Someone we know

Tell us about someone you know well. Say where they live, what they do, what they look like, and what they are like.


37 Responses

  1. Hi,
    I want to describe my brother. His name is Matteo and he is 29 years old.
    He works in Rome for an IT Company and he is a consultant.
    He is an intelligent boy and very hard-working. He is a generous and caring person too.
    He likes going to the cinema and listening to rock music.
    He likes reading and travelling too.
    He is a bit stubborn, sensitive and forgetful, but not too much so.
    We are good friends and confidants and I’m very happy to have a brother like him, because we help and support each other every day.


  2. Hi Angela,
    Thank’s for your email.
    as you know I usually make friends easily, so I have a lot of friends: schoolmates, neighbour, relatives. I can’t imagine My life whitout Veruska; she is my closest friend.
    I can tell you about Veruska . She’s 35 , and she’s studying elocución with me.
    I think she’s quite extrovert and very sociable – she has lots of friends. She’s also very good with children. She has a young step-brother and several young cousins, and I know she likes sing out loud with them. She’s incredibly hard-working and responsible – she passed all her exams last year, which is more than I did!
    She likes going out, seeing films, and listening to music, but not rock or heavy metal – so don’t worry about noise! And she’s happy to do things on her own – she’s very independent, so you won’t really have to look after her. Her parents are divorced and she lives with her mother and stepfather, but she also sees her father regularly.
    The only negative things I can think of are that she’s a bit untidy – her Office is usually in a mess – and that her Self-controll is, well not brilliant when her is tired.
    But I’m sure she’ll learn fast to be sympathetic with you!
    I think she’s really nice and that the family will get on well with her.
    I hope that’s useful. Let me know if you need any more information about her.
    Warm regards

  3. Hi!
    I would you lke to speak about my friend Cristina.

    Cristina is my best friend. I met her seven years ago, when we were at a gathering of bikes.

    She’s 45. She lives alone but near her family.
    She is only child, her parents are elderly so she looks after them.

    She’s graduated in foreign languages and at the moment she speaks French, English and Russian.

    She has a job like secretary in a Hotel for priests that come from all the world.

    She is very friendly, honest, reliable, outgoing and sympathetic.

    She has a several hobbies. She likes going to “thai chi” because she loves Chinese culture and now she studying Chinese language.

    She likes riding to bicycle, listenig to music and often she try to play some musical instrument as guitar and piano.

    She likes spending a lot of time in library to see book about human body and welness because recently she tooks a certificate to teach pilates.

    The only negative thing is that she always arrive late, but the worst think is that when we go shopping she might stay the same shop for hours.


    • Hello Cinzia! here are a few corrections:
      1) “She is only child,” => “She is *an* only child,”
      2) “She likes riding to bicycle,” => “She likes riding *her* bicycle,”
      3) “She has a job like secretary in a Hotel for priests that come from all the world.” => “She has a job *as a* secretary in a Hotel for priests *who* come from all the world.”

      I hope these help!

  4. Hi all,
    i want to speak about Emiliano. He is 40 years old and we are old friends. He was born in Subiaco but now he live in Rome.
    He work in IT Company as System Analyst. He is a big fan of U2. We went to U2 concert in Dublin last summer and it was one of my best live music that i saw.
    He is married and he has a child, Valerio, that we named “l’erede” as Prince George.
    He is sociable and sensible but sometimes is very anxious and stubborn.
    He’s a good friend and a reliable person.

    • Hello Daniele! A couple of corrections:
      1) “He work in IT Company as System Analyst.” => “He works for an IT Company as a Systems Analyst.”
      2) “He was born in Subiaco but now he live in Rome” => “He was born in Subiaco but now he lives in Rome”

      I hope this helps1

  5. Hi,
    I want to describe my brother. His name is Matteo and he is 29 years old. He work in Rome for an It Company, and he ia a consultant.
    He is an intelligent boy and very had-working. He is a generous and caring person too.
    He likes going to the cinema and listening to rock music. He likes reading and travelling too.
    He is a bit stubborn, sensitive and forgetful, but not too much.
    We are good friends and confidents each other and I’m very happy to have a brother like him, because we help and support each other every day.


  6. Hi,
    I would like to write about my sister Simona.
    She is 40 years old, two years older than me, she is a fitness instructor and she lives, with my mum, in Alatri, Frosinone.

    Simona is my sister, but also my best friend: when I am sad or I have some problems. I ask to her for help and support.

    She is a positive and reliable person, and her speeches are always full of intelligence.

    Simona loves her work and, obviously, playing sport: she rides to bike and goes for long walks; she likes listening to the music and going to the cinema too.

    Negative things about my sister? Perhaps, sometimes, she is a bit stubborn, but, at the end of our quarrels, she is always right.

  7. Hi!
    I would like to introduce you to my best friend. Her name is Monica. She is 21 years old. She is Italian and lives in San Vito Romano. She studies nursering at Tor Vergata.
    Monica is shorther then me. She has long, wavy brown hair. She has beautiful green eyes.
    She is generous, outgoing, funny, moody, easy going, quiet, chatty, impulsive and she is always happy.

  8. Hi!
    Among all my friends I think that my room mate is the best.
    Her name is Giuseppina but only call her Pina, and she is 25 years old.
    She’s from Avezzano, near L’Aquila in Abruzzo like me.
    Indeed I met Pina in my first year at high school. We were class mates for five years.
    Now she has lived in Rome with me for many years. Indeed we started university together.
    She is an young Architect. We graduated together last July.
    Now she’s working for an architectural studios in the city center.
    She has long brown hair and brown eyes. She is quite tall.
    She is a very funny girl and a friendly person.
    She likes listening to the music and watching films or TV series. She prefers romantic films.
    She doesn’t like reading books or playing sports, but sometimes she goes running in some parks.

  9. I would like to introduce you to my friend. His name is Michał. He is 30 years old. He was born in 1986 in Radom (Poland). We met in 2009 at work at the Cracow University of Economics. He graduated from this University with a master’s in economics. He is currently writing his doctoral dissertation in economics.
    Despite 15-year age gap between us, we get on well together. Michał is a tall man, about my height, and quite slim. He has short dark hair and brown eyes. He is often smiles and has a good sense of humor. He is married to a beautiful woman whose name is Iga.
    Michał speaks English and German. He loves playing football and watching James Bond movies.
    My dream is to work with him in Rome. I like spending time with him. Michał is my real friend. I can always depend on him.

  10. Good morning, everyone,
    I would like to introduce you to my friend, Michele.”
    He is 34 years old..
    He is a vary nice, sensitive and smiling man.
    He was born in Sorrento and now He lives in Milano with his family.
    He is a financial advisor in a big American company.
    Michele is not very tall and has short brown hair and brown eyes.
    He loves to listen to music and playing soccer.

    • Thanks very much for this Roberto! A correction:
      “He is a very nice, sensitive and smiling man.”
      “He loves listening to music and playing soccer.”

      Many thanks once again!

  11. Hi Mike! Elisabetta is my bestfriend and she has 24 years old. She is italian and live in Roma with your family . She works ad a secretary in the centre of Rome. She is shorter than me and has some beautiful long dark hair. Your eyes are brown and she always laughing. We have know each other for many years. We went to superior school. She in engaged with a good boy named Alessandro. She doesn’t have an easy character but I love her. She is sunny, crazy, friendly and funny.
    When we have a lot of fun.
    I hope don’t ever lose your friendship.

  12. Hi Michael,
    I would like to present you my friend. His first name is Marco. He is a student and he lives in Rome where studying economics. He is 25.
    Marco is single and is looking for women.
    He is tall and quite slim.He has a beard, and he has quite long black hair and brown eyes.
    He is friendly, sociable and very nice. He has many qualities but he is heavy and touchy.
    He likes all sports, go out everyday with friends but he doesn’t like jokes and to wait for people when they are in a slight delay.

    • Many thanks for this, Federico! Can I add a few corrections?
      1. “I would like to introduce you to my friend.”
      2. “he lives in Rome where he is studying economics.”
      3. “He has many qualities but he can be heavy-going and touchy.”
      We say “can be” to suggest that someone is, sometimes, heavy-going.
      4. “He likes all kinds of sports and going out every day with friends but he doesn’t like jokes or waiting for people when they are slightly late.”

  13. Hi Michael, I would like to talk about my best friend. Her name is Benedetta and she is 27 years old. Her bithday is soon, in 13 May. She comes from Vallecorsa like me. I met her in Elementary school and I have been living with her in Rome for eight years. The coexistence with her was beautiful, every day ended with a laugh. We are very friendly.
    She studies Chemical Engineering in “La Sapienza” University of Rome and she graduates this month. She has a boyfriend, his name is Alessandro and they met at the University.
    Benedetta is not very tall, but she is slim. She is very talkative, friendly and sociable, infact she has many friends.
    I think that she has a good sense of humour and really nice smile, but she is distracted, beacuse her head is always in the cloud. Also she can’t cook so I often cook.
    She likes shopping and going out with her friends. She likes dancing salsa and bachata style. We went in the same Latin dance school.
    She doesn’t like going to the cinema, because it is a place where she can’t talk with other people, infact she likes going to the restaurant and pub so she can talk and laugh to her friends.
    I think she is a good and positive person.

    • Many thanks for this, Michela! I’ll add corrections soon.

      The Editor

    • Many thanks for this, Michela! A nice piece.
      Here are a few corrections:

      1. “Her birthday is soon, on 13 May.”
      2. ” I met her at Elementary school”
      3. “The coexistence with her was beautiful, every day ended with a laugh.” => I would rewrite this as follows: “Living with her has been great. Every day ends with a laugh.”
      4. “She is very talkative, friendly and sociable, so she has many friends.” => Remember, “infatti” in Italian does not usually mean “in fact” in English. Here, we translate it with “so”, expressing the consequence of a cause.
      5. “she has a good sense of humour and a really nice smile”
      6. “because her head is always in the clouds
      7. ” We went to the same Latin dance school”
      8. “so she likes going to restaurants and pub so she can talk and laugh with her friends.”

      I hope these help!

      The Editor

  14. Hello, I Would like to describe one if my best friend Diana. I know her since we went at the high school. Now she’s thirty years old and she works as buyer in a fashion agency. Diana is very sociable and charming,she likes dancing and going to disco. The only problem is her distraction,because is haead is always on a clouds so she loses things always. But exept this I love her..we have a lots of adventures togheter.

    • Hello Deborah! Many thanks for this. Can I make a few corrections?
      ” I would like to describe one of my best friends, Diana””
      ” I have known her since we were at high school together.”
      “she works as a buyer”
      “going to discos
      “because her head is always in the clouds
      “she always loses things”
      “But apart from this I love her”
      “we have lots of adventures together

      I hope these help!

  15. Hi Mike, I would like to introduce you a dear friend of mine. His name is Michele and he is thirty years old. I met him at the University when I was in my first year of master degree, and we got to know each other quickly because we frequented the same courses. He was born in Trieste, a windy city in northern Italy, and like me he studied at Sapienza University in Rome. But he doesn’t live in Rome nowadays; because of his job he had to move to Doha few months ago, so we keep in touch through Skype or WhatsApp.
    Michele has curly hair, a long curly beard and huge orange glasses. For this reason, he looks very funny and cute, as he is actually. He is a very good friend, he care about people he knows. Always ready to help me or anyone who asks. Very sociable and friendly, he has many friends.
    Michele has a lot of interests. For example, he is a great cook. I can’t forget the delicious recipes that he prepared for me every time that I went to his home to study. He loves also playing water polo. Every time that he moved to a new place, immediately he has informed if there was a water polo team with which he could play.
    He loves also engineering and everything that has something to do with it. We can say that he is addicted to engineering subjects. I remember that when we studied together, he didn’t want to proceed if he didn’t understand every single formula or definition. For this reason, sometimes when we prepared some difficult exam, we argued for stupid reason. But every day ended always with a smile and a laugh.

  16. Hi,
    today I would like to talk about my boyfriend. His name is Roberto but everybody usually calls him Bob.
    We met for the first time just before the beginning of the last year at High school. It is happened thanks to our friends in common. We went out together a few times to understand that we were right for each other. We are together since almost 8 years.
    Roberto was born in Rome like me and he usually lives in Rome except for last year during which he lived in London for a Master at LSE University.
    Now he is finishing the last year of University in Rome and he’s graduating in Economics in July.
    He is handsome: he’s tall, his hair and his big eyes are both brown and he has got a very soft beard. Also, he is really smart and reliable. I love his sweetness and the way he makes me feel good even when I don’t feel so happy: all things become beautiful when he’s beside me.

    see you next Saturday,

  17. Sorry, I sent two times my description

  18. My best friend
    Her name is Samantha but everyone calls her Samy. She’s from Fiuggi and she lives with her sister in her home. She’s 42. Her parents are dead. Her mother was from London and her father was from Fiuggi.
    She worked in Alitalia the Italian airline as a hostess. Her mother was English so she speaks that language very well. Now she is working in the Vatican Museums.
    She has long blonde hair and she’s very tall. Everyone says she is beautiful but she doesn’t think so.
    She likes listening to people and make them happy. She’s fun and she likes to smile.
    She likes shopping and gives gifts to her sister and her best friend. She reads many books about crime and love. She has two dogs and a cat who are like children for her.


  19. Edoardo is my boyfriend from about seven years.
    He’s 35 and he has a law degree, but he isn’t a lawyer. He works in an editorial staff for Rai channels. He was born in Rome, but his family is for an half from Abruzzo and for an half from Apulia. But he feels roman hundred percent. He speaks English very well, because when he was a child he went to English school of Rome, where every teacher and all the children spoke only English.

    Edo’s is an intelligent and smart boy, but most of all he’s a sensitive person. I can talk with him of everything, when I’m feeling happy or when I’m feeling down.

    He loves reading about psychology, eastern religions and quantum physics. He reads a lot and then he loves talking about it with me.

    The only problem with Edo is that he’s a little bit inattentive with his things, so often I have to put away his shoes, his books, etc. But when I ask him to be more careful with his things, he tries to be.

    I tried to find some other Edoardo’s defect, but really I found none.. maybe because I’m in love too much with him!


  20. Hi,
    I would like to introduce you to one of my closest friends. Her name is Valeria. I met her at high school and I love her since that moment.
    She was born in Rome but she moved to England some years ago. The reasons why she left Italy were first to finish studying architecture and then to work. Now she works for an architectural firm in London. I’m proud of her!
    She has got long, straight and red hair; her skin is white; her eyes are big and brown. I love her smile! She’s also thin and taller than me.
    She played for many years on water polo so she’s very sporty.
    If you are her friend, you’re a lucky person: she is calm and patient and also fun and kind. She is a hard worker and a really reliable friend. I could do everything for her!
    I’m going to London on December, so finally, I’ll be able to see her again.


  21. Hello !
    I will try to describe a person, my boyfriend.

    Enrico was born in Russia. He is 20 years old: He’s medium height and he has blond hair and green eyes.
    He’s fun and kind, but sometimes he’s shy, for example when he meets new people.
    He works in a gym and studies sport science. He likes playing football and sometimes we play together. We get on well very well.


  22. Hi,
    i would like to speack of Cesare.
    He’s my friend and for 4 years work in my office, before to change his job.
    Cesare live in Viterbo and i knowed him in Ronciglione when i worked in this place.
    Cesare has so match interests. In particular he love running and gym. Love the sports: soccer and tennis and he play boths sports with the friends.
    He don’t cook but he love to eat; in particular pasta and pizza.
    Cesare has 4 brothers and 2 generous parents, all toghether live in Viterbo.

    • Hello Marco! Thanks very much for your piece. Now for a few small corrections:

      1. “i would like to talk about Cesare.”
      2. ” … and he worked in my office for 4 years before changing his job”
      3. “Cesare lives in Viterbo and I first met him in Ronciglione”
      4. “Cesare has so many interests. In particular he loves running and gym”
      5. “He doesn’t cook but he loves eating
      6. “all live together in Viterbo”

      I hope these all help!

  23. Dears,
    I would like to present you my best friend. His first name il Lazaros. He lives in Thessaloniki and he is lawyer. I know him since university.
    Lazaros is 54 years old as me. He is quite shoret and slim man. He is bald and he has a moustache.
    His personality is kind and quiet. He is work alhoolic. He is a nice guy who likes travels all around the world.
    He likes basket so much and when we find each other we like take photos together (shooting).

    • Many thanks Carlo! Some corrections: “I have known him since university.”
      “He is quite short and slim.”
      OR: “He is quite a short, slim man.”
      “He is a workaholic.”
      “He … likes travelling all over the world.”
      “He enjoys basketball.”
      And here is another:
      “and when we meet we like taking photos together”
      I hope these all help.

  24. Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. I will try to describe a person , friend that I know very well ! I hope !
    Her name is Paola . She was born in Rome and she is Italian . Paola is …….years old. Sorry , but I never mention a woman’s age.
    She lives with her family : her husband and two sons in Rome, where she works too.
    Paola is a teacher and she likes teaching.
    Her eyes are black , like her long hair. She is tall and slim .
    Paola has a big smile and she she is very cheerful and jovial .
    She is a quiet person butvery decisive especially in her job . She has a smile that captivates those see it.
    Paola is very interested in reading . She enjoys playing tennis and loves walking especially on the mountains with her husband and her sons.
    She considers her job as a hobby , so she does it with a great pleasure.

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