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  1. marco proietti says:

    Hi Teacher and hi mates
    Last week I went to Fano a meeting of two days, it was summit of the Vitruvian studies joined to an exhibition on the images of the archeological landscape of the Flaminia way.
    Vitruvio was the architect of imperator Augustus. He was probably born in Fano because in his treaty “De Architettura” he claimed had built the basilica in Fano.
    I was work hard one week together with my Ancona colleagues for the making of a congress.
    I was quite frightened because I knew that in the previous summit english or latin had been required to communicate among us scholars.
    In the crow there was a greek relator named Antonio Conte, who asked a questions in latin and we could answer either in latin or in english. Luckily this time italian was mainly used.
    The truth was that my tutor had asked me to make short told about “Vitruvius man” just a few hours before the meeting. by three p.m. everything was ready and when it was my turn, I made a relation which was found interesting.
    When the meeting was over there was a formal banquet at the “Rotary Club”. I came to the hotel early on saturday morning: I was dead tired but I felt joy full for the brilliant dinner and the yokes exchanged among us.


    Marco Proietti

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