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This is your Sports Page. We’d like your ideas on:

  • what sports you personally do;

  • news on Italian sport. It could be soccer, cycling – anything you like.

  • Italy in the Olympics: London 2012.

Imagine you’re a sports journalist. Write here on the latest developments in Italian sport.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. CHIARA says:

    In the past I went to a dance school for six yeras, but I had to leave it because I had to study very much. I have danced also Salsa and Merengue for two years with my boyfriends and I’d like to do it again. Now, rarely, I go jogging here in the parks of Rome.

  2. Mike Ivy says:

    Many thanks for this, Catia!
    The last sport I did was a bike ride round Lago di Bracciano. – 33 kilometres, so nothing very ambitious.

    Let’s have some more sports, everyone!

  3. catia says:

    Well, in these last years we’ve known “ZUMBA fitness”.
    This attivity phisic, is a mix between aerobic and american latin dance, and it was born from Alberto Perez. He was born in Columbia and He is known like the most important fitness guru and like Shakira’s coreographer. In USA the Zumba has became popular because you could read around the city: ” It’s not a workout,It’s a party”.During the Zumba lesson istructors use 4 kind of music: salsa, reggeaton merengue and cumbia, but they can use other kind so hip-hop and rap…..you can burn 900 calories in an hour!!!
    Let’s go to following a Zumba course!

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