Men and Women: How True are the Stereotypes?

That’s what we’re talking about right now. Some people have said:

“I think it is true that women are less interested in sport than men. I can say that because when my boyfriend and his friends watch football matches on TV, me and the other girls, prefer to do something else, like putting polish on our nails.” – Melania

MEN TALK MORE ABOUT THINGS;WOMEN TALK MORE ABOUT PEOPLE: In my opinion, it is true. I hear often women talking about other people (friends,their bosses etc) while men talk more about football, cars and women! – Giacomo

WOMEN ARE BETTER AT MULTITASKING THAN MEN: I really agree. Very few men can do all sorts of things at once.– Valentina

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Easter Holidays

Enjoy your Easter break, everyone!

But … don’t miss opportunities to practise. Are you going anywhere special?

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Any other questions you can think of?

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The Editor is off to Malaga, Spain, and then for a short drive round southwestern Andalusia. Back on 26 April.

Stereotypes: Truth or Lazy Thinking?

This week we’re talking about stereotypes, typically those around men and women. What are your thoughts? Go to our “Stereotypes” page and join the discussion. However, remember our ‘good habits’ policy: don’t be offensive in any way. Our objective is a useful discussion in which we all learn something.

Are You Happy?

Monday 20 March was International Happiness Day. According to the World Happiness Report, Norway is the happiest country in the world.

The United Kingdom is at no. 19 in the happiest country rankings. Italy, surprisingly, is at no. 48 – below Uruguay, Qatar, Guatemala, Uzbekistan and Saudi Arabia, among others.

Surprisingly, in view of Italy’s beautiful land- and seascapes, food, artistic heritage and general lifestyle.

So we’d love to hear from you. What makes you happy? Go straight to our “Happiness Is…” page, and add your ideas.

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Our Favourite Times

Check out this page. Then write in to tell us about your favourite times – times of day, days of the week, months, seasons or public holidays.

The most original Favourite Times will get an Honourable Mention.

Watch this space!

Your travels

Happy New Year 2017! I can still say this even though we are now well into February.

A lot of people have written to us to describe their trips and holidays. So come and join us. It’s easy – click on “Trips” on the main menu, go to the bottom of the page and write about your trip where it says “Now You Write”.

Have you done anything like  Margarita’s trip to Dubaii and the Seychelles? Or Valentina’s trip to Mexico and the Galapagos Islands with her husband? Maybe you prefer Anna’s trip to Santiago de Compostela. Wherever you go, we’d love to hear about it!

Travel Tips

Hello everyone. It’s icy cold in many parts of Italy now, and what with the added difficulties of snow and earthquakes, not many people are going anywhere soon.

And yet now is the time to dream about vacations just to take our minds off the present. So very soon we will be updating the pages devoted to “Our Trips”. Do come in and share your travel ideas with us. These could be stories or dreams – no problem. Just write!