is Franco Battiato.

Fcaracciolo6‘ likes listening to Radio Adele.

Have your say and tell us about your favourite music. And where are the best places in your town to listen to live music?


7 Comments Add yours

  1. Manola says:

    I like Italian Music, particulary Francesco Guccini and other writer singer. I listen also Bruce Springsteen, Sting and Mark Knopfler.
    Sometimes I listen etnic Music or Classic Music and jazz.
    When I’m alone and not happy I prefer to listen Guccini, ne is the best!!!!

    1. Manola says:

      He is the best

  2. Raffa says:

    Hi guys! I like to play the guitar, especially un-plugged classical guitar. I find playing guitar is so relaxing. I love Dire-Straits and Mark Knopfler.

  3. mikiroma says:

    Corrections: showing you the way to perfect English:

    Format: original > corrected

    I like to listen Italian music > I like to listen to Italian music

    It’s a song very usefull > It’s a very useful song

    I like very much to music and listen different of any kind > I enjoy listening to all kinds of music

    one of my favorite band is Radiohead > one of my favorite bands is Radiohead

    I love listen Coldplay! > I love listening to Coldplay!

    That’s all I have time for right now! More corrections very soon. I hope these help.

  4. saverio says:

    Hi Mike. I Love R&B a nd I like to listen Italian music, for example Renato Zero, Tiziano Ferro ecc….In this moment I listen International music.

  5. Federico says:

    Hi Mike. I love rock music and one of my favorite band is Radiohead but unfortunately I realized too late for their concert in Rome next summer. Despite this I am discovering many new bands and I suggest you listen the Of Monsters and Men, is a six piece indie folk/indie pop band from Reykjavík. I’m sure they will be soon very successful.

  6. Raffaele says:

    Hi Mike. I Love The Beatles, I Like to listen “Obladi Oblada” in this period. I like to listen English music to learn new word.

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