Hello everyone. Our readers are experts on Rome. They will bring you a unique insider’s guide to our great, Eternal City.

Coming up: a series of guides to Rome’s neighbourhoods. Watch this space. Daniele has written about Prati

Also: transport in our city. How do we get around? A difficult and vexed question.

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23 Responses

  1. Hi micheal (ps:i’m so sorry for delay)
    My name is Maryam. I’m 30 and I live in Rome which is the capital of italy. Actually I come from another city – tehran, where I lived for 24 years, but six years ago,i decided to move and change my life ,i wuold have diffrence expreince in my life , and l moved from my home. I have a sister – Mina. She is 27 and she had been to australia two years ago and now she worke at the meat factory as an nutritiaon manager. i have two brothers one of them is mechanical engineering , he works for his company ,and the other one smaller than all , he studis at the university , My dad worked for millitari of my country as an pilot. My mother was teacher in highscool , she is very kind a i miss her

    I’m interested in medicine . I hope that in the future I will get a job as a doctor.I think about it every night :))) My dream is to study plastic surgery . I love everything associated with this science . and I hope that in the future, I will learn english very well. I want to go to aruond the world for visiting and working . I want to get a job there as a plastic surgery. Now, I try to learn english because very very important . My parents promised me that if I learn English well, they will find me a Japanise teatcher.:)) (i’m jocking)

    I have always been good at sports. I like running and going to gym .I’m running or i’m going to gym for 4/5 times a week, when I do sports I feel great ,

    I also love cooking and eating obviously . breakfast is my favorite meal , & my favorit drink is red wine ,mmmm, also i LOVE Nutella & icecream ,…

    see you soon


  2. Hi!
    My name is Roberto. I live in Rome. I’m 23 years old. I’m studying law. I swim twice a week. I like swimming because it makes me feel free. I love walking alone around the city while I think about my life, problems and dreams. I prefer listening to music to talk with people. I have got a brother but I rarely get on well with him. I like eating, especially chocolate and ice cream. Actually, I don’t know anything about my future. I’m going to be a notary public or an inspector. I would like travel a lot before around Italy and then around the rest of the world. I would like to experience cultures. I’m going to buy a super car to go out whit my other half. I would like to know how to become better and how to help people with problems.
    Bye, see you!

  3. Hi, I am Daniele.
    I live in Rome, in a neighbourhood called Prati.
    Prati is located on the Tiber left bank, close to the Rome centre and it is an hystorical “borgo” of Rome.
    In this zone we can ammirate the Vatican and S. Angel Castle with its nice park.
    Prati area is full of shops and bar and restaurants, infact via cola di rienzo is one of the most crowded shopping street in Rome.
    There also are many tourists who came to visit the vatican and its museum.
    This area is the “law area” too. There are the supreme court, penal and civil court.
    I suggest to good music addict people to visit a famous jazz club called Alexanderplatz (close to via Leone IV).
    Wheter if you want to have a great Prati and Rome view I suggest to go to parco di monte mario near via trionfale.

  4. Hi, I am Francesco
    I live in Rome, in an aerea called Balduina, I have moved here recently.
    I am married, with Paola and we have two children’s , Valentina and Diego.
    I’m a CPA and teach tax law at university.
    I attend the British course because my wife is an interpreter and she giving me the course, hoping to improve my English.

    • Many thanks for this, Francesco. Here are just a few corrections:
      1. “I am married, with Paola and we have two children’s , Valentina and Diego.” => “I am married to Paola and we have two children, Valentina and Diego.”
      2. “I attend the British course because my wife is an interpreter and she giving me the course, hoping to improve my English.” => “I am on this British Council course because my wife is an interpreter and she has given me the course, hoping I will improve my English.”
      I hope these help!

  5. Hi, I am Iara.
    I live in Rome, in a neighbourhood called Quadraro, next the Tuscolana, a larger and more commercial area.
    My apartment is very close to a Park named after its water works (the Parco degli Acquedotti), an interesting natural park where you may appreciate the Roman aqueducts from close up: a really great perspective!
    You can get to the historical city centre in short time through our tube (line A). Here you can have a look to the monuments, the museums, the art galleries, the historical streets and thus discover all that it’s necessary to see in Rome.
    The historical centre is very fascinating, touching and interesting: it’s like living in a live museum, an inestimable historical testimony at your fingertips. However Rome is a too caotic city for me: it’s very difficult living here sometimes, because people often lack to comply to the main simple civil rules one should have towards one another.
    Yes, I live in Rome, but I don’t like living here: I hate the disorganized big cities as mine.
    I’d like to live anywhere else but Rome…
    and I’d dream to live in Paris one day.

    see you

  6. Dario writes:

    The city that I prefer is the city where I live, Rome.
    Rome also called the “Eternal City” is the capital of the Italian Republic.
    It’s the most populated city in Italy, was the first great metropolis of humanity, the heart of one of the most important ancient civilizations.
    In the art world is one of the most famous cities.
    Are many things to see in Rome and I quote the Altare della Patria , Castel Sant Angelo, Foro Romano, Vaticano and the Pantheon.
    It’s famous for the “Roman cuisine” (artichokes, lamb and offal) and “Alcoholic drinks” (Best wines of Lazio as Zagarolo Dolce and Frascati) and famous for thee best restaurants that there are.
    Famous for Cinema and theater performances.
    In conclusion, Rome is the “heart” of Catholic Christianity, is the only city in the world to host an internal State as a whole, the enclave of Vatican City.
    Art, culture and gastronomy, Rome is very very beautiful for me! 🙂

    See you soon,

  7. I live in Rome, near St. Peter’s square, which is in front of the basilica of St Peter.
    This area is really attractive for tourists, who visit the square, the basilica and meet the Pope all the year.
    In Vatican city complex a “must” is represented by the Vatican Museums, the Sistine Chapel, and the Vatican gardens.The “Vatican area” is adjacent to the historical center of Rome, in fact in a short distance there are the most important shopping streets as Via Cola di Rienzo, Via del Corso, Via Condotti.
    In the historical center you can find the main tourists attractions, such as squares, monuments and museums.
    To get on foot to the heart of Rome, from St Peter’s square you will meet the Lungotevere, which divides the city in two parts, from there you can admire the Isola Tiberina, where is the hospital “Fatebenefratelli” and S’Angelo Castle.
    During the summer, along Lungotevere there are outdoor movies screenings, and a lot of pubs and restaurants, where you can have a drink, listen to good music and eat typical Italian food.
    The city of Rome is surely a spectacular destination for tourists coming from all the world.

    • Good morning Massimiliano, I read your article about Rome and it is very interesting and well done. I think it can be useful for understanding better the “Eternal City”, especially for tourists! With kindest regards Gian Piero

      • Brilliant, Gian Piero! Let’s bring Rome to the World. Now, how about ‘Secret Rome’ – the Unknown Eternal City? Who’s our first expert guide?

      • Thanks for your comment, Rome is a wonderful city speaking about it is easy.
        I don’t know many things about secrets of Rome, but we can work on this argument!
        Best regards, Massimiliano.

  8. Rome also called the ” eternal city” and is the capital of the Italian Republic. It’s the most populated city in Italy, was the first great metropolis of humanity, the heart of one of the most important ancient civilizations.

    Rome has some famous interesting museums such as the Vatican. Millions of visitors come to Rome every year ….Via del Corso shopping street in Rome, for several reasons: its central location making it a meeting point and strolling the boys of the city as soon as they reach the age for leaving home alone the abundance of elegant shops or trend that in most cases remain accessible from the point of view of costs for a broad segment of the public, unlike for example the designer stores of the nearby Via Condotti.. A beatiuful square is piazza navona. Is very special for it ecclipty for it beatiful fontais by Bernini end there are moor artist.. A famous bridge in rome is ponte milvio.
    Best know for young lovers they attack their “looks love “…. The two most important are gallery of mode ar in rome ar maxi end macro, where yuo keep personal and fotografy exbitioes of contemporaly artist…..
    To rome has an old castle Sant’Angelo it was prison and stands next to San Pietro…The Basilica of St. Paul Outside the Walls is one of the four papal basilicas of Rome, the second largest after St. Peter’s in the Vatican.
    A good the partement store is galleria Alberto sordi it is in the central rome on via del corso. In this gallery it’s possibol to do the shopping berceuse there are enougth shop very good…..
    A chip hotel in the central rome is very difficult because there are the hotels is very exspencil but harmony hotel is a crazy hotel in the central rome, near via veneto.
    With very little money you can sleep in a the confortable bed…
    In the center Rome there are two big street marckes in testaccio there is a fresch vegetable of the day end porta portese there are vintage clothes end generic product for all.

  9. Today I’m going to tell you about eating out in Rome.
    Well, sincerely I’m not a “pleasure-seeker” (a sort of guy that likes a lot to go out evenings/nights) then I don’t know many restaurants in Rome. Actually I know better one of them that I’ve visited often. It’s called “Momò”, Forlanini place, n.10, address having the same name of the nearby hospital.
    It’s located in a beautiful old palace with a big garden around. Three floors with many tables for dinner (it’s easy to lose oneself inside, for this reason from the main entrance inside there is a waitress that comes with you to the right place).
    On taste point-of-view you can decide to order pizza (with a huge amount of different toppings) or a classic evening meal with starter and main dishes. I like there pizza (it’s very big but thin, that’s the best choice for me) and desserts (Tiramisu is really tasty!).
    Customers are generally young and “à la mode”, sometimes classmates used to get together there, so you can refresh (!) your knowledge of the city’s habits if you don’t go out often (as me).
    Finally, price is honest, a middle level in Rome (for Pizza and some appetizer you can pay around 20 euro, water and taxes included).

  10. There are many of wonderfull museums in Rome, but my favorite are two; the Borghese Gallery and the Vatican museums. I think if you have short of time you should visit the Borhese Gallery because in a little space you can found so many masterpieces but if you have many days to spend in Rome you must visit both of them.

  11. For an hypothetical interview made by a tourist in Rome, it could be interesting for him to know something about safety in the city.
    For example, is it crime a problem in the city? Well, I think it’s a big issue especially regarding micro criminality (bag snatching, petty theft) and beggars particularly found in the city center.
    Our tourist should be very careful in the subway for the high rate presence of gipsies into chaotic stations (Spagna and Termini).
    Are there areas in the city which should be avoided? I think that during the day almost all districts are secure to be visited. Maybe at night, suburbs and Termini station area should be avoided.
    To the last question, regarding our police and their trustfulness, well… it isn’t any problem with them, if you found them! 🙂

  12. About the Coliseum:

    The construction began in the early years of Vespasian, in the valley between the Palatine, Esquiline and Celio, which previously had been the center of the Nero’s Domus Aurea. The building was built on the artificial lake or pond of Nero’s Domus possessions. The Coliseum is not finished yet was dedicated by Vespasian for the first time before his death in 79dc, according to a chronicle of the late fourth century, the work would then arrived third order of bleachers, and then the second external ionico order. Titus was to complete the work, and proceed to a second dedicatory service in 80dc, lasting one hundred days, during which 50000 fair were killed well.
    However the work was finished in all its parts only by Domitian which according to the same record, led the work 2to the shields” that decorated the last external compound order.
    It’s likely that only under this emperor have been created in the basement of the arena wall, otherwise you would understand the ill news of Vespasian and Domizian naumachia dates in the amphitheater. From then on , in fact, do not talk about this kind of shows, and the arena was reserved for gladiatorial and wild animal hunts “venationes”.

    the article will follow with a second part

  13. The construction of the Coliseum is more complex the the article in the Australian reports. Archaeologists call the system of “Stacks” the backbone of the Coliseum. Sorry but this issue is very complex to explain with my level of preparation of English: “Intermediate”

  14. I thank you for the interest to Brandon and Mr. Smith offered to the Roman and Italian culture and a big thanks to my teacher, Michael suggested to visit this blog

  15. salvatore
    I am from Campania and I was born in Santa Maria Capua Vetere, the ancient Capua I really enjoyed the article of the young Australian is written on the special characteristics of some who visited monuments in Rome. Allows for a tourist like me also to stimulate the reading of the data crossing another imposing building constructed Campanian amphitheater built in the time of Augustus, restored by Hadrian and dedicated by Antoninus Pius, as the inscription over the main entrance recorded. The exterior was formed by 80 Doric arcades of four stories each, but only two arches now remain. The Keystones Were adorned with heads of divinities. It is one of the largest in existence, the longer? Diameter is 170 m, the shorter 140 m, and the arena Measures 75 by 45 m, the Corresponding dimensions in the Colosseum at Rome being 188, 155, 85, 53 m.
    The amphitheater is Especially spoken of as the home of gladiatorial combats. From the gladiatorial schools of Campania CAME Spartacus

  16. Many thanks Gian Piero. Your evaluation is greatly appreciated. I invite as many of our readers as possible to read Brandon’s piece and give us their opinions.

  17. First of all I want say that I live in Rome, I love my city and the article written by Brandon made me happy, because is very interesting and well done. I can say that the language is simple, but in the meantime describe carefully the Rome’s ancient Architecture. The writer is very young and in my opinion he made an execellent work. I am an humble English student, the last person that can give marks,but I believe that the boy deserves the scores of 7-8 for the three questions. When people will read the article they will take the opportunity of understanding better the Italian culture! Congratulation to Brandon and Mr Smith!

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