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Photo: a small town in Abruzzo, the mountainous region east of Rome, where one of our writers comes from.

Tell us all about where you live!

Here are some people telling us where they live or where they are from:

Enrico has lived in Milan. He offers us some fascinating insights into Italy’s commercial and fashion capital.

Alessandro goes back to his “lovely Cagliari” every summer.

Cesare lives in Palermo, a big city in Sicily.

Cinzia lived in Forte dei Marmi when she was younger.

Angela is from La Ceja, a town in Colombia, near Medellin.

Sandro lives in Alken, in the Province of Lemburg in Belgium.

Artur is from Krakow but he now lives in Rome.

Carlo Luigi is from Rome.

Serena is from Tivoli.

Tandis is from Teheran. (I’ve got a cousin from there. – Editor)

Yara is from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Giovanna lives in the East of Rome.

Manola is from Pontedera.

Chiara lives in Rome but is originally from Naples.

Daniela lives in Rome but spends a lot of time in Ostia.

Alessandra is from Rome.

Maria Elena is from Catanzaro.

Emanuela is from Mazara del Vallo.

 Oksana is from Chernivtsy, Western Ukraine. This town used to be in the Austro-Hungarian Empire.



35 Comments Add yours

  1. Michele says:

    I live in Ostia, a neighbourhood in the south-west of Rome. This area is famous for its sea. Indeed roman people often spend a day in Ostia’s beach during the summer. There are a lot of beach resorts where they can rent beach umbrellas or sunbed. In addition there is a cycle lane which links every beach resort. I love it because while I’m riding my bike I can see the sea.
    Furthermore in Ostia there is a pine forest where people usually run or ride their bike. During the sunny weekend people also love having a picnic. My friends and I spent the last Easter in the pine forest where we ate a lamb and played football.
    A lot of tourists go to Ostia to visit the archeological area. Indeed Anco Marzio, the king of Rome during the seventh century before Christ, built a city and a harbour near river Tevere. That city will become Ostia. Now tourists can visit the ancient buildings and walk along the famous roman streets.
    In my opinion Ostia is a good place to spend a funny but also interesting summer weekend.

    1. mikiroma says:

      Many thanks Michele! a very nice article.

      Here are some corrections:
      “roman people” -> “Roman people”
      “a day in Ostia’s beach ” -> “a day on Ostia’s beach ”
      “a pine forest where people usually run or ride their bike” -> “a pine forest where people often run or ride their bikes

      I hope these corrections help. Carry on writing!

  2. enricoen says:


    I’m going to talk about Milan, because I lived there for 15 years.
    Milan is the city of the Exchange and the Italian capital of fashion and design. It has also many churches, historic buildings and modern art galleries.
    The most famous of them is the Duomo, an important cathedral which was built over 500 years, between 1400 and 1900. Others of the most famous historic buildings are the Castello Sforzesco and the Basilica of Sant’Ambrogio. There is also a very interesting church, called santa Maria delle Grazie, where there’s one of the most important Leonardo Da Vinci’s art works, Il Cenacolo.
    My favourite bulding, however, has been the Stazione Centrale, ever since I was child. Its iron and glass structure above the train tracks is really fascinating for me!

    I would especially reccomend you two places where you could go, which not all tourists know. One of them is Piazza Mercanti, near the Duomo. And the other one is Galleria Duomo where you can see Le palle del Toro. Now I’ll tell you what you should do!
    Let’s go to Piazza Duomo, then you can go to Piazza Mercanti. The ancient square is suggestive, it was the center of medieval Milanese life. The structure of the square is made up of arches and columns. A little hole is on two specific columns. Now, you have to discover these two columns, because the holes are only to be found on them.
    If a person speaks into the hole of one column, another person can hear his words from the other column, and answer in turn. The couples usually say “I love you” to each other. That’s magical!

    After that you can go into Galleria Duomo. There’s an imagine of a bull. You have to put the heel of your right foot on the bull’s balls and then, keeping your heel there, you have to turn on yourself for three times. This will bring to you good luck, but be careful not to fall over!

    Eventually, after you go sightseeing, you can visit two shops. One of them is Hi-Tech, which is a famous gift shop built in an old factory. It’s like a labyrinth and it’s very beautiful. And then the other shop is Corso Como 10, where there’s a little magic garden. Both these shops are near the area of the new skyscripers, where you can find also two buildings called Bosco Verticale, because the plants grow vertically up the walls of them.

    Milan is also famous for Luini, a cheap bar near the Duomo, where you can eat fried Panzerotti. And it’s famous for La Madonnina, a typical trattoria on the Navigli, where you can eat Risotto alla milanese, Ossobuco and Cotoletta! I would always have to go there, but I couldn’t. You must make a reservation many days before and I’ve never done so on time.
    Oh, if you go to Milan at Christmas, don’t forget to buy Panettone, which is their most traditional cake!

    A final piece of information about the weather! It isn’t so good, it’s misty because the city is quite polluted and is in Po Valley, a long way from the sea. The sky is usually white and the sun doesn’t shine much.

    🙂 Enrico

    1. mikiroma says:

      Many thanks for this, Enrico. This is a fascinating description of Milan and I am tempted to go back there at the earliest opportunity.
      A couple of small corrections, while I have a moment:
      “My favourite building, however, has always been the Stazione Centrale”
      “near the area of the new skyscrapers,”


  3. alessandro says:

    I have lived in Rome for 13 years, but every summer I go back to where I was born, my lovely Cagliari.
    Cagliari is a town in Sardinia, on the South Coast. It’s Sardinia’s Capital. It’s a large town and has 200.000 people. It is famous for its sea and pink flamingos, so it’s an interesting town there are plenty of places to see: the beautiful cathedral, the national historical museum, a lot of shops in the old Centre where you can buy typical things, pubs and restaurants where you can eat sea food.
    There is a large beach; the air is clean thanks to the maestrale wind. It’s a quiet town, since the traffic isn’t bad and its roads are better than those in Rome, since in Rome there are a lot of holes. My people are the friendliest in Sardinia and you can live longer than in other regions, thanks to its healthy food, consisting of all kinds of fish, piglet meat and red and white wine. The weather is often good, but in summer it’s necessary to wear sunglasses and you are recommended to use sunscreen.
    Finally in Cagliari there are plenty of parks where you can run and children are safe spending a day in green area with their families.

  4. Cesare says:

    I live in Palermo a big city in Sicily.
    Palermo is in the north west of Sicily and it has a big populations. It is the most interesting town hall of Sicily and is the largest municipality in Sicily.

    Eight months out of twelve, in Palermo, is summer. I love Palermo for its history, because it is an old city, for its beauty, especially for its monuments, in fact Palermo is very famous for them, for the weather, for the the sea ( I think the sea in all of Sicily is very beautiful and spectacular) and the beach.

    In Palermo we are friendly, we have good food (panel, arancine, ice-cream, cannoli etc…), so we have tourists every day of the year.

    I tuono living in palermo, generally in Sicily, is the most beautiful thing there is.

  5. cinzia galasso says:

    Hello, I would like to talk about the city where I lived when I was young. Forte dei Marmi is a lovely town between the sea and the hills. Mountains, Alpi Apuane, are close. During the summer is likely going to the beach. There are a lot of wonderful “bagni” with tends, cabins, restaurant and all comforts. You can stay in the sun or in the shade of your tend drinking an aperitif that the waiter bring to you…
    Otherwise you can ride a bike around the hills or walk in the mountains. There are many cultural events and expositions. Many art cities are near , Pietrasanta with Botero’s statues and artist’s workshops, Lucca, Pisa and others. Now I’m living in Rome but it’s very enjoyable to spend a little time in Forte dei Marmi.

  6. Angela says:

    My name is Angela. Although I have been living in Rome since 2016, today I’ll talk about the wonderful town where I was born. It is called La Ceja, a town which is located in Colombia, near to Medellin. It is part of the subregion of Eastern Antioquia and It has a population of over 48,879 people (Urban population: 41,587 and rural population: 7,292).

    La Ceja is one of the most beautiful towns in Antioquia. It has many businesses: restaurants, cafes, bars, clothing stores, shops, supermarkets, health centers, pharmacies, schools, entertainment centers, hotels, travel agencies, and two famous natural tourist attractions: the Buey river waterfall and the Pantanillo river. In the main square there are also two very typical churches: the Minor Basilica of Our Lady of Carmen and the Chapel of Our Lady of Chiquinquirá, which is also considered a museum of religious art, and contains works by artists such as Gregorio Vasquez de Arce y Ceballos.

    Because its altitude above sea level and its privileged location in the Andes Mountain Range, La Ceja has an oceanic climate. The town’s average annual temperature is 18ºC, and because of its proximity to the Equator, its temperature is constant all year round, with minimal temperature variations; generally featuring cool summers and cool but not cold winters.

    La Ceja is famous for its sweets and preserves such as custards, jams, jellies, arequipes,chocolate delicacies, and panelitas; also for its bicycle culture which makes thousands of cyclists come to travel and walk the streets of the municipality; for its religious and cultural heritage dazzles travelers and tourists, who are attracted to the wonderful architecture and the excellent layout of its streets; for its beautiful landscapes and for its multiple activities what make this town a favorite destination to escape from routine.

    What I like best about La Ceja is the nice fresh mountain air and its people. The “cejeños” are very welcoming to foreigners; they have a quiet lifestyle, and they are known for their entrepreneurial spirit. I feel at home in La Ceja.

    You are cordially invited!

    1. mikiroma says:

      Many thanks Angela for this comprehensive article!

      One small correction to the first sentence in the third paragraph:

      “Because *of* its altitude above sea level…”

      I hope this helps!

  7. mikiroma says:

    Sandro Moretti, on July 17, 2017 at 21:28 said:

    1. I live in Alken, a very small town in the province Limburg, in the east of Belgium. It has a population of over 12.000 people.
    There aren’t any tourists in the summer.
    2. The oldest monument of Alken is the church-steeple.
    It is almost 1000 years old.
    There is also an old government mill.
    The great brewery of Alken produces the ‘Piels-beer’ famous in many countries. Alken has its brewery to thank for its economic development.
    3. The weather in the area around Alken is typical of Belgium: it rains frequently; the winter is cold and the summer is short.
    4. The town is very clean and the houses always have a garden small or large.
    5. I like to live in Alken because it is a small town close to nature, but it is also near the town of Hasselt with its essential public services.

    1. mikiroma says:

      Many thanks for this, Sandro!
      A few small corrections:
      “in the province of Limburg”
      “The oldest monument in Alken is..”
      “The great brewery of Alken produces ‘Piels-beer’ which is famous in many countries.”
      “the houses always have a garden, whether large or small .”

      I hope this helps!
      The Editor

  8. Artur says:

    I live in Krakow which is the second largest and one of the oldest and most beautiful Polish cities. Krakow is in southern Poland, on the Vistula River, approx. 500 km from the sea and less than 100 km from the mountains. Krakow has nearly 800 thousand inhabitants. It is also one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe – last year more than 12 million tourists visited it. Last year (2016) Krakow hosted the World Youth Day with Pope Francis which was attended by 2.5 million young people.
    Krakow as a city was founded in the 8th century. In the years 1038–1795 it was the capital of Poland and the seat of the kings. After the invasion of Poland at the start of World War II, Krakow became the capital of Germany’s General Government, but fortunately it was saved from destruction. In 1978 Krakow was entered by UNESCO on the World Heritage List. Also that year, Karol Wojtyla, archbishop of Krakow, was elected head of the Catholic Church as Pope John Paul II – the first Slavic pope ever, and the first non-Italian pope in 455 years.
    Krakow has traditionally been one of the leading centres of Polish academic, cultural, religion and artistic life and is one of Poland’s most important economic hubs. It has extensive an cultural heritage across the epochs of Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque architecture which includes the Wawel Cathedral and the Royal Castle, St. Mary’s Basilica and the largest medieval market square in Europe. Krakow is home to Jagiellonian University, one of the oldest universities in the world and traditionally Poland’s most reputable institution of higher learning.
    Krakow has a moderate climate. The average temperature during the year is about 14 degrees Celsius. In summer the temperature is about 25–30 degrees, but in winter it can fall to minus 10–20 degrees. For tourists waiting in Krakow, beyond the magnificent monuments, there are numerous restaurants and cafes, where they can enjoy Polish delicacies (such as dumplings), or try international cuisine.
    I love Krakow. Here I was born and here the most wonderful things in my life happened. Krakow is a magical place. It is a city with a soul.

  9. Carlo Luigi says:

    My name is Carlo Luigi and I live in Rome, which is one of the most important cities of the world.
    It ‘s famous for its many monuments like : Coliseum , Basilica of San Peter (in Vatican City), Fontana di Trevi , Pantheon and the Arch of Costantine as well as for its history .
    If you ever opened hystory book at school you could see the important role that the Ancient Roman people have had .
    The weather in Rome is typically of the cities of Mediterranean Regions.
    Winters aren’t too cold but in the summer season the weather it’s really hot( I prefer the spring season).
    What I like best about my city is its architectural beauty , we are sourrended by masterpieces of different ages( from ancient art to rationalist art).
    I LOVE to live here and it is my hometown.
    Rome has a population of over 2.500. 000 people infact it’s the biggest city and the capital of Italy.

  10. Serena says:

    My Home

    my name’s Serena and I live in Tivoli Terme, near Tivoli and thirty minutes from Rome.
    I live with my “big” family at a countryside of Tivoli Terme. When the spring arrives, just is today, our view became colorful like flowers that we have here around.
    Our building is small with only two floors: we live at the first floor, in a small flat.
    It has a kitchen corner with both the dining and living room. The last two became confused!
    Also, it has a functional toilet with laundry machines: all inside are doing perfectly!
    My home has three little bedrooms with the same balcony around and a big space outside, ahead the kitchen.
    I love grows flower such as i love spring!
    Part of the space outside is grow by plant and flower; the other is our summer dining room.
    It’s a ten minutes walk from the shops and the principal roadway: Tiburtina Way.
    We have the train station at 1 miles from here by car.
    I would like to go in Japan, China and Australia.
    Best regards

    1. Serena says:

      Sorry…Happiness…..not Happyness.
      Instead ” In recent year” i would writing “Recently”
      I wrote the comment in the middle of the night: I set in front of PC but i slept with open eyes!

  11. Tandis says:

    Hi everyone,

    I was born in Tehran. It’s the capital of Iran. Tehran is a big city with a population of around 9 million. It’s the 3rd-largest metropolitan area in the Middle East.
    Tehran was first chosen as the capital of Iran by Agha Mohammad khan in Ghajar period in 1796. It has many historic buildings you can visit, for example: Bazar, Golestan palace, Niyavaran palace, etc.
    Tehran is the richest city in Iran, because it has a lot of industry. It is a university town and there are also many modern residential and many business centers; but it is very crowded and noisy.
    Tehran has two weathers: the south of Tehran is hot and dry climate and north of Tehran is moderate, so living in the north of city is more expensive than in the south of city. In winter Tehran is more polluted than in other seasons, so there are health risks for children’s and ill people.
    What I like best about Tehran is that it is a lively city and full of energy and enthusiasm. This city never sleeps.


    1. mikiroma says:

      Many thanks Tandis! This looks good.

      The Editor

  12. Hi Mike,

    Today i’ll speak about a wonderful city wich is located in Brasil, the name is Rio de janeiro
    Rio is a fantastic place, the weather is always hot.
    BraZilian people have magical vibration, They are cheerful, always laughing, dancing and singing. it’s a folkloristic place, you can go to visit the famous jesus christ called “Corcovado” or the mountain Pào de Açucar , end when you want to relaxed you can go to the beach and drink a special coconut water or to eat in a typical restaurant with people dancing samba while you eat a special feijoada and drinking cachaça.
    and then, when you have enough of the city you can go for a ride into the beautiful urban forest, the largest in the world, where you can find all kind of exotic animals.
    right now i live in Rome but i know that one day i will go to live there.


    1. mikiroma says:

      Thanks Yara! I’ll print this out now and correct it.

      Mike (Editor)

    2. mikiroma says:

      Nice one, Yara! Here are a few corrections:
      “Today i’ll talk about a wonderful city which is located in Brasil. It is called Rio de janeiro”
      “Rio is a fantastic place and the weather is always hot.”
      “you can go and see the famous statue of Jesus Christ known as the “Corcovado” or the Sugar Loaf Mountain
      and when you want to relax you can go to the beach”

      I hope these help!
      – Editor

      1. mikiroma says:

        Don’t forget to use a CAPITAL ‘I’ whenever you use the personal pronoun!

        – Editor

  13. Ciro says:

    Hi Mike
    I lived in Rome for four years. It’s a fantastic city, there are many historical monuments, museum and many beautiful places. The story tells that Rome was founded 21 April 753 a.C.
    The Rome’s centre is very beautiful, there are many shops and many monuments. Rome is very large city, there are many district and many residents. Rome is the capital of Italy and there are the palaces of power. The cuisine of Rome is magnificent, there are many typical dishes. But in Roma there are many problems, is a chaotic, there is a lot of traffic and public services work badly.
    For me Rome is the most beautiful city

    1. mikiroma says:

      Nice one, Ciro! Here are some corrections:
      “I have lived in Rome for four years.”
      “there are many historical monuments, museums and [many] beautiful places”
      “The centre of Rome is very beautiful”
      “But in Roma there are a lot of problems: it is a chaotic city, with a lot of traffic”

      When I put square brackets round a word, for example “my flat is [a] quiet”, it means the word should not be there.
      I hope this all helps.

  14. Domenico says:

    Hi. My flat is in Tiburtina, east Rome.
    It’s on the first floor. It has three bedrooms and two bathrooms, a living room and a kitchen.
    The kitchen is very small. There is a table but there are only two chairs.
    In the living room there is a sofa and a big TV. The flat doesn’t have a balcony, which is real problem. It doesn’t have a garage or a garden.
    But it’s very near my University and a beautiful shopping centre. It’s a ten-minute walk from the bus and underground stations, which is very good.
    I like my flat because it’s small, but very good and it was built a few years ago.

  15. angelo orsillo says:

    Hi, I lIve in Rome from three years . Rome is the Capital of Italy. This city is very big. It is a city full of history (eternal city) , but it is difficult to live in Rome because there are every day a lot traffic and a lot problems… and also the public transport does not work well. I’live in Rome to work but in the weekend I will go out to relax and to visit the other cities. I often came back in my original town near Benevento 300km from Rome. Rome is near the see 30km (Ostia, Fregene) and near the mountains 70km (Terminillo when can to ski in the Winter).Rome for me is a beautifull to turists but non for live every day…..
    I hope one day can lIve in small town on the beach where the life is better.

  16. giovanna says:

    My flat is in a quiet district of East of Rome,it’s on the second floor. It has one bedroom, one bathroom and an open space with a kitchen. The house is quiet, in the open space there’s a sofabed, so you can use it as an extrabed, the bedrooms is very big. It doesn’t have a garden but it’s very near a big park and shops.It’s a 5 minutes on foot from my flat to the shops and the bus. The Underground and Stations is a about a 10 minute walk from my flat, with underground is about 10 minutes from the centre of Rome.

    1. giovanna says:

      sorry, …a 5 minutes on foot from the shops and the bus…

      1. mikiroma says:

        Many thanks Giovanna! I hope many more people write in..

    2. mikiroma says:

      Hi Giovanna! I have copied your piece to a new page, “Our House”. I just have to add this new page to the “People” section, and we’re in business!

      1. giovanna says:


  17. Manola says:

    My name is Manola and I was born in Pontedera, a small city near Pisa.
    I live with my husband and your brother in Fornacette. Really I live in Rome from Monday to Friday because I ‘ m working in Rome. I live and I work in Rome since 2008, July.
    Every Friday I come back to Fornacette where I spend the weekend.
    Rome and my town are very different.
    Rome is a big and ancient city with may monuments and many possibility to spend time: museum, teather, cinema.
    Unfortunately I don’t have time to visit, but in the summer I go a round when I finish to work.
    My favourite place is district San Lorenzo. However all the city is fantastic.
    Fornacette is instead an industrial small city that don’t have entrtainment. Pisa instead is beautiful.

  18. maria elena says:

    I’m living in Rome but I would like to describe Catanzaro because it is the city where my family and I was born and I often return in this city to meet my parents and my friends.

    Catanzaro is the capital of Region Calabria and it has a population of 100.000 people. It is located on a stretch and there are only 35 km between Ionio and Tirreno sea. So it’s called “THE CITY BETWEEN TWO SEAS” .
    Catanzaro is located on 3 hills but recently it is expanded and many new houses are built near the sea. So there are too many bridges that connect the historical centre with the new area.
    The colors of the city are yellow and red.

    Catanzaro is the most important centre of administration, legal and commercial offices. Infact there are the office of calabria region, appellate court and a “Magna Grecia” University with many faculty. There are also important and modern cultural structures as Politeama Theatre, Auditorium “Casalinuovo”, Area Museum San Giovanni, Arena “Magna Grecia”, archaeological area “Scolacium” ecc

    The main feature of the weather is the wind; there is always the local wind on summer and on winter! The summer is wonderful because the sea is wonderful but unfortunately there aren’t many services for tourists.
    During the summer there are many free musical events ascatanzaroroch, catanzaro jazz festival, a city to sing ecc. In September there is the “peppery’s night”: during this night local, pub and restaurants are always open and cook with red pepper. Prices of the foods are very low and all the people eat autside, drink red wine and have a good time.

    I think that Catanzaro is a small city but it is very nice and the people are very friendly.

  19. Emanuela says:

    I live in Mazara del Vallo, which is a city on the coast in the south-west of Sicily. It has a population of 51.402 people; it is an italian town with a sea view of the Mediterranean which is less than 200 Km from the Tunisian coast of north Africa.
    There are a lots of narrow street in the old historic centre with an urban structure that is typical of an Islamic Medinas called “Kasbah”.
    There are many historical churches dating back to the 11th century.
    The weather here is very good. The winters are mild and short and the summers are hot and umid and it’s great for going to the beach.
    Mazara is famous for it’s fishing industry and indeed it’s one of the most important and best known fishing ports of the Mediterranean.
    I think the best things about Mazara del Vallo are the people and the atmosphere. It’s a small city and it’s very safe and friendly.
    I love living there but as far as tourism and job availability are concerned it still needs to grow.

  20. Oksana says:

    I’m from Ukraine, Chernivtsy. This city is in the southwest of Ukraine, a historic region of Bukovin (place of beech). The city is very multinational with Ukrainians, Russians, Jews, Germans, Poles, Romanians and Moldovans.
    Together with the city of Lviv, Cernivtsy is viewed at present as a cultural center of western Ukraine and has a notable history.The city is divided in two parts by the river Prut. The old city is very beautiful for walking. There are many places to visit: the Dram Theatre,the Organ and Chamber Music Hall,the Museum of Local Lore, the Bukovynian Diaspora Museum. The city has a lot o far architecturally buildings because it was part of Austro- Hungarian Empire and sometimes dubbed ” Little Vienna” .When the Austro- Hungarian Empire broke- up in 1918 the city and some parts of the region became part of the Kingdom of Romania but in 1944 the city was re- incorporated in the USSR until 1991.

    The weather in my city has been very changeable for some years. The winter is not as very cold as it was 10 years ago and the summer now is more hot.
    In July there’s the famous fair called Petrovskay,where you can buy the region’s product.
    I like coming back to Chernovtsy .


    1. mikiroma says:

      Hello Oksana! Many thanks for this. Here are a few corrections:
      “Cernivtsy is viewed at present as the cultural center of western Ukraine”
      “The city has a lot of architecturally interesting buildings”
      “The winter is not as bitterly cold as it was 10 years ago”

      I hope these help!

      The Editor

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