This Summer 2017!

Have you any travel plans for this summer? Write to us and tell us all about them.

Here are our Editor’s summer travel plans:

In late July I’ll head for the UK. I’ll spend a night in London with friends, then get the train north to Durham, a small city in the north-east of England. While I am there I hope to visit Newcastle and the beautiful county of Northumbarland

Then at about ‘Ferragosto’, or 15th August, I’ll come back to Rome. But not for work. I’ll spend a few days here, then probably head for France to join some friends for a bicycle ride somewhere in Provence. If I am luck, I’ll take in a visit to some more friends in Annecy, up in the French Alps.

Or I might head down to the Puglia region of southeast Italy. This area has become very trendy recently. I love the whitewashed villages and rocky coastline there.

You can read about some of my experiences on the ‘Backroads‘ blog.

And now, tell us about your summer plans. Click on ‘Now You Write’, and simply follow instructions.

Now You Write:

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